OLED Stories September 6

We’ve already had one recent OLED iPad screen report speculating on the type of display Apple will use, and today we get another.

This one suggests that the OLED iPad will adopt an advanced new twin-layer design, and Apple display suppliers Samsung and LG are both said to be making plans to produce the new panels …

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OLED Stories September 1

It’s still not clear exactly when we can expect to see the first OLED iPad; recent estimates have ranged from 2023 to 2026. But a new supply chain report today suggests that Apple is concerned that the type of OLED used in the Apple Watch and iPhone may not scale well to the iPad.

Specifically, it is worried that iPhone-like OLED panels may show visible warping if used for displays larger than around 10 inches …

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OLED Stories July 12

A new supply chain report says that OLED iPads, reported to be launching in 2024, will offer more than just improved display quality.

Apple is said to be employing an advanced OLED manufacturing process for the first time, which allows the display to be both thinner and lighter …

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OLED Stories June 3

There have been so many OLED iPad reports that it’s hard to even count, and the latest one suggests that Samsung is making plans to build an advanced OLED production line designed specifically for Apple panels for “tablets and PC line-ups.”

The plan is to begin production in 2024, but one interpretation might suggest the first OLED iPads launching as soon as next year …

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OLED Stories May 10

Apple has reportedly started development work on a new type of display for foldable iPhones or iPads. The technology described is similar to that used in Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3.

One of the challenges of creating robust foldable screens is making them thin enough to survive continual folding and unfolding for a number of years …

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OLED Stories April 22

It seems hardly a day passes without fresh news on Apple’s supply chain problems. Recent ones focus on the impact of COVID-19 lockdowns in China, but the global chip shortage continues to bite.

Apple had hoped that Chinese display manufacturer BOE would be able to make as many as 40M iPhone displays this year. A shortage of display driver chips saw the goal reduced to 30M, but even that is now in doubt …

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OLED Stories April 7

Evidence for the launch of OLED iPads in 2024 appears to be growing, as a new supply chain report says that three Apple display providers are gearing up for production.

There have so far been conflicting reports about whether Apple even plans to make iPads with OLED screens, with further disputes about when it might happen, but we do appear to be getting a more coherent picture of late …

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OLED Stories March 18

LG’s display division is working on being ready to compete for OLED MacBook orders sometime around 2025, says a new supply-chain report today. It follows an earlier report that the company is also prepping for OLED iPad displays, which are expected to launch around a year earlier.

There have been numerous reports of Apple working on introducing OLED MacBooks at some point, but there’s as of yet no clarity on when they might launch

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OLED Stories February 18

iPhone screen production has been hit by the on-going shortage of display driver chips, says a new report today. The shortage is set to affect production both this month and next.

The issue is expected to run into the millions of display panels…

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OLED Stories February 8

OLED iPad rumors have been inconsistent to say the least, with commenters not even able to agree on whether Apple will make the switch, let alone when. But a new supply-chain report says that Apple display supplier LG is engaged in specific preparation for OLED iPad production.

At one time, it was reported that Apple was switching to OLED screens for the iPad Air 5, which is expected to launch at an event in March or April, but we’re now expecting the screen tech to make its iPad debut considerably later …

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OLED Stories January 27

As Apple mainly relies on Samsung and LG to manufacture its OLED panels for the iPhone, another Chinese factory wants a piece of Cupertino’s company money. As reported by The Elec, “Chinese display maker CSOT has formed a team to evaluate its production line in a bid to supply OLED panels to Apple for iPhones.”

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OLED Stories January 11

A new supply chain report corroborates Ming-Chi Kuo’s assertion that Apple had abandoned plans for an OLED iPad this year, but suggests that discussions with Samsung are ongoing, and that we may see one in 2024.

Both sources stated that the stumbling block was meeting Apple’s demanding quality requirements at a workable price …

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OLED Stories December 29, 2021

LG on Wednesday unveiled a new generation of its OLED panels called “OLED EX,” which comes to increase brightness by up to 30% and thus compete with Mini-LED technology. The new panel also offers improved color accuracy and is thinner than regular OLED displays.

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OLED Stories November 19, 2021

Samsung’s iPhone display business is under growing threat from Chinese competitor BOE, which is gearing up to match the production of the Korean supplier …

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OLED Stories November 3, 2021

The first OLED MacBook screen has been delayed, claims a supply chain report. It says that Apple was originally planning to bring the display tech to MacBooks in 2025, a year after the rumored introduction in iPads.

However, the more complicated display tech needed in a laptop is causing problems, says the report, as Apple struggles to contain costs …

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OLED Stories October 6, 2021

A new supply chain report suggests that we’ll see OLED iPad Pro models in 2024, but there is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding Apple’s plans for the various display technologies.

There is a potential four-stage transition strategy for iPad displays, with Apple having already moved to the second of these …

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OLED Stories September 16, 2021

Samsung could be showing future MacBook Pro displays for 14- and 16-inch models

An announcement by Samsung may be revealing future MacBook Pro displays – but not for the models we’re expecting to see later this year …

OLED Stories August 10, 2021

Samsung is preparing to adopt a new process likely to be used in the production of OLED iPad screens next year, according to a new supply chain report.

The report says the company is expecting orders from Apple for a process specifically designed for OLED screens 10 inches and larger …

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OLED Stories June 1, 2021

A new report from ETNews claims that Apple will adopt OLED displays in some iPad models, which has actually already been rumored by reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. While this may seem unlikely considering Apple’s current efforts to push mini-LED in the iPad Pro, the rumors may not be wrong.

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OLED Stories January 6, 2021

A third supply-chain report says that Apple plans to use LTPO screens for this year’s iPhone Pro models, which could enable ProMotion and always-on display.

Two previous reports have suggested that Apple plans to take the type of OLED panels used in the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 and bring them to this year’s flagship iPhones …

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OLED Stories November 10, 2020

The 2021 iPhone display may use 10-20% less power than the iPhone 12, thanks to a more power-efficient technology, according to a new report today. There’s even an outside possibility of some kind of always-on display on next year’s iPhones.

The report says that LG is preparing to create a new type of OLED panel for next year’s iPhones, using a technology known as (LPTO). This is currently used in the Apple Watch Series 5, and is part of the secret to the always-on display

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OLED Stories October 20, 2020

Apple Supplier BOE is making OLED screens for the iPhone 12, according to a supply-chain report. Although BOE has long made LCD screens for Apple, and later graduated to making OLED ones for the Apple Watch, it will be the first time the Chinese company has made OLED screens for iPhones.

When Apple first switched to OLED for flagship iPhones in the form of the iPhone X, Samsung was the iPhone maker’s exclusive supplier of the screens …

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OLED Stories May 27, 2020

While Samsung has so far had the exclusive contract for flagship OLED iPhone screens, we learned last November that this is set to change – with LG coming on board as a second supplier for the iPhone 12 lineup. LG currently only makes displays for iPhones with LCD screens, along with a small number of OLED ones for older models.

A new report out of Korea claims to have more details and says that LG has received orders for up to 20M OLED screens for this year’s iPhones, with Samsung picking up the remaining 55M orders. If correct, the orders also give some insight into Apple’s expectations for one of the four models expected …

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OLED Stories February 25, 2020

We may be getting closer to seeing the first Chinese OLED iPhone displays. China’s biggest display maker, BOE, has been chasing Apple’s OLED business for some time but hasn’t yet met the Cupertino company’s quality standards.

However, the company now appears confident that it will do so …

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