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How to remove home screen trailers from Apple TV

By default, the Apple TV plays full-screen trailers of shows from Apple TV+ and other sources on the home screen. However, you can disable it. Here’s how.

Instagram drops IGTV button as the platform struggles to gain adoption

Instagram has made several different attempts at growing usage of its IGTV platform, including a pinned IGTV icon at the top of your Instagram feed. As it turns out, that IGTV button wasn’t doing much to drive users towards IGTV, and Facebook has now made the decision to remove it.

I’ve been an Apple Music subscriber since day one when it launched in 2015. Despite times of flirting with Spotify, the easy access with all my Apple devices, a familiar interface, and iCloud Music Library (for my custom live music), Apple Music has always been home for my family. If you’d told me in 2005 that we’d be paying $14.99 per month for my entire family to access virtually all the music in the world, I would have thought you were crazy. Apple Music’s family plan is one of the best deals of any service around. As we look ahead to iOS 14 and 2020, I do have a straightforward feature request. I want Apple to build an Apple Music ‘Kids’ Mode’ to preserve For You and Replay results. expand full story


As Apple prepares original podcasts, Spotify reportedly in talks to acquire the ‘Ringer’

Spotify has been doubling down on its podcast efforts recently, a move that it hopes will increase retention of existing users and draw more users from competitors. The Wall Street Journal now reports that Spotify is in “early talks” to acquire the sports and pop-culture outlet the “Ringer.”

Apple often rolls out background software updates to its truly wireless earbuds like AirPods and AirPods Pro. Usually, these updates focus on minor bug fixes, but a recent AirPods Pro update appears to have made some notable changes to sound quality and noise cancellation.

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