iPhone assembly in India has been badly disrupted as tensions with China continue to rise, says a new report.

Components arriving from China are said to have been held in Indian customs in what seems to be the latest escalation of the fallout from a disputed border between the two countries…

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Finding that some investors are concerned about whether Apple will retain its dominance in years to come, Bank of America analysts have highlighted 20 patents which they say shows that Apple is still innovating.

The patents chosen to illustrate the point include several we have covered in the past, but a number of others which seem rather odd choices …

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Border dispute seemingly behind India’s ban on Chinese apps, as Apple responds

It appears that a longstanding border dispute between India and China was behind India’s partial ban on Chinese apps from the country. In one of the more bizarre elements of the story, it has been reported that Indian and Chinese soldiers fought with clubs and rocks …

Best Buy July 4th sale discounts Apple’s latest offerings, TVs, smart home, more

The annual Best Buy July 4th sale is now live with expansive offerings and price drops across just about every category. Amazon is also price matching select offers. Now is a great time to load up on the latest tech from Apple and others, with a number of TVs on sale, smart home accessories, and much more. You’ll find all of our top picks down below.


Facebook is once again involved in a controversial situation regarding privacy issues. The company has confirmed that thousands of developers have been able to access data from inactive users, which is an unexpected behavior.

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Apple is offering another $50 bonus for new Apple Card users in July, following the Walgreens special offer last month. This time, the bonus is guaranteed after signing up for any Apple service, including Apple Music, Apple TV+, App Store, and more.

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