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How-to Stories Yesterday

How to upgrade to your new iPhone 13 without losing data

The new iPhone lineup is on its way to the first customers. Read on for a look at how to upgrade to iPhone 13 without losing any data, including what to do if you’re running the iOS 15.1 beta.

Ahead of WWDC in June, Apple announced Background Sounds would be coming to iOS to help users find focus, calm, and rest. Now in the new iOS release, the feature is available to use. Read along for how to use iPhone Background Sounds in iOS 15, what you get, what you don’t, how it works while listening to music, and more.

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How-to Stories September 22

Across the system, iOS 14 brought a new dial picker that was quite the departure from the tried and true version we had in the years before. As we first reported in June, with iOS 15, Apple has brought back its popular wheel dial picker but with a small twist for those who prefer numpad entry.

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How-to Stories September 21

Hands-on: Here’s how iPhone’s Live Text OCR works in iOS 15

One of the handy new features arriving with iOS 15 is the option to quickly recognize text and select, copy, paste, and lookup in both the Camera and Photos app. Let’s looks at how iPhone Live Text OCR works from photos to screenshots and handwriting too.

How-to Stories September 20

Here’s how to install iOS 15 on iPhone

Ready to use all the new features arriving with iOS 15 like Focus mode, Live Text, offline Siri, all-new Safari, redesigned Notifications, and more? Follow along for how to install iOS 15 on iPhone.

Apple took the wraps off iOS 15 at WWDC in June with beta testing happening since then for developers and the public. With September 20 right around the corner, the official release for the latest iPhone software is close and comes with an all-new Safari, Focus mode, Live Text, redesigned Notifications, Background Sounds, and more. Let’s look at answering the question “when does iOS 15 come out?”

Update 9/20 10 am PT: iOS 15 is now officially available for all users.

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How-to Stories September 17

Apple Watch Series 7 was officially unveiled at the iPhone 13 event with the wearable becoming available “later this fall.” While the new hardware may seem like it offers minimal updates at first glance, depending on what version you’re upgrading from, it can offer some big improvements. Read on for Apple Watch 7 vs Apple Watch 6 and earlier.

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How-to Stories September 16

iOS 15 Safari: How to change the address/search bar design on iPhone

Apple’s latest iOS release comes with an all-new Safari design that places the address/search bar at the bottom of the screen by default. But you can switch back to the classic iOS Safari design with a top bar. Here’s how to change the iOS 15 Safari address/search bar on iPhone.

How-to Stories September 15

After a two and a half year wait since the last update, a totally redesigned iPad mini has officially arrived alongside the iPhone 13. The exciting overhaul for Apple’s compact tablet comes with a larger all-screen design, USB-C, the A15 Bionic chip, camera upgrades, 5G, Apple Pencil gen 2 support, and much more. Read on for a detailed look at the new iPad mini vs the iPad mini 5 and iPad Air.

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How-to Stories September 14

Battery life gets a solid improvement with the iPhone 13 lineup – at least on paper. Now that Apple has officially revealed its new smartphones and specs, let’s look at how iPhone 13 battery life compares to iPhone 12 and 11.

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How to watch Apple’s iPhone 13 ‘California streaming’ event on any device

Apple’s iPhone 13 event is set for September 14 at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET, and the anticipation is building. Alongside the new iPhone lineup, we’re expecting the Apple Watch Series 7, AirPods 3, and more to be unveiled. Read on for several ways to watch iPhone 13 event on any device.

How-to Stories September 10

Hands-on: Here’s what does and doesn’t work with offline Siri in iOS 15

One of the subtle but valuable new features with iOS 15 is that Siri works even when offline for some commands. That means faster performance, but offline requests won’t work for everything. Let’s look at what does and doesn’t work with offline Siri in iOS 15.

How-to Stories September 7

When Apple announced iCloud+ at WWDC 2021, it revealed that paid iCloud tiers would receive additional perks such as support for Private Relay, and Hide My Email. Another perk included with iCloud+ is the ability to set up an iCloud Mail custom email domain.

The new custom email feature, which is currently in beta, has been something that iCloud Mail users like myself have been wanting for years. In this hands-on walkthrough, I show you how to set it up.

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How-to Stories September 5

How to use the ultra wide camera on iPhone 11 and 12

One of the great additions with the iPhone 11 and 12 lineups is an ultra wide camera that allows users to capture a much greater field of view without needing an external lens. Read on for how to use the ultra wide camera on the iPhone 11 and 12, including how to manually dial in your focal length.

How-to Stories September 3

How to install the iOS 15 public beta or developer beta

Ready to test out all the new features arriving with iOS 15 like Focus mode, Live Text, offline Siri, all-new Safari, redesigned Notifications, and more? Follow along for how to install iOS 15 public beta or developer beta.

Update 9/3: If you don’t want to wait until the official iOS 15 release, joining the beta now can be a great option since it’s mostly stable with the 8th build available for the free public or developer program.

How-to Stories September 2

Looking to add more screen real estate to your Mac that’s easy to use at home, work, or on the go? Whether you want to make use of your iPad or would rather pick up a dedicated portable monitor, read along for a look at the best portable displays for MacBooks.

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How-to Stories August 31

iPhone: How to improve Face ID with a mask, including new Apple Watch Unlock feature

Wearing a face mask usually renders iPhone’s Face ID unusable. Even though it sounds like a first-world problem, there are a lot of people, including medical professionals, who would value Face ID on iPhone to work while wearing protective equipment. Read on for how to use Face ID with a mask including the option to unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch when Face ID detects you’re wearing a mask.

How-to Stories August 30

How to check if your iPhone 12 is eligible for the no sound recall

Just under a year since launching the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, Apple has started a service program for devices that see their speakers fail. Here’s how to check iPhone 12 no sound recall eligibility.

How-to Stories August 26

How to reset your Apple Watch fitness calibration for more accurate Workout and Activity data

Apple Watch is a powerful device with lots of benefits, but if your Activity and Workout data seems off or totally broken, the smartwatch loses a lot of its value. Let’s look at how to fix Apple Watch Workout tracking and Activity tracking.

How-to Stories August 25

iOS 15: How to switch to Private Browsing on iPhone with the new Safari

Safari has gotten a major overhaul with iOS 15, and while there are a number of improvements and changes, some features aren’t found where they used to be. Read along for a look at how to switch to iPhone Private Browsing in Safari with iOS 15.

How-to Stories August 24

Apple Watch: How to see calories burned – active, passive, and total

Apple Watch is a great device for tracking health and fitness goals, and one important aspect of that is how much energy you’re burning. Follow along for how to see your calories burned on Apple Watch for active and passive metrics plus your daily total.

How-to Stories August 23

Hands-on: Here’s how the all-new Safari in iOS 15 works

One of the major changes arriving with iOS 15 is a totally redesigned Safari. The all-new browser aims to make it easier to use with one hand as it shifts the search/tab bar to the bottom, introduces customizable Tab Groups, new start page, and more. Let’s dive into how the new Safari in iOS 15 works.

How-to Stories August 20

How to type the Apple logo on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Curious about conjuring up the  logo? Follow along for how to type the Apple logo character on Mac, iPhone, and iPad including a keyboard shortcut.

How-to Stories August 19

How to print from your iPhone and iPad with or without AirPrint

Whether you’ve just gotten your first iPhone or iPad or have had iOS devices for a long time and need a quick refresher, it’s useful to know how to print directly from your device. Read on for several options for how to print from iPhone and iPad.

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