Apple Watch’s ECG functionality has saved a lot of lives, but the latest example shows how the low and high resting heart rate alerts are also uncovering unknown heart issues. After seeing multiple low resting heart rate warnings, a 48-year-old recently discovered he had ventricular bigeminy and was able to address the heart condition with surgery before it caused any issues.

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If you ever feel nostalgic for the classic iPod, you might enjoy the Elago W6, the Apple Watch stand that thinks it’s an iPod.

It’s not the first time Elago has done something like this. Back in 2017, it created the W3, based on the original Macintosh …

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This week Benjamin and Zac talk more about the updated MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, news around Apple TV+ and the upcoming streaming video service, new emoji coming in iOS 13, the latest iPhone 11 rumors, changes in iOS 13 beta 4, and much more.

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There has been a steady stream of reports suggesting that the 2020 iPhones will use 5nm chips, and a statement by A-series chipmaker TSMC provides further support for the idea.

Apple made much of the fact that the A12 chip used in all three 2018 iPhones used a 7nm process, the first smartphones on the market to do so. Smaller processes mean more transistors in the same size chip, which generally boosts both performance and energy efficiency …

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Apple is facing a new security threat, thanks to developments in the spyware/surveillance tool sold by the Israeli firm NSO Group. Via the Financial Times, the Pegasus phone software now not only harvests data from the user’s onboard storage, but also all communications with the connected cloud.

The vulnerability purportedly affects the iPhone and Apple’s iCloud as well as Google Android phones, and even third-party apps installed on the phone that communicate over “encrypted and secure” connections.

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According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is planning to open new offices in a quickly growing Vancouver development. Apple will join the likes of Deloitte and IWG plc’s Spaces in the office space.

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