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A collection of tutorials, tips, and tricks from the 9to5Mac team helping you fix and get the most out of your favorite gear.

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Apple has launched refreshed iMacs with the biggest changes coming to the 27-inch models. While there are compelling updates like 10th generation Intel CPUs, new AMD GPUs, and a 1080p FaceTime camera, the switch to Apple Silicon could bring a truly all-new iMac design (which we didn’t get today). Follow along for a 2020 iMac comparison versus the previous generation along with some help deciding if you should buy the new iMac.

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How To Stories August 1

How to skip your Apple Card payment without interest

One measure Apple has taken to help with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic is allowing Apple Card customers to skip their payments with no penalty or interest. However, the offer isn’t automatic, read on for how to get it set up for your account.

How To Stories July 31

How to manage the new universal Apple Gift Cards on iPhone, iPad, Mac

Apple released a new gift card product today that unifies the previous App Store & iTunes Store gift cards with the Apple Store gift cards. The new approach offers a much simpler experience. Read along for how to manage and use the new universal Apple Gift Cards.

How To Stories July 30

iOS 14: How to mirror iPhone selfies

iOS 14 includes a number of changes and new features with the Photos and Camera apps. One of those minor tweaks but something that many will find useful is the ability to change the default orientation of images captured with the front-facing camera. Read along for how to mirror iPhone selfies.

How to rewatch Tim Cook’s testimony from the big tech antitrust hearing

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has testified during Congress’ hearing looking into antitrust concerns about the major US tech companies. In addition to Apple that included Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Jump below to watch a recording of the antitrust hearing including Tim Cook’s testimony.

How To Stories July 28

You can now host a remote Spotify Group Session in real-time with up to 5 friends, here’s how

After launching the beta of its Group Session feature back in May for Spotify Premium users in the same household, the service has now expanded it to work remotely so friends and family can enjoy their favorite playlist or podcast together in real-time no matter where they are. Read along for how to share Spotify music remotely.

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