patents Stories December 18, 2018

Apple granted patent for AirPower features, iPhone w/ touch sensitive rear glass, more

Apple was granted 37 patents today, notably receiving approval for AirPower’s primary selling point, “multi-device charging.” The company was also granted a patent related to an iPhone with a full-body display spanning the front through rear and sides.

The latter patent details having touch-sensitive input capabilities on the rear glass, with the patent specifying users could turn pages, scroll, and game while utilizing the rear input.

patents Stories May 15, 2018

Supreme Court declines to hear podcast patent troll case, hands the win to EFF

Podcasting has walked a fine legal line ever since its inception. Today brings news of a Texas company that was looking to create a licensing deal with various companies that later turned into a lawsuit, but ultimately went nowhere.

patents Stories November 6, 2017

The Apple v Samsung patent trial in which the judge said she’d like to see the case resolved before she retires is not the only long-running patent lawsuit between the two companies. That first one is about design patents – the look of the phone.

But a separate case has also been rumbling on regarding Samsung’s use of several patented iPhone features, including slide-to-unlock, autocorrect, and automatic links for things like phone numbers …

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patents Stories March 1, 2017

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit made a decision today to throw out the verdict of a two-year old legal case against Apple based on data storage patents. The original verdict reached by a Texas jury stuck Apple with $533 million in damages.

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patents Stories December 21, 2016

Apple versus Samsung isn’t the only legal battle over patent violations to follow now. CNBC reports that Nokia has filed several complaints in a lawsuit against Apple over patent infringement in the United States and Germany…

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patents Stories October 7, 2016

Bloomberg reports that Apple this week won an appeal in its long-running case against Samsung over its slide-to-unlock patent.

The decision reinstates an original $119.6 million verdict owed to Apple that a U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled was wrongly thrown out in a previous decision back in February.

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