Apple Maps Stories July 14

How to add secondary destinations in Apple Maps while navigating

Apple Maps is debatably the most popular navigation app on iOS due to it being the default application. One thing that tends to get thrown under the rug is secondary destinations. This feature lets you add pit stops such as gas stations, fast food restaurants, etc. to Apple Maps without ending your primary destination.

Apple Maps Stories July 12

Apple expands Apple Maps Traffic data to six new countries

Apple today has updated its Feature Availability webpage to reflect that real-time traffic information is now available in six new countries around the globe. The move marks Apple’s continued expansion of select region-based features…

Apple Maps Stories July 10

A new report out today on navigation app trends sheds some light on how far Google Maps could be ahead of Apple Maps and other services. Included are the top reasons why almost 70% of users are sticking with Google Maps.

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Apple Maps Stories July 5

A Counterpoint blog post today questions whether the planned ‘massive overhaul’ of Apple Maps is too little, too late.

This brings me to my key point — that map making, map data collection and keeping maps up-to-date, is an expensive and unending task […]

Apple will have to pour in hundreds of millions of dollars every year to collect, parse and integrate maps, transit and traffic data. Further, having Apple Maps cars equipped with expensive LiDAR, 360 cameras gear and drive hundreds of thousands of miles globally will still take Apple years to perfect the maps at a global scale […]

In summary, it could be a little too late for Apple to build maps content from the ground-up.

For a company which boasts of saying no a thousand times for every time it says yes, Apple Maps always seemed like a strange project to green-light, but I think there were a couple of reasons for it …

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Apple Maps Stories June 24

I love Apple Maps. No, it didn’t launch well back in iOS 6, but it’s turned out to be an impressive app. I like the overall design, Siri support, and Apple Watch support. My family also makes a lot of dinner reservations through Yelp and OpenTable, so being able to launch it with a single tap is something I find myself often doing.

Like any app, it’s not perfect, and there are things I’d like to see it borrow from some competitors. After traveling a few times this summer, I’ve discovered five things I’d like Apple to add to Apple Maps in the future.

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Apple Maps Stories June 20

Apple rolls out transit support in Apple Maps to Buffalo, New York

Apple today has continued its rollout of transit support in Apple Maps. The company has now started to roll the feature out in Buffalo, New York…

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