patents Stories February 13

An Apple patent application published today describes how a truly smart home could configure itself.

Anyone who has ever set up new smart home devices will know that, even with HomeKit, it can be a fiddly and sometimes frustrating experience. When you add a physical smart light switch, for example, telling the app which light(s) it controls isn’t the most user-friendly of experiences…

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patents Stories February 7

We noted recently an Apple patent showing a curved iMac design where the all-in-one computer is made from a single slab of glass.

We now get a clearer idea of how such a machine might look…

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patents Stories February 6

An Apple Watch with Touch ID sensor has been on the wishlists of many people for quite some time now. A new Apple patent application published today shows that Apple is at least considering the idea.

It follows a similar patent for embedding a Touch ID sensor into an iPhone power button

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patents Stories January 27

Apple is growing ever closer to its reported ambition to design the iPhone as a single slab of glass, but a new patent application suggests as least some designers in the company share the same ambition for the iMac.

One funky variant even shows how it could allow the MacBook Pro to dock with the iMac, a design that could potentially work for a future Apple display too…

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patents Stories January 16

Apple and 34 other multinationals have urged Europe to stop patent trolls from effectively blackmailing companies into licensing their claimed technology.

Patent assertion agencies threaten to ask courts for import bans on products found to infringe patents, making it risky for Apple and others to defend such cases even where the claim is weak…

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patents Stories January 10

There could be more Apple Pencil gestures in store for future generations of the company’s iPad stylus. We saw the first of these in the second-generation device, in the form of a double-tap to quickly access tools.

You can currently customize this gesture to do one of four things…

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