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March 24

AAPL: 140.64

Stock Chart

Update: Red iPhone shipping estimates indicate Tuesday delivery, in-store pickup available as soon as today at some locations. The new iPad delivers March 31st – April 4th; in-store pickup not yet available.

The Apple Store website is back up as scheduled; you can now order the new red iPhone and the cheaper $329 iPad from the Apple Online Store. The red iPhone is available in 128 GB and 256 GB sizes only, which means the (RED) iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are available from $749 and $849 respectively. Apple will donate some money to the PRODUCT(RED) charity for each device sold.

The new entry-level iPad costs $329 for the 32 GB WiFi model, featuring a brighter 9.7-inch display with an A9 SoC — about the same performance as the iPhone 6s. It goes up to $559 for the 128 GB model with cellular.

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Whilst Apple is touting the LG 5K UltraFine as the best choice for pro Mac owners today, Dell is launching a ‘5K’ display of its own … $5K that is. Leapfrogging the market, the UltraSharp UP3218K is the ‘world’s first’ 8K consumer monitor with an insane 7680×4320 resolution.

With a screen size of 31.5 inches, the IPS panel touts a 279 PPI pixel density easily exceeding the Retina bar for desktop computer displays (the 5K iMac has 217 PPI). Available to order now from, it’s an amazing monitor (if you can ignore the hefty price tag).

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The Apple Store is down today, although it’s still several hours before the new products go on sale. The teaser message from Apple has actually been tweaked with new fonts and new text.

It notes to look out for the 8.01 AM PDT time, when the PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 7 and the new cheaper iPad go on sale.

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March 23

AAPL: 140.92

Stock Chart

March 21

AAPL: 139.84

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Update: The Verge says the new iPad’s display also lacks anti-reflective coating:

Apple confirmed to me that the new iPad’s display does not have an anti-reflective coating and is not laminated to the cover glass, so it will look just like the first-gen iPad Air. Which means there will be a visible air gap between the display and the glass.

Apple’s new iPad for the spring is a $329 model with an A9 chip; it replaces the $399 iPad Air 2 in the lineup that Apple sold — until today. However, the new iPad is not an upgrade over the iPad Air 2 in every respect; it is cheaper, but it is also significantly thicker and heavier.

The iPad Air 2 was very slender; 6.1mm and 0.96 pounds. The new iPad is relatively bulky, measuring at 7.5mm thin and weighing 1.03 pounds …

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The Apple Store is back up and Apple has just announced a new cheaper iPad, going on sale Friday for $329. The product replaces the iPad Air 2 in the lineup and is simply called ‘iPad’, available in three colors with 32 GB storage.

The $329 iPad features older internal components to enable the lower price point, featuring an Apple A9 chip although the 9.7-inch Retina display is brighter. It does not support Apple Pencil or include a Smart Connector like the ‘iPad Pro’ line. Apple has also increased the storage capacity on iPad mini …

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Update: The Apple Store is back. Apple released a new $329 iPad, a PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and a new range of Watch bands.

As scheduled on its system status page, the Apple Store is now down for maintenance. Whilst it is still unclear if the downtime is merely for backend server upgrades, many people are expecting Apple to launch at least one new product when the website is available again — as usually happens when the store goes down. Apple has said it expects the store to go back up in about five hours from now.

Leading the rumors, many sources expect Apple to launch new iPad hardware imminently, with updates to the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, 12.9-inch iPad Pro and a new 10.5-inch bezel-less iPad all being reported and speculated …

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March 16

AAPL: 140.69

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Update: In stock at Amazon.

iLuv has just announced its new Rainbow8 light bulbs, a new HomeKit offering in the muticolor light space. Available to buy now ($49.99), these are the first WiFi HomeKit bulbs that do not require a separate hub to use. This means you can add some smart home features to your house just by replacing an existing ceiling lightbulb with the Rainbow8.

With HomeKit integration, the Rainbow8 multicolor lights can be controlled using the Home app on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch as well as Control Center. You can also use voice commands to change the hue or adjust the brightness, using Siri …

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According to Digitimes, Apple and Samsung will dominate OLED display supply this year whilst smaller phone vendors struggle to secure suppliers. The report says Apple will get about 75 million OLED panels from Samsung in 2017 for iPhone 8, which is about 15% of total annual OLED production output. Samsung Electronics will get about 56%; Apple’s share would be even higher if the iPhone 8 launched earlier in the year.

It’s also worth noting that Apple is only launching one iPhone this year with an OLED display, as the other two new 2017 iPhones will continue to use LCD displays like the iPhone 7.

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March 15

AAPL: 140.46

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With rumors swirling about three different iPads in the wings, but with no event confirmed, it’s still unclear what Apple has in the cards for the spring product releases. There have been rumors about Apple pushing forward production of the edge-to-edge 10.5-inch iPad but an absence of online leaks. An update to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is also expected but the timeline is unclear.

Today, Macotakara is posing the idea that a new 9.7-inch iPad Pro 2, with the first version released almost a year ago, could be the first new Apple product of the year. It is reportedly a minor, iterative, update over the current iPad Pro with no external design changes.

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March 14

AAPL: 138.99

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There have been a few reports over the last couple of months that the iPhone 8 will be significantly more expensive than the current iPhone lineup, with one source citing $1000 starting price points. Ostensibly, Apple’s new flagship iPhone will include many advanced features to justify that higher pricing tier; bezel-less display, integrated fingerprint sensor, and wireless charging to name a few.

Today, Digitimes is reporting that the 3D Touch module in the OLED iPhone will cost $15, an increase of 60% over existing iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models. This supports the idea that the iPhone 8 will come at a premium, as Apple will have to increase prices to retain its margins …

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Following leaks about as-yet-unannounced iPad device identifiers, Digitimes is today reporting that Apple has moved up production plans for a new 10.5 inch iPad to this month, and will unveil the new iPad at a product event in ‘early April’.

The 10.5 inch iPad is expected to have an edge-to-edge display, a new virtual Home Button and other upgrades. Digitimes says updates to the 9.7 inch iPad and 12.9 inch iPad Pro are also in the pipeline …

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March 13

AAPL: 139.20

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Analytics firm Fiksu is today reporting that they have seen four new iPad device identifiers appear in their logs. These as-yet-unannounced iPads were used to test a range of popular applications around Cupertino, running the latest iOS 10.3 beta and early builds of iOS 11.

It is likely that these model identifiers represent the rumored new iPad Pro models, with reports indicating that successors to the 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch iPad Pro could launch soon …

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March 9

AAPL: 138.68

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Update: This change appears to have been reverted; editing of description and what’s new fields is now possible again outside of app review. As Apple never officially acknowledged the change, it is possible that this was a temporary bug that was never intended to go into effect in the first place. Original story below …

Overnight, developers have noticed a silent policy change to iTunes Connect interface which does not seem to have been formally announced by Apple.

Developers are no longer able to edit descriptions, update notes or any other metadata for their apps without making a new version, which must be submitted to App Review for approval …

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One area where Apple is the undisputed king of the personal assistant space is localization; Siri supports twenty four languages across 36 country dialects. In contrast, Google’s Assistant can only understand five languages and Alexa (popularized by the Amazon Echo) just two, English and German.

iOS 10.3 is introducing another language, Shanghainese, extending its international advantage even more. In an interview with Reuters, Apple’s head of speech explains how Siri is taught to learn a whole new language …

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March 8

AAPL: 139.00

Stock Chart

Apple is widely expected to launch three new iPhones this year, two iterative updates to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and one radical new form factor device with an OLED screen, informally dubbed ‘iPhone 8’.

Recent reports have suggested that the iPhone 8 may launch later than the other two models, as some of the innovative components will not be ready for September …

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Following a launch in late 2016 for the US, Apple Pay in the UK now supports over twenty local charities. This means Apple users in Britain can make donations online using the same, simple, Apple Pay flow with Touch ID authentication.

Apple Pay on the web is supported on iPhone, iPad and the latest version of Safari for Mac. See the full list of UK charities already onboard after the jump …

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March 7

AAPL: 139.52

Stock Chart

As we reported exclusively last night, Apple Pay is now live in Ireland. The service allows iPhone and Apple Watch owners to use the NFC chips in their devices to pay for their shopping at contactless terminals in retail stores across the country.

Apple Pay requires iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, or any Apple Watch, and is launching with support for Ulster Bank and KBC in Ireland. Apple has also announced that the service is coming soon to Italy.

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March 3

AAPL: 139.78

Stock Chart

Apple is re-launching the iPhone 6, originally released in 2014, in a 32 GB gold configuration. This model is technically ‘new’ as Apple never sold the iPhone 6 in a 32 GB SKU before; it debuted with 16/64/128 GB options.

The 32 GB iPhone 6 is going on sale at select carriers in Asia as a low-end model; the device is not sold by Apple retail. The device is launching on Taiwan Mobile on March 10 and has been quietly available in China since late February …

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