Feature December 4

No retailer wants to close a store — even temporarily. Closures mean lost sales, disruptions to service, and a negative customer experience. As Apple’s stores have steadily grown in popularity over the past 17 years, renovations and expansions to keep up with increased traffic have necessitated temporary closures from time to time. In locations without nearby alternatives or where construction work is estimated to be time-consuming, Apple has implemented temporary stores to ease the transition.

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Feature November 29

The new iPad Pro has ignited conversations about the future of computing and new possibilities for creative work. Paired with a second-generation Apple Pencil, the hardware unlocks potential that has driven many professionals to re-evaluate how iPads best fit in their lives. My own experience with the new iPad Pro has been a journey of discovery. To expand my horizons and help others get more out of their devices, I asked the creative professional community to share their own iPad workflows.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Feature November 12

We take photos to capture moments. A great photo can fill in the blanks of our memory, instantly recalling forgotten details and conversations otherwise lost to time. But has looking at a photo ever raised more questions than it provided answers? Let’s look at reimagining the Photos app to better tell the stories of your memories.

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Feature October 22

Many of the most culturally significant metropolitan centers in the United States — like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco — are home to the latest prominent Apple retail stores. Los Angeles has long been an exception, lacking a downtown location of any kind. That’s set to change, as Apple has confirmed plans to establish a major presence at the Tower Theatre in L.A.’s Broadway Theater District. The new store will undoubtedly drive increased foot traffic and new development in the city’s historic core, transforming the culture around it. 9to5Mac visited the Broadway District to document the Tower Theatre’s condition before Apple’s renovation and the downtown community as it exists today.

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Feature October 18

On Monday, Adobe unveiled Photoshop CC for iPad, one of the most ambitious third-party software projects we’ve ever seen for iOS. With over 28 years of history on the Mac, moving to a new platform is no easy feat. Photoshop’s breadth of tools makes it essential to the workflows of many creative professionals. Even though it won’t ship until next year, there’s already considerable interest and numerous questions from curious iPad users and Photoshop fans about the upcoming app. 9to5Mac talked with Photoshop’s Senior Product Manager Jenny Lyell to learn more about Adobe’s goals for Photoshop on iPad and to clear up a few pressing questions.

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Feature October 4

The original Apple Watch is one of my favorite Apple products of all time. From the day it was introduced in September 2014 until launch day in April 2015, I eagerly awaited its arrival at my door. Week after week, I poured through every image and line of text on the Watch webpage, studying each band design and finish option.

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