In a report from professor and cryptographer, Matthew Green today, concerns were raised about Apple sharing users’ browsing data to the Chinese company, Tencent. Now Apple has offered an official response, reassuring users that actual URLs aren’t shared with third-parties.

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New Orbi mesh WiFi system offers original design and competitive price

Netgear is out with its latest Orbi mesh WiFi offering. The new RBK12/13/14 Orbi WiFi Systems come in a two-, three-, or four-pack to cover up 6,000 sq. ft. It also features an all-new design with a competitive price tag starting at $129.

If you wanted to craft the perfect PR pitch to me, you couldn’t do much better than Naucrates. I’m a bagaholic who loves gadgets, so when it offered me the chance to try its new carry-on luggage which follows you around the airport, it was impossible to resist.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: you can also ride on it if you prefer…

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Apple has found itself embroiled in yet another China-related controversy, as it appears to be sending user browsing data to Tencent, a Chinese company. That data includes the website visited and the IP address of the iOS user.

Apple has the best of intentions here – the data sharing is done to help protect users from fraudulent websites – but the fact that the company now uses a Chinese conglomerate to do so is raising eyebrows…

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