Although the release of the next iPhone is still months away, we’ve started to hear early rumors about what the iPhone 12 could look like. If we’re going on past trends, Apple will release a 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max.

iPhone 12 release date

There have been rumors that Apple will release as many as four new phones in 2020, but we do expect the flagship ones to ship in September of 2020. They will come preloaded with iOS 14.

iPhone 12 design rumors

The iPhone 12 is rumored to return to a similar design of the iPhone 4 with square edges and a metal frame. Will Apple change up any other aspects of the 2020 iPhone? Bookmark this page as we will keep it updated with the latest rumors.

iPhone 4

iPhone 12 pricing

We expect Apple to follow similar pricing for the iPhone 12, Pro, and Pro Max models that they did with the iPhone 11, Pro, and Pro Max Models. It will start at $699 for the regular model while the Pro and Pro max models will be $999 and $1099. As you add storage, the pricing will also increase.

iPhone 12 features

It’s rumored that the flag iPhone in 2020 will be the first iPhone to feature 5G connectivity. 5G will release LTE service for mobile data. We expect 5G connectivity to drive many new iPhone purchases in 2020. It’s also rumored that the 5G iPhone models will support both mmWave and sub-6GHz bands.

We should see an LCP antenna design, which first made its way to the iPhone X in 2017, but hasn’t fully rolled out to every iPhone model. Liquid Crystal Polymer, or LCP, is a desirable material for antenna technology as it performs consistently across different temperatures and has very low loss, which makes it good for 5G technology.

It’s also expected that the next iPhone will have a custom A14 chip from Apple.

iPhone 12 Stories January 16

Analysts from Barclays are out with a new investor note, in which they predict that Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup will include upgraded Face ID sensors, among other changes. The analysts also corroborate claims made by Ming-Chi Kuo.

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We’ve heard quite a lot about what to expect from this year’s iPhones — being dubbed the iPhone 12 for now. We’re expecting a slab-sided design similar to that of the iPhone 4 and current iPad Pro models; time-of-flight sensors on the rear for improved AR performance and Portrait mode; support for faster 5G mobile data; 6 GB RAM; and an A14 processor with a 5 nm process.

But what does that 5 nm process mean for the power of the phone? A new analysis suggests it could mean the iPhone 12 is as powerful as the 15-inch MacBook Pro…

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iPhone 12 Stories January 13

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said that this year’s iPhones will support ‘true’ 5G, aka mmWave 5G, despite an earlier analyst report.

A report last week from analysts at Susquehanna claimed that this year’s iPhones would only support sub-6GHz 5G. This does typically offer somewhat faster speeds than LTE, and significantly lower latency, but doesn’t match the far higher speeds offered by mmWave 5G…

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iPhone 12 Stories January 2

Once again, TSMC appears set to be the exclusive supplier of Apple’s custom iPhone SoC chip designs. Digitimes reports that the foundry will begin manufacturing the A14 chip for this year’s iPhones in the second quarter.

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iPhone 12 Stories December 31, 2019

Apple has long had the vision of a truly bezel-free iPhone, famously described by Jony Ive as ‘a single slab of glass.’ How long it will take the company to create a notchless iPhone has been the topic of much speculation, but a new report argues that it could be as soon as next year.

It suggests that this could be seen in Apple’s top-end iPhone in 2020 thanks in part to a fingerprint reader embedded into the display…

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iPhone 12 Stories December 26, 2019

One of Apple’s suppliers is expecting a lucrative year of business in 2020 thanks to the wave of 5G smartphones set to head to production, including the iPhone 12. China will lead the way with orders for components needed for 5G devices early in 2020 with Apple expected to place orders for components in the middle of the year.

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