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iPhone 14: Everything we know so far

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March 2021 - October 2022

The iPhone 14 is the iPhone model that Apple will introduce in the fall of 2022. That’s still a good way off into the future, but the supply chain is already painting a picture of what to expect. Check out our full roundup of what to expect from the iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 Stories Yesterday

Apple announced four new iPhone models in September. However, while iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max hit stores last month, the launch of the iPhone 14 Plus has been set for October 7. Now the wait is over. Those who bought iPhone 14 Plus on pre-order are now getting their hands on the product.

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During its Made by Google 2022 event today in NYC, the company officially announced its Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, Pixel Watch, and more. Read on for a closer look at what Google is doing with its iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8 competitors, G2 Tensor custom silicon, and more.

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Apple has reminded customers about iPhone 14 Plus availability, with the larger version of the base model on sale in Apple Stores tomorrow, October 6.

It follows reviews landing this morning, in which those who got early access praised the great battery life of the final model to go on sale following last month’s launch …

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One of the differences between the base and Pro model iPhone 14 this year is that only the latter get the latest A16 chip. But a new piece today argues that this is a smaller difference than Apple might like to suggest.

A comparison of the two chip designs concludes that the differences are far more limited than is normally the case for Apple’s annual iPhone chip upgrade …

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iPhone 14 Stories October 5

Apple last month introduced four new iPhones: the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. While three of these models hit stores in September, iPhone 14 Plus had its official launch slated for October 7. Now the first iPhone 14 Plus reviews are here, and they make it clear that this phone is all about great battery life within a familiar hardware.

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Night mode continues to be one of the iPhone’s most impressive camera system features. After asking the 9to5Mac community on Twitter to reply with their best nighttime shots, I gathered the top comments and what I thought was the most awe-inspiring. Here’s how to use Night mode and the best photos I’ve seen with it.

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If you just picked up your new iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro, you might be wondering if your existing iPhone 13 case will fit the iPhone 14. Unfortunately, Apple has made enough changes to this year’s iPhone 14 models that you’ll need to buy new cases alongside your new iPhone this year. Here are the details.

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iPhone 14 Stories October 4

Analysts have given conflicting views on iPhone 14 sales, but lead assembly partner Foxconn has reported a new monthly revenue record on the back of “storming” iPhone 14 Pro demand.

The company said that it is positive on the outlook for the current quarter, though remains cautious about the potential impact of continuing supply chain issues and inflation …

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An iPhone 14 Action Mode test put the new feature up against the current leading action cam, the GoPro Hero 11.

It’s not a fair fight, of course. The iPhone 14 has to do it all, while the GoPro only has to do one thing well – but it’s still interesting to see where the iPhone held up against the competition, and where it didn’t …

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iPhone 14 Stories October 3

The Dynamic Island UI seen in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max was the end result of years of discussion, revealed Apple VP of Human Interface Design Alan Dye.

Software engineering head Craig Federighi said that the new user interface was biggest change to iOS since those required for the iPhone X

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iPhone 14 Stories October 2

Our yearly roundup of the best iPhone 14 cases is here with new updates waiting for you below. With pre-order dates set on Apple’s latest releases, it’s time to dive into some of the best iPhone 14 cases out there from wallet covers and eco-friendly leather to protective sheaths, branding-free clear options, creative designs, natural wood, and more. The official Apple silicone, leather, and clear MagSafe iPhone 14 cases are live alongside the new 2022 collections from our favorite brands, and you’ll find everything ready and waiting down below (be sure to check back for more in the coming weeks and months). Hit the jump for a closer look at the best iPhone 14 cases, including base model, iPhone 14 Plus, Pro, and Pro Max options, now available for purchase. 

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iPhone 14 Stories September 30

We’ve heard quite a bit about how the iPhone 14 Pro models are selling better than the rest of the iPhone 14 lineup. Now, Display Supply Chain Consultants analyst Ross Young has some additional data, this time focused on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro shipments in comparison to last year’s iPhone 13 lineup.

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iPhone 14 Stories September 29

While Apple opted to name the larger base model the iPhone 14 Plus, it had been widely referred to as the iPhone 14 Max in media reports ahead of the keynote.

It now appears that the iPhone 14 Max was indeed Apple’s planned name for the device, with the Plus decision being made relatively close to launch …

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iPhone 14 Stories September 28

At their Far Out event, Apple announced that satellite connectivity will be available on the iPhone 14 lineup. But a few weeks earlier, SpaceX and T-Mobile made an announcement that they will be bringing satellite-based connectivity to basically any 5G phone. So, how do these two services compare, is one better than the other, and should it affect your decision on which phone to go with?

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iPhone 14 Pro camera review
iPhone 14 Pro Max shot, straight from camera (aside from crop)

It’s official: The iPhone 14 Pro camera is now good enough for me to use it as my only travel camera – something I couldn’t have even imagined five years ago.

I’d already made the switch from a heavy and cumbersome pro-body DSLR system to a much lighter and more portable mirrorless camera when travelling, but switching to an iPhone had still felt like an enormous step.

Grab a coffee and buckle in: There are 2,738 words coming up!

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iPhone 14 Stories September 27

As you probably know, iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro can communicate with emergency services via satellite. Although this feature won’t be available until November, Apple has been getting ready to release it with iOS 16.1 – which will also include a “Satellite Connection Demo” so that users can try out the satellite connection without actually calling emergency services.

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One of the headlining new features of the iPhone 14 lineup and the new Apple Watch models is Crash Detection. This feature is designed to recognize when you’ve been in a car accident, then use Emergency SOS to inform first responders and your emergency contacts.

A new video today puts Crash Detection on the iPhone 14 through several tests – with mixed results.

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iPhone 14 Stories September 26

iOS 16.1 is currently available in beta testing and includes support for the Live Activities API, which allows developers to add real-time notifications to the Lock Screen and Dynamic Island. As iOS 16.1 nears a public release sometime this fall, Apple has now published its full Human Interface Guidelines that outline best practices for developers implementing Live Activities in their applications.

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Apple has officially started manufacturing the new iPhone 14 in India, the company confirmed in a statement to TechCrunch. This marks the first time that Apple has started locally producing a new iPhone lineup in India in the same calendar year as its release.

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iPhone 14 Stories September 24

iPhone 14 charging slowly? How to fast charge your iPhone

Is your iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro charging slower than your old phone did? The best way to fast charge is with a Lightning to USB-C cable and a 30 watt charger, either from Apple or a cheaper third-party option like Anker. Here’s everything you need to know about fast charging your new iPhone …

iPhone 14 Stories September 23

Let’s talk pixels. Specifically, iPhone 14 pixels. More specifically, iPhone 14 Pro pixels. Because while the headline news is that the latest Pro models offer a 48MP sensor instead of a 12MP one, that’s not actually the most important improvement Apple has made to this year’s camera.

Indeed, of the four biggest changes this year, the 48MP sensor is to me the least important. But bear with me here, as there’s a lot we need to unpack before I can explain why I think the 48MP sensor is far less important than:

  • The sensor size
  • Pixel binning
  • The Photonic Engine

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iPhone 14 Stories September 22

The iPhone 14 Pro always-on display does not work like most Android phone always-on display modes (consisting of mostly black pixels with an always-visible clock). It works more like the Apple Watch, where the always-on mode is almost identical to the standard lock screen – the same colorful wallpaper and information-rich widgets, just dimmed.

Many people getting their hands on the new iPhones were surprised by this. In fact, some of the initial reviews suggest disabling the always-on display feature altogether because it was too distracting. It turns out, though, there’s a hidden way to try a black-and-white always-on display on your iPhone …

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iPhone 14 Stories September 21

ZAGG launches $250 coverage for iPhone 14 display repair with XTR2 screen protector

ZAGG has launched its new InvisibleShield Glass XTR2 screen protector for the iPhone 14 lineup. Along with its XTR2’s advanced anti-reflective finish and 10% increase in strength over its predecessor comes a valuable option to get up to $250 in screen repair reimbursement.

iPhone production in India will increase to around 25% of total global output by 2025, according to a new analyst report. The report suggests a similar percentage of other Apple products will be made outside China by the same year.

We’ve seen a number of signs recently that India is growing increasingly important to Apple as a second key manufacturing hub, as the company continues efforts to reduce its dependence on China …

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