Scott Forstall Stories April 27

Following the depositions of former Apple head of software engineering Scott Forstall in the Epic vs. Apple case, we’ve come to learn some interesting details about the early days of the iPhone and the App Store. Now Forstall has revealed that Apple once considered letting Adobe bring Flash to iOS, but the results were “embarrassing.”

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Scott Forstall Stories March 24

As we shared earlier today, the macOS operating system — formerly called Mac OS X — is turning 20 years old this Wednesday, March 24, 2021. To celebrate the occasion, none other than Scott Forstall decided to use his Twitter account tonight to congratulate Mac OS X.

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Scott Forstall Stories March 3

Apple has always discouraged users from jailbreaking their iPhones, but that doesn’t mean that Apple engineers don’t have jailbroken iPhones for testing purposes. In a new Vice interview, Pandora executives revealed that none other than Scott Forstall suggested that they should use jailbroken iPhones to develop an iOS app before the App Store and an official iPhone SDK.

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Scott Forstall Stories February 23

Apple has claimed to Epic Games that it doesn’t have Scott Forstall’s phone number.

Epic is seemingly not content with being able to question Apple CEO Tim Cook for seven hours: The company also wants to do the same to former iOS SVP Scott Forstall. But it has so far been unable to contact him, and Apple says it can’t help as it doesn’t have his current phone number!

The hilarious development in the antitrust case is revealed in court papers…

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Scott Forstall Stories May 20, 2020

Update: Watch the full video below.

Scott Forstall, former senior vice president of iOS and one of the main creators behind the iPhone and iPad, will join’s Code “Break event” this week. Interestingly, Forstall will appear at the event alongside rapper and songwriter Macklemore.

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Scott Forstall Stories January 15, 2019

Since departing Apple in 2012, Scott Forstall has shifted his focus primarily to Broadway production. Every so often, however, Forstall takes time in an interview to reference his days as an Apple software VP. In the latest instance of this, Forstall talks Steve Jobs, Apple TV, and more.

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