lg Stories July 13

Earlier reports have suggested that LG is likely to supply OLED screens for between two million and five million 2018 iPhones, and a new report today says that the company will also pick up a more substantial order for the LCD model …

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lg Stories July 10

Market research firm IHS Markit says that LG became the world’s largest supplier of OLED smartwatch displays thanks to its lead over Samsung in Apple Watch orders …

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

lg Stories July 5

The latest report on Apple’s efforts to secure a second supplier of OLED screens for this year’s iPhones suggests that it may give 3-5 million orders to LG. This is a little higher than the 2-4M suggested in an earlier Bloomberg report.

The reported order is part of Apple’s long-running efforts to reduce its dependence on Samsung

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lg Stories June 28

Apple’s reliance on Samsung to supply OLED displays for iPhones may be easing up. The development is an important one for potentially reducing the cost to manufacture the premium priced iPhones.

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lg Stories May 29

While we’re expecting to see three new iPhone models this year, two with OLED screens and a cheaper model using LCD, a new report says that Apple will transition to an all-OLED line-up next year.

Although this is just an unsourced supply-chain report, there are three reasons to give it at least some degree of credibility …

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lg Stories May 10

Apple’s 2018 iPhone line-up is widely expected to include a 6-inch/6.1-inch model with a similar design to the iPhone X but using a cheaper LCD display to target a $7-800 price.

Patently Apple speculated a few days ago that Apple might use a new form of LCD technology developed by LG, and a supply-chain report appears to lend weight to this idea …

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