patents Stories October 16

An intriguing Apple patent application published yesterday shows a MagSafe battery case which can not only charge an iPhone, but also a pair of AirPods. It follows Apple repurposing the MagSafe branding for the wireless charging system introduced in the iPhone 12 lineup.

The folio case design included an embedded battery …

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patents Stories September 17

Old Casio patent used by troll to try to block sales of Apple Watch

A patent troll that bought an old Casio patent is claiming infringement in the Apple Watch Series 3, 4, and 5. It seems likely that the company will now seek to extend its claim to the Series 6, too.

The troll is seeking an injunction that would prevent Apple from continuing to sell these models, in addition to asking for financial damages…

patents Stories September 8

Apple Watch Series 2 was the first model to be entirely waterproof, and Apple introduced an important feature to keep the internal components protected. As you may know, Apple Watch has a water-ejection system in which the speaker expels water — and this might come to iPhone, according to a new patent registered by Apple.

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Apple has today been awarded yet another patent for a form of under-display Touch ID. This would be another step forward in the company’s long-held ambition of ‘a single slab of glass,’ without bezel or notch.

The coronavirus crisis has of course made Face ID a much less effective method of unlocking an iPhone as it (generally) doesn’t work when wearing a mask …

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patents Stories August 10

Stereo headphone inventor Koss last month sued Apple, alleging infringement of five patents on wireless headphones. The lawsuit targets both AirPods and Beats wireless headphones.

Apple is now hitting back with a six-point countersuit. Five of the counts ask for a court to rule that Apple has not infringed each of the five patents listed in the original lawsuit, while a sixth one claims that Koss has no right to sue anyway …

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patents Stories August 7

Apple Watch Fall Detection has been credited with saving a number of lives, thanks to its ability to automatically call emergency services if it detects you falling and you don’t confirm that you’re ok.

But the feature could get even more sophisticated in future, with the ability to send comprehensive data to emergency services so they can get a sense of your condition before the ambulance arrives …

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