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This week, an image appeared on the HomeKit subreddit claiming to show a first-generation August Doorbell Cam within Apple’s Home app on iOS. In a statement to 9to5Mac, however, August has confirmed that its smart doorbell cameras still do not support HomeKit.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Tim Cook yesterday delivered a commencement address at Tulane University, and he followed up that speech by making an appearance at the Ellis Marsalis Music Center in New Orleans. Cook spent nearly two hours at the center, announcing that Apple is donating equipment for music production.

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Watch faces for Apple Watch have been a point of discussion since watchOS 1 and the Series 0 Apple Watch. Apple has expanded the options over the years, and the Siri watch face is one of the most unique ones. With that being said, I still end up using the Infographic Modular face on the Series 4 Apple Watch. When swapping back and forth between watch faces recently, I had the idea for a Siri complication inside the Modular Apple Watch face for watchOS 6.

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Makers of Amazon’s highest rated iPad case, ZUGU CASE, now has an updated version of its popular case for iPad Pro models including the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models. Head below for a hands-on look with the new ZUGU Muse Case in the video below.

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Recently Apple provided long-awaited updates to its iMac lineup, and although there are no cosmetic changes to be found in the 2019 iMac, these machines feature noteworthy CPU and GPU improvements under the hood. In fact, CPU options now start at 6-core processors for the base 27-inch model, a notable boost over the strict 4-core configurations from the previous refresh. If you desire more processing power, then the new iMacs, with their updated Intel CPUs and AMD GPUs provide a substantial performance upgrade.

Given the new upgraded processor options, it’s no wonder why people are quick to compare the 8-core model to the entry-level iMac Pro. But as you’ll see in this video, there’s more than just processor performance that makes the iMac Pro the beast that it is. On this latest episode of the Back to the Mac, we discuss five takeaways from Apple’s 2019 iMac refresh. expand full story

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