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September 2011 - April 2018

A collection of tutorials from the 9to5Mac team helping you fix and get the most out of your Mac and iOS devices.

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How to change the Siri voice on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, or HomePod

While Siri may lag behind the competition in some areas, one area where it does excel is in the quality of the actual Siri voice.

How to sign up for the Apple News newsletter

Apple News offers a streamlined user experience and consistent interface. In addition to providing news customized to your interests and notifications from multiple outlets, Apple News offers an email newsletter to provide an even more efficient way to stay up to date on current events. Here’s how to sign up for it.

How To Stories April 17

How to take screenshots on Mac

Taking a screenshot on iOS is relatively straightforward, but on macOS things are a bit more complex, though you also get more control. Here’s how to take a screenshot on macOS…

How to cancel and view Apple subscriptions

Have you ever signed up for a first- or third-party subscription through Apple and forgotten about it? Whether you’d like to cancel one or just remember what services or apps you’re paying for, follow along…

How To Stories April 16

How to secure your iPhone and iPad Lock screen

One of the things Apple touts is its focus on user privacy, and that commitment shows throughout the company’s ecosystem, all the way down to what is visible and not visible on a user’s Lock screen.

How to turn off Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb mirroring with iPhone and Apple Watch

Many of the default Apple Watch settings will mirror features between the wearable and your iPhone. However, there are times when this isn’t the most convenient option. Follow along for how to turn off mirroring between these devices for Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb.

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