iFixit Stories November 12, 2018

One thing you can be sure of with any new Apple device: it won’t be long before iFixit takes it apart to show us what’s inside, and assess how repairable it is. The company has today published its 11-inch iPad Pro teardown.

The new iPad Pro 11” sports narrower bezels, curvy LCD corners, and cutting edge silicon. This is apparently the iPad Apple dreamed about building from the very beginning, but what we dream about is a device that is easy to repair. Will this iPad fulfill both dreams, or will ours be left in the pipe? There’s only one way to tell—with a teardown …

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iFixit Stories November 8, 2018

iFixit is out with its Retina MacBook Air teardown. While there are some notable repairability improvements, Apple’s latest notebook got its lowest marks for non-serviceable, non-replaceable RAM and storage. However, overall, it scored higher than the 2018 MacBook Pro and the 2017 MacBook.

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iFixit Stories September 21, 2018

How long will an iPhone XS Max last in 2m of beer? iFixit is determined to find out [Poll]

Along with the announcement of upgraded IP68 dust and water protection on the iPhone XS and XS Max, Phil Schiller described a variety of other liquids that Apple tested the device in during the keynote. Now, iFixit is having some fun with those claims with some iPhone beer testing!

We’ve already seen one iPhone XS teardown from a Dutch company who managed to get their hands on one early, but now iFixit is here with its usual detailed breakdown of what it has found inside.

The company reports that while much is unchanged from the iPhone X, there are a few differences, not all of them yet mentioned by Apple …

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iFixit Stories February 12, 2018

iFixit has now posted its teardown of the HomePod, shining light on exactly what is beneath the seamless fabric mesh. The company says that the HomePod is built like a tank, so whilst it only scores 1/10 on the repairability scale it is made to last. It was apparently one of the hardest ever projects, with iFixit even resorting to a hacksaw at one stage.

The teardown reveals how the Siri waveform is formed on the top of the speaker; an LED matrix sits just below the surface with the light blurred by a diffuser. You also get to see Apple’s custom tweeters, including a special mechanism of powering them; the gold screw posts conduct electricity through the unit.

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iFixit Stories December 29, 2017

After Apple reduced its iPhone battery-swap price to just $29 as part of an apology for its handling of the performance-throttling controversy, iFixit has done the same for its DIY kits for older devices …

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