Apple Maps Stories October 18

Apple patent application describes how Apple Maps could get smarter

An Apple patent application published today describes what Patently Apple suggests may be a new all-in-one Travel app – but more likely describes ways to make Apple Maps smarter …

Apple Maps Stories October 11

Up until now, Apple has used simple white vans to handle its mapping efforts, using a similar camera setup to what we saw all the way back in 2015. After announcing an effort to rebuild the service from the ground up, new Apple Maps vehicles have been spotted in Los Angeles.

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Apple Maps Stories September 2

Apple’s interest in augmented reality has become pretty clear over the last couple of years, and just this past week it acquired a startup focused on building lenses for AR glasses.

As if Apple’s growing AR ambitions weren’t already clear enough, diving into the company’s hiring trends reveals even more.

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Apple Maps Stories August 23

iPhone: How to customize transit directions in Apple Maps

While Apple is continuously rolling out the feature to new cities, Transit for Apple Maps is a pretty nifty tool if it’s available in your areas, and if you rely on public transportation heavily.

Apple Maps Stories July 14

How to add secondary destinations in Apple Maps while navigating

Apple Maps is debatably the most popular navigation app on iOS due to it being the default application. One thing that tends to get thrown under the rug is secondary destinations. This feature lets you add pit stops such as gas stations, fast food restaurants, etc. to Apple Maps without ending your primary destination.

Apple Maps Stories July 12

Apple expands Apple Maps Traffic data to six new countries

Apple today has updated its Feature Availability webpage to reflect that real-time traffic information is now available in six new countries around the globe. The move marks Apple’s continued expansion of select region-based features…

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