patents Stories December 7

An Apple patent battle with healthtech company AliveCor has been won by the Cupertino company, likely saving the Apple Watch from a potential import ban next week.

It’s a big step forward for Apple, but doesn’t end the legal fight between the two companies …

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patents Stories September 29

A new Apple patent application for iPhone reverse charging has been published today, further boosting speculation about when the Cupertino company will finally offer the wireless power sharing capability.

The application describes another possible application for the technology: placing two iPhones back-to-back to enable one to charge the other …

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patents Stories September 20

Auto Shazam feature described in patent application, can work with AirPods, Apple Headset

You can already switch on an auto Shazam feature on your iPhone, but Apple is envisaging a more intelligent version, which could work with anything from AirPods to an Apple Headset

patents Stories September 19

Apple gets caught up in all kinds of controversy, from antitrust issues to advertising, but one of the stranger ones concerns the company’s involvement with The App Association.

A piece this morning claims that the company exerts significant influence over a body designed to represent developers, when their interests may be at odds with those of the App Store owner …

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patents Stories August 25

The iPhone 14 notch is set to be replaced by a “pill and hole-punch” design on the Pro models, while the base models will keep the familiar notch design – but in a smaller size. In both cases, Apple has somehow managed to squeeze all the necessary components into a smaller space.

A newly published Apple patent application may well explain the simple approach used to achieve this …

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patents Stories August 11

Update: Apple has today extended this patent with additional claims, which Patently Apple suggests is intended to better protect the invention. This doesn’t necessarily make it more likely that Apple will implement additional gestures, but it seemed a plausible possibility at the time, and the update certainly indicates continued interest by the company.

There could be more Apple Pencil gestures in store for future generations of the company’s iPad stylus. We saw the first of these in the second-generation device, in the form of a double-tap to quickly access tools …

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patents Stories August 1

In the latest bizarre twist to the patent infringement battle between Apple and Ericsson, the Cupertino company has responded to the iPhone ban in Colombia by claiming that its human rights have been infringed.

The company requested emergency relief in Colombia just days after being warned by a US judge not to abuse the court system there by filing emergency requests for non-emergencies …

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patents Stories July 26

Update: Patently Apple notes that the patent has now been granted.

We noted recently an Apple patent application showing a curved iMac design where the all-in-one computer is made from a single slab of glass.

We now get a clearer idea of how such a machine might look…

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patents Stories July 20

Apple has been granted a patent for an emergency communication system, designed to extend cellular coverage to areas that would otherwise have no signal.

The approach is intended primarily for law enforcement and emergency services personnel, and it’s possible that the tech could have saved the lives of first responders inside the World Trade Center on 9/11.

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patents Stories July 18

Another week, another patent troll suing Apple for alleged infringements of patents purchased for the sole purpose of filing lawsuits.

Sonrai Memory has filed similar infringement claims against a wide range of other tech companies, including Google, Lenovo, LG, Samsung, and Western Digital.

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patents Stories July 12

The Apple Ericsson patent battle jumped to a new level yesterday, when the first iPhone sales ban went into effect in Colombia. Now Apple appears to be set on obtaining an injunction against the import and sale of Ericsson products.

The specifics of the move are a legal first for the company, made possible by its billion-dollar acquisition of Intel’s modem business back in 2019 ….

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patents Stories July 11

Ericsson has been seeking an iPhone sales ban in multiple countries due to 5G patent infringements, and has now succeeded in obtaining the first of these, in Colombia. The ban applies to the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPad Pro models with 5G capabilities.

Apple is of course fighting the injunction but has been accused of double standards for objecting to three separate legal tactics that it has used itself in the past …

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patents Stories July 7

Apple has today been granted a patent for an AirPods safety feature which could detect when a wearer is at risk. AirPods could respond by pausing or lowering the volume of your music, to enable to you concentrate on the potential danger.

The patent also describes a possible smart workout mat, which would detect how safely or effectively you are exercising …

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patents Stories June 30

See the update at the bottom of the piece.

The iPhone 15 was expected to be the first lineup to use an in-house Apple 5G chip instead of the Qualcomm ones used in current models. A recent report suggested that this won’t be the case because Apple has hit problems with the design, but a new analysis suggests that this is only half-right.

Which is to say, there is a problem with the Cupertino company’s attempt to dump Qualcomm in favor of an Apple modem chip, but it’s a legal one, not a technical one …

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patents Stories June 28

Pro Display XDR stand patented by Apple, to support dual displays

Apple’s Pro Display XDR stand came under fire for its $999 price tag when the monitor was first announced. So it’s probably best not to ask what Apple might charge for a dual-monitor stand after it was today awarded a patent for the design …

patents Stories June 21

Ericsson’s 5G Apple patent infringement claim has now reached its sixth country, with the latest filing in the UK’s High Court. The Swedish telecoms company is trying to obtain import bans on iPhones in the US and elsewhere as it piles on the pressure for Apple to reach a settlement.

One patent expert says that “the noose is tightening” on the Cupertino company, as it is looking increasingly likely that Ericsson will succeed in obtaining an iPhone injunction sooner or later …

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patents Stories June 13

Auto Unlock Apple Watch feature targeted by patent troll, seeking royalty payments

A patent troll who purchased a 2016 patent has filed an infringement claim against Apple for the Auto Unlock feature, originally designed to allow an Apple Watch to unlock a Mac using the same Apple ID.

This is despite the fact that the patent application was filed after Apple announced Auto Unlock …

patents Stories June 2

Apple is continuing to imagine what a future MacBook would look like with Apple Pencil support. The tech giant has applied to revamp a patent today regarding an Apple Pencil that is removably mounted above the MacBook’s keyboard.

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patents Stories May 31

Apple is once again experimenting with ways to integrate a camera into the Apple Watch. According to Patently Apple, the company’s latest idea is to put a camera into the digital crown. With this, users can snap a photo on their wrist by pointing the digital crown toward the subject.

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patents Stories May 24

We last year saw an Apple patent showing that the company was exploring the possibility of creating a titanium iPhone, iPad, and MacBook – and another one has been granted today.

Specifically, today’s patent grant describes a process for creating a textured surface on titanium, and one of Apple’s illustrations depicts an Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and MacBook …

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patents Stories May 23

Apple is asking a court to prevent future patent infringement claims from someone who appears to be a Face ID patent troll.

California resident Chian Chiu Li last month filed a patent infringement against Apple, then last week withdrew the complaint without explanation …

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patents Stories May 19

Apple will not get a third trial after receiving a $300 million verdict for patent infringement from Optis. Apple told the court last year it’s entitled to a new damages trial or Optis’ damages should be wiped.

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patents Stories May 12

Apple has published a patent regarding iPhone cases and docks that support near-field wireless communication systems. According to Patently Apple, this accessory would significantly alter the operation and user interface (UI) of the iPhone. 

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patents Stories May 10

Apple has today been granted a patent for a graphical display concept it calls virtual paper, and two things struck me about it – one about its origins, the other about what it may tell us about future Apple design language.

The patent is for a visual representation of paper in three-dimensional form, which is, of course, the type of user interface most applicable to the upcoming Apple mixed-reality headset

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