iFixit Stories April 3

Apple has been keeping iFixit busy lately. After the company’s teardown of the new AirPods found two quality improvements, and little in the way of surprises in the iPad mini 5, iFixit decided it was time for the new iPad Air teardown.

The x-ray and teardown confirm the good news for iPad Air buyers …

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iFixit Stories March 29

A new Apple product is out, and it of course hasn’t taken iFixit long to do its usual teardown – as well as x-rays (above). As you’d expect from the largely unchanged exterior, the iFixit teardown of new AirPods finds very few changes from the first generation, but does see two apparent improvements to the build quality …

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

iFixit Stories February 19

iFixit launches ‘I’m A Genius’ campaign to encourage users to repair their own devices

iFixit has launched a new campaign today called “I’m a Genius” to encourage anyone and everyone to repair their own devices. The initiative calls out how companies use marketing and other strategies to make repair seem out of reach for most people, despite it being doable for anyone. iFixit is also giving away $1,000 worth of tools as part of the campaign.

iFixit Stories January 30

iFixit selling $30 iPhone battery replacement kits through 2019 after Apple ends discount program for official repairs

If you can remember what happened a year ago, the BatteryGate furore led Apple to reduce the cost of iPhone battery replacements from $79 to $29. Apple ended the discount at the end of 2018. iFixit today announced that they are not ending their price match and will continue selling their iPhone battery replacement kits for $29.99 through 2019.

iFixit Stories January 22

Some MacBook Pro owners have complained of a ‘stage light’ effect, where they see uneven backlighting at the bottom of the display. For some, the symptom is only the first stage, with the backlight failing altogether.

iFixit says that it has identified the cause – and the way in which Apple changed the design of the Touch Bar generation for the MacBook Pro turns what would otherwise be a $6 fix into a $600 nightmare …

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iFixit Stories November 12, 2018

One thing you can be sure of with any new Apple device: it won’t be long before iFixit takes it apart to show us what’s inside, and assess how repairable it is. The company has today published its 11-inch iPad Pro teardown.

The new iPad Pro 11” sports narrower bezels, curvy LCD corners, and cutting edge silicon. This is apparently the iPad Apple dreamed about building from the very beginning, but what we dream about is a device that is easy to repair. Will this iPad fulfill both dreams, or will ours be left in the pipe? There’s only one way to tell—with a teardown …

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