Pro Display XDR Stories November 13

Apple’s highly anticipated all-new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR have been slated for a fall release since being unveiled at WWDC last June. Now Apple has officially announced that the new professional Mac and display will be available starting in December and hit that deadline.

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Pro Display XDR Stories September 4

It’s unlikely that too many pros with the budget to invest in the upcoming Mac Pro will be looking for an Apple Pro Display XDR alternative, but for any that are, Asus thinks it has an interesting option.

The Asus ProArt PA32UCG specs put it into close competition with Apple’s professional monitor, not matching the forthcoming XDR on resolution but beating it on refresh rate…

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Pro Display XDR Stories June 6

Display maker MSI mocks Apple’s $999 Pro display stand with ad for its 5K display

Apple has been getting a lot of criticism for its $1,000 optional stand for the upcoming Pro Display XDR. Now, hardware manufacturer MSI is making fun of Apple as it promotes its latest 5K display.

Pro Display XDR Stories June 5

Belkin and Logitech commit to Mac Pro accessories alongside Apple’s new ‘Pro’ cables

Even though the all-new Mac Pro won’t be released until later this fall, we’re learning more about the accessories that will be available for the new modular professional desktop. Belkin and Logitech will be among the first third-parties to offer specific Mac Pro products alongside Promise.

Apple didn’t just announce a $5000 monitor during WWDC: it also announced an optional $1000 monitor stand to go with it.

There wasn’t too much reaction to the $4999 starting price of the monitor itself, or even the $1000 premium for the low-reflectivity upgrade. This is a true reference-grade monitor designed for critical color work by photographers, videographers, and filmmakers. Similar monitors typically cost upwards of $10,000, and Apple compared it to one costing $43,000.

But the Internet has had a lot to say about the optional stand …

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Pro Display XDR Stories June 3

The all-new modular Mac Pro was unveiled at the WWDC keynote with some jaw-dropping specs. But naturally, the price point Apple shared was for the base model and didn’t give any hints about how pricey upgrades might be. Now, The Verge has done some digging to estimate what a maxed out Mac Pro setup might cost.

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