iFixit Stories April 27

After months of waiting, Apple is finally rolling out its self-service repair program for selected iPhone models in the US. Starting now, users can buy parts of iPhone 12, 13, and SE 3 directly from Apple, but is it worth it? Here’s what iFixit has to say about the program.

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iFixit Stories March 30

After showing a preview inside Apple’s new Studio Display last week alongside its Mac Studio teardown, iFixit is back today with a full disassembly of Apple’s prosumer monitor. Check out the full teardown below that examines the infamous webcam, shows why the Studio Display is 50% thicker than the M1 iMac, and more.

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iFixit Stories December 9, 2021

Well-known repair company iFixit already shared its traditional Apple Watch Series 7 teardown back in October, but now iFixit is back with x-ray wallpapers that show what’s inside the new Apple Watch.

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iFixit Stories November 19, 2021

We got a look inside Apple’s new AirPods 3 earlier this month from iFixit, and now it’s given us a look at how the new Beats Fit Pro compare when it comes to design, manufacturing, and repairability.

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iFixit Stories October 29, 2021

In its initial dive into the the new MacBook Pro, iFixit discovered the notebooks include some improvements to repairability like the battery not being trapped under the logic board and pull tabs to more easily remove the battery. Now iFixit has revealed its full teardown results including an official repairability score.

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iFixit Stories September 24, 2021

As is tradition, iFixit has done its initial teardown of the new iPhone 13 and 13 Pro on launch day. Check out the full hour-plus in-depth look inside this year’s iPhones below including a look at the clean new internal layout, bigger batteries, new camera systems, and more.

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iFixit Stories January 19, 2021

iFixit shared an initial look at its AirPods Max teardown last month, and now it has completed the intricate process. The final result has revealed some really interesting details about AirPods Max like the headband actually being user-removable which could hint at customization, how the electromechanical hinge hardware works, and that they are “actually fairly serviceable.” 9to5Mac has also uncovered that iOS devices can see the “headband type” that AirPods Max are using.

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iFixit Stories December 17, 2020

iFixit traditionally shares a teardown of every new Apple product, and it was no different this time with AirPods Max. While this is more like a first look at the headphone internals, iFixit said that the AirPods Max are not as easy to take apart as other over-ear headphones.

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iFixit Stories November 13, 2020

We have already seen some videos showing the internal components of the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max, which were officially launched today in stores. Now, iFixit has finally shared the first part of its iPhone 12 mini teardown, which they call a “small-bodied phone.”

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iFixit Stories October 23, 2020

We got our first look at an iPhone 12 teardown earlier this week confirming some details like battery size, how Apple made the device thinner, and more. Now teardown veteran iFixit has got its hands on the new iPhones and is digging into them live on YouTube.

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iFixit Stories May 11, 2020

iFixit hasn’t been able to do its normal physical teardown of the new Magic Keyboard and trackpad for the iPad Pro but the company has gotten creative and done an X-ray teardown of the device. Follow along for a fascinating look inside Apple’s beautiful and intricate iPad Pro accessory.

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iFixit Stories March 25, 2020

iFixit is continuing on with its teardowns even amidst the current global health crisis. With the new MacBook Air comes Apple’s switch to the scissor switch Magic Keyboard and a few other changes making for a more repairable notebook than the last generation.

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iFixit Stories December 17, 2019

iFixit has completed its full teardown of the new Mac Pro. Given iFixit’s focus on repairability and that Apple’s new professional desktop is a modular machine, well, it got one of the highest ever ratings from iFixit — as far as Apple products go. Read on for some of the fun details like how the feet/wheels work, whether the built-in SSD and CPU are replaceable, where the speaker hides, a detailed look at the thermal system, and why it just missed out on a perfect rating from iFixit.

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iFixit Stories December 13, 2019

iFixit dives into the Mac Pro with initial look at the modular machine

Continuing the recent tradition of doing a live initial look inside Apple’s machines as soon as they get them, iFixit is diving into the Mac Pro to check out the new modular pro desktop (and yep, they actually grated cheese with it 😅).

iFixit Stories November 26, 2019

iFixit has gotten its hands on Apple’s new Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 11 and used x-rays to solve how the new dedicated camera button works since there’s no dedicated camera button on iPhones.

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iFixit Stories November 18, 2019

iFixit did an initial teardown of the scissor switch Magic Keyboard that comes with the 16-inch MacBook Pro last weekend and now they’ve given Apple’s latest notebook a full inspection. Follow along for a look at the new and improved thermal system, six-speaker system, Magic Keyboard details, and more.

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iFixit Stories September 27, 2019

To round out things after tearing down the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, and Apple Watch Series 5 this week, iFixit has dissected the 7th-gen 10.2-inch iPad. Included in its findings are increased RAM, a new layout for the magnets, the Smart Connector, details on the battery size, and more.

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iFixit Stories September 23, 2019

iFixit shares fun iPhone 11 and 11 Pro internal and x-ray wallpapers

In what has become a tradition after tearing down the latest iPhones, iFixit has shared some neat wallpapers including an internal shot and an x-ray view of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

After tearing down the iPhone 11 Pro in a livestream on launch day, iFixit has also dug into the internals of the iPhone 11 to see what’s new. Some finds include no evidence of bilateral wireless charging, the same logic board of the iPhone 11 Pro, and more.

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iFixit Stories September 20, 2019

iPhone 11 Pro teardown reveals new board under battery, possibly for bilateral wireless charging

iFixit did a livestream this year of its iPhone 11 Pro teardown. Now it is diving in and analyzing all of its findings. Notably, iFixit has noticed a new board in the iPhone 11 Pro Max that was may have been included for the bilateral wireless charging feature that was expected but didn’t end up shipping with this year’s iPhones.

iFixit Stories July 12, 2019

iFixit has gotten its hands on the 2019 13-inch MacBook Pro that was released this week, giving a detailed look at the changes under the hood. The base 13-inch Pro has a marginally larger battery, modular ports, but now has a soldered-down SSD. The teardown also checks out the notebook’s keyboard and more.

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iFixit Stories April 3, 2019

Apple has been keeping iFixit busy lately. After the company’s teardown of the new AirPods found two quality improvements, and little in the way of surprises in the iPad mini 5, iFixit decided it was time for the new iPad Air teardown.

The x-ray and teardown confirm the good news for iPad Air buyers …

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iFixit Stories March 29, 2019

A new Apple product is out, and it of course hasn’t taken iFixit long to do its usual teardown – as well as x-rays (above). As you’d expect from the largely unchanged exterior, the iFixit teardown of new AirPods finds very few changes from the first generation, but does see two apparent improvements to the build quality …

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iFixit Stories February 19, 2019

iFixit launches ‘I’m A Genius’ campaign to encourage users to repair their own devices

iFixit has launched a new campaign today called “I’m a Genius” to encourage anyone and everyone to repair their own devices. The initiative calls out how companies use marketing and other strategies to make repair seem out of reach for most people, despite it being doable for anyone. iFixit is also giving away $1,000 worth of tools as part of the campaign.

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