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The flagship feature of the new MacBook Pro is the Touch Bar, an OLED display strip that replaces the physical row of function keys. This adds a dynamic zone to top of the keyboard where apps can display custom buttons, sliders, switches and scrubbers to enhance the MacBook experience while adding a new way to interact with Mac applications beyond text input and mouse pointers.

How does the Touch Bar interface work? What is the resolution of the Touch Bar? What is the Control Strip? What can third-party developers do with the Touch Bar? Read on for all the answers and more …

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Two days ago Microsoft announced their Microsoft Surface Studio, and I wrote a piece on how it was their answer to Apple’s own desktop solutions. It was hard to compare the products’ philosophies, especially when I don’t think macOS is ready for a complete touchscreen experience. Then Apple announced their new MacBook Pro lineup yesterday and it dawned on me: the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro is Apple’s first distinct step into creating a touchscreen display experience in their MacBook line.

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With the new MacBook Pro models not exactly cheap (especially for Brits), we all need as much help as we can get in paying for them. A decent chunk of the purchase cost for many of us will be raised by selling our old Macs, either ahead of time or once we have our shiny new Macs all set up and behaving themselves.

If you just want a quick sale with no hassle, then our trade-in service is the simplest option. But if you are selling privately, the amount of money you can get for the exact same Mac in identical condition can vary quite dramatically. I’ve consistently managed to sell my old Macs for well above average prices by adopting a few simple tactics …

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