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iPhone 14: Everything we know so far

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The iPhone 14 is the iPhone model that Apple will introduce in the fall of 2022. That’s still a good way off into the future, but the supply chain is already painting a picture of what to expect. Check out our full roundup of what to expect from the iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 Stories Today

In what appears to be the first reported use of Emergency SOS via Satellite, a snowmobiler in Alaska was successfully rescued when he became stranded in an extremely isolated area.

Alaska State Troopers received an alert from the Apple Emergency Response Center in the early hours of yesterday morning …

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iPhone 14 Stories Yesterday

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested earlier this week that tight supply constraints could cost the company as many as 15-20M iPhone 14 Pro sales. Not just temporarily, he argued, but permanently: Most of those sales would just “disappear.

He’s not the only person to suggest this, and there are four arguments that can be made in support of the view – but I don’t buy any of them …

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iPhone 14 Stories November 30

Shortly after the iPhone 14 launched this fall, the new Crash Detection feature was found to be unintentionally triggered by roller coasters in some instances. Now with winter sports ramping up in the Northern Hemisphere, it turns out skiing can also trigger false positives.

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Apple’s dependence on China has never been brought into sharper focus than now, with COVID-19-related disruption at the biggest iPhone assembly plant costing the company an estimated billion dollars per week.

A new report says that the company’s efforts to diversify production have continued to make progress, but that iPhone production remains hugely dependent on China …

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The iPhone City lockdown has ended, allowing free movement of residents and workers in Zhengzhou, China. The move will help relieve pressures at the Foxconn plant after a massive production disruption that is estimated to have cost Apple around a billion dollars a week in lost iPhone sales.

The ending of COVID-19 restrictions in the city will allow Foxconn to exit the closed-loop production process, which has been a key factor in the plant’s recent troubles

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iPhone 14 Stories November 29

If you’re seeing faster battery drain than expected with iPhone 14 or 14 Pro you’re not alone. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a problem with your phone. Here’s a look at 7 tips and tricks to improve iPhone 14 battery life as well as why you might be seeing spikes in battery use.

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iPhone 14 Stories November 28

The iPhone 14 Pro shortage could hit as many as 6 million units before production recovers, according to a new report. The shortfall has already made it too late to order either of the Pro models in time for Christmas in many countries.

Additionally, large-scale lockdown protests in Shanghai could potentially put MacBook production at risk …

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iPhone 14 Stories November 25

There have been mass resignations of iPhone workers following the recent unrest at the plant, caused by Foxconn failing to pay the promised recruitment bonuses, and growing fears about the COVID-19 outbreak within the plant. More than 20,000 new hires are said to have left.

An internal estimate reportedly says that more than 30% of production could be lost, with iPhone 14 production already falling way behind demand in the crucial run up to the holidays …

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iPhone 14 Stories November 24

Foxconn admits it made a “technical error” that resulted in newly recruited iPhone workers being paid less than they had been promised. The admission follows violent clashes between workers and police at the world’s largest iPhone plant in Zhengzhou, China.

The company has pledged to correct the error for those who stay, and has offered compensation to any new recruits who no longer want to work there …

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iPhone 14 Stories November 23

When 5G was first launched, the big question for smartphone users faced with the prospect of replacing their devices to use it was: Is 5G worth it?

The huge popularity of 5G devices seemed at first to indicate a resounding yes, but there are now concerns that the novelty has worn off, and that many are still seeing little real-life difference between 4G/LTE and 5G speeds …

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Apple works with a wide range of suppliers to make millions of units of iPhones, iPads, and other products. And when it comes to displays, it has been a while since the company has been using Samsung OLED displays for the iPhone. According to a recent The Elec report, Samsung Display is expected to account for 70% of the OLED panels used by Apple for the iPhone 14 models by the end of the year.

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Violent clashes between iPhone workers and police have been seen in video footage from Foxconn’s primary iPhone assembly plant in Zhengzhou, China. You can see the video clips below.

Workers say that promised bonuses (referred to in local reports as “subsidies”) have not been paid; that there is inadequate food and medical supplies for workers locked into the facility; and that the company is failing to properly separate infected and uninfected employees …

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iPhone 14 Stories November 22

Design wizard Basic Apple Guy is back with his latest creation – incredibly detailed, layered iPhone 14 schematic wallpapers in a variety of colors. Check out the work that went into this project below and download the new wallpapers for your iPhone.

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iPhone 14 Stories November 18

iPhone 14 Plus sales continue to lag, but the overall iPhone 14 shipments are outpacing the iPhone 13 lineup from last year. New data shared by reliable Apple analyst Ross Young shows that panel shipments for the iPhone 14 Plus are expected to be “close to 0 in December.”

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iPhone 14 Stories November 17

Two new market intelligence reports show that the iPhone dominated in both Southeast Asia and in China’s latest online shopping festival.

Both reports indicate a fall in overall smartphone shipments and revenue, but show the iPhone substantially outperforming the market …

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iPhone 14 Stories November 16

Your chance to get an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max for Christmas may have already passed. Following Apple’s warning about production delays, shipping estimates for nearly the entire iPhone 14 Pro lineup have slipped to late December. While Apple often underpromises and over-delivers, that’s likely not the case here… though you do have some options.

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iPhone 14 Stories November 15

Apple’s new Emergency SOS iPhone via satellite feature is now live in the US and Canada with support for more countries coming soon. Read on for how to test iPhone Emergency SOS messages via satellite so you know how to use it in case you ever need to rely on it.

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When Apple announced the iPhone 14 line-up, it said that the Emergency SOS via satellite service would be launching in November. It last week reiterated that, providing a little more information. Today, the service is live in the US and Canada.

Additionally, Apple has also revealed that the feature will go live in four more countries sometime next month …

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iPhone 14 Stories November 14

The iPhone 14 is the most affordable of Apple’s latest iPhone generation. However, the company continues to sell last year’s iPhone 13. Whether you’re considering an upgrade or looking to buy a new iPhone for the first time in several years, here’s everything you need to know about the iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14.

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iPhone 14 Stories November 13

Our annual collection of the best iPhone 14 cases has arrived and has now been updated with new designs, brands, and even some Black Friday deals. You’ll find all of the best iPhone 14 cases available anywhere from wallet models and eco-conscious treatments to protective sheaths, logo-free clear options, artistic designs, handcrafted wooden covers, and more. Apple’s official silicone, leather, and clear MagSafe iPhone 14 cases are present as well as all of the latest collections from our favorite brands, with everything organized for you down below alongside some hands-on reviews (be sure to check back regularly for more). Head below for a closer look at the best iPhone 14 cases, including the base model, iPhone 14 Plus, Pro, and Pro Max options, now available for purchase alongside some Black Friday price drops. 

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iPhone 14 Stories November 11

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro lineups are set to be popular gifts this holiday season. The decision between choosing an iPhone 14 model can be tricky. The iPhone 14 Pro is obviously more powerful and capable, but you also have to factor in differences like pricing, battery life, and overall weight. Head below for a deep dive into the iPhone 14 vs iPhone 14 Pro.

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The iPhone production crisis in China has led Foxconn to announce plans to quadruple its workforce in India. The move will not, however, solve the immediate problem.

While Apple and its suppliers have been working for years on reducing the company’s dependence on China as a manufacturing hub, progress has been painfully slow – especially for the iPhone …

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iPhone 14 Stories November 10

Apple is out with a new video today putting the Action mode feature of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro to the test. This video focuses on putting the feature through its paces using an iPhone 14 Pro; in fact, the entire video was shot using the iPhone 14 Pro. Head below to watch.

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The COVID-19 disruption to iPhone 14 production at Foxconn’s primary assembly plant was bad enough for Apple to issue a warning about limited availability, and Foxconn has now issued a warning about the impact on its own prospects for the current quarter.

Foxconn says that revenue from consumer electronics assembly will fall in the all-important holiday quarter, which is usually a busy one for the company …

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