patents Stories May 26

An Apple patent for the iPad Magic Keyboard shows a slot in the main hinge for an Apple Pencil. This would, in principle, address the concern some have expressed that there is no convenient place to store the Pencil while carrying the accessory.

However, while it has been suggested this might be for a later version of the keyboard, I’m guessing otherwise …

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patents Stories May 4

Late last year, Apple was granted a patent for AR headphones which would enable the listener to accurately determine the exact location of sounds in a scene from what are known as binaural recordings. This would have applications in both real-life video – like conference calls – and in augmented reality scenes.

A newly-published Apple patent application shows this type of binaural recording being made with an iPhone …

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patents Stories April 8

Less than a month after Apple paid $440M to settle one FaceTime patent infringement claim, it is now faced with another.

Apple fought a claim from VirnetX for almost a decade before finally deciding to settle the case last month in order to end the drawn-out battle …

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patents Stories March 31

Landscape iPad use seems to be gradually emerging as the new normal. While Apple persists in making them with the logo oriented for portrait use, we’ve recently seen signs that the company has now woken up to the reality that the devices are more often used horizontally.

The 2020 Smart Keyboard Folio, for example, finally swaps a vertical Apple logo for a horizontal one. The upcoming Magic Keyboard likewise has the logo in landscape format …

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patents Stories March 10

A new Apple patent application describes what may be a more practical approach to creating a folding iPhone or iPad.

Folding smartphones don’t have the best of track records so far…

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patents Stories February 26

Apple patent for hi-tech car seat solves a problem created by hi-tech car seat

An Apple patent for a hi-tech car seat describes how the technology could solve a problem created by existing hi-tech car seats …

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