Apple Maps Stories June 23

AAPL: 146.28


When iOS 11 for iPhone ships later this fall, CarPlay users will gain new features like lane guidance in Apple Maps, new route recommendations, and other new features. Below we’ll take a look at some of the new changes coming to CarPlay in iOS 11.

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Apple Maps Stories June 20

AAPL: 145.01


Two companies have announced plans to adopt new Apple technologies coming this fall with iOS 11. Jibestream says it will work with clients to provide indoor mapping data to Apple Maps which is new to iOS 11, and Branding Brand says it plans to use ARKit to build augmented reality experiences for retail apps.

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The best 4K & 5K displays for Mac

Apple Maps Stories June 2

AAPL: 155.45


Apple is advancing its data accuracy efforts with Apple Maps, according to a new report from iGeneration. The report details a new website app program where freelancers can sign up and get paid a small fee each time they correct/verify a Point-of-Interest or placemark in Apple Maps.

Similar to a Mechanical Turk system, people in the program can get paid about 54 cents per task, with a maximum of 600 tasks per week …

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Apple Maps Stories May 29

AAPL: 153.61


Apple Maps now shows 3D images of the Apple Park campus, with detailed representations of buildings, walkways and other landscape features. The detail extends as far as the sun-shade slats and solar panels on the main building.

The app added 3D satellite imagery back in March, though this was rather out of date. At that time, the map view was still rather sparse, something Apple has now fixed, though another issue remains unresolved …

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Apple Maps Stories May 7

AAPL: 148.96


For the past two years, Apple has been using vehicles around the United States and other countries to collect data for Apple Maps. Now, the company has further expanded those efforts, deploying a fleet of vans in Connecticut for the first time…

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Apple Maps Stories April 21

AAPL: 142.27


It’s well known that Apple is working hard to bring innovation to augmented reality and self-driving cars (in some capacity). However, new hires recently made by the company are making a satellite  project seem likely.

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