patents Stories November 27

Apple granted patent for AR headphones, with virtual positioning of people

Apple has been granted a patent for AR headphones, which enable you to hear where people are located within a room even when they are not physically present…

patents Stories November 19

An Apple Watch patent granted today describes the inclusion of one or more cameras capable of photographing the user, hinting at Face ID on the Watch.

The patent also describes how sensors in a smart band could be used to analyze sports performance in such activities as football, baseball, and golf…

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patents Stories November 11

Apple loses RAW video patent battle with RED; companies ‘will work together’

Apple has lost a patent battle against high-end pro camera company RED over a method used to compress RAW video footage.

The Cupertino company had claimed that RED should never have been awarded a patent for its ProRes RAW codec because the technology was obvious…

patents Stories October 3

A new Apple patent application, published today, describes what appears to be Apple’s end-goal with MacBooks: a screen-based keyboard with a realistic look and feel that still allows touch typing.

Apple has been gradually moving away from physical keys and buttons over the years. We saw the mechanical Home button on the iPhone replaced with a solid-state one, a haptic motor simulating the feel of a click before that was itself replaced by a swipe on the screen.

Apple has also begun that process with MacBooks…

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patents Stories September 27

An Apple patent application for a metallic glass process may hold the secret to the beautiful iPhone 11 Pro finish on the rear glass.

The rear glass is a subtle yet lovely design feature of the flagship iPhone, looking more like a metal than a glass — and that may be because the material includes the properties of both…

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patents Stories August 15

Apple was last year granted more than 2,000 patents, putting in around 10th place in a ranking of US companies.

Two different organizations came up with slightly different numbers and rankings …

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