Feature April 16

Silver aluminum, once the defining look of Apple products, has been met with increasing variety over the last several years by a range of colors and finishes that customers can choose from. One of the earliest and most popular options – space gray – has permeated across almost every product line Apple offers.

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Feature April 4

Over this past holiday weekend, T-Mobile opened a new Signature Store in the heart of downtown San Francisco. While the shop’s bright magenta signage doesn’t betray the building’s past, Apple fans may remember the site at the corner of Stockton and Ellis streets as the former home of Apple’s flagship San Francisco store.

After nearly 17 years operating their own retail stores, many of Apple’s older locations have been remodeled and expanded as the company outgrows smaller spaces and changing technology commands an ever-evolving store layout. Many stores have relocated altogether, moving to larger and more desirable mall corridors, or across town to livelier shopping districts with greater foot traffic. What happens to these old storefronts after Apple moves out? We’ve tracked down every former Apple store to see what they look like today.

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Feature March 30

HomePod reviews almost universally agreed on two things: the speaker sounds incredibly impressive for the size and price, and Apple’s smart speaker is the least-smart one on the market. Both Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home speakers were found to be significantly more capable when it comes to answering questions and carrying out tasks.

This is not, of course, coincidence. Amazon opens its Alexa ‘recipes’ up to any third-party developer, and Google has long snaffled-up as much data as it can to make its smart assistants as capable as possible. Apple, in contrast, carefully controls the personal data available to both itself and to third-party developers …

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Feature March 28

To celebrate the launch of our new HomeKit Weekly series, we’ve teamed up with FIBARO to give away a HomeKit bundle to turn your house into a Siri-controlled smart home. HomeKit Weekly is a new series focused on smart home accessories, automation tips and tricks, and everything to do with Apple’s smart home framework.

Our giveaway bundle includes The Button, the company’s new HomeKit-compatible micro-sized hardware switch that goes up for preorder in the US this week. Check out FIBARO’s newest HomeKit line up and the four products we’ve packaged (a total value of $250+ USD) to give you the ultimate HomeKit experience below:

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Feature March 26

At a time when design trends and tastes seem to fluctuate with increasing speed, one image has remained remarkably persistent: the Apple logo. Often remixed but never replaced, the symbol has been continuously in use in one form or another since graphic designer Rob Janoff first sketched it in 1977. 9to5Mac talked with Janoff about his time working with Steve Jobs, the perspective gained from working over 40 years in the design industry, and an upcoming creative collaboration.

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Feature March 19

For many iPhone X owners, two of the most hotly anticipated upcoming Apple products are accessories. Both previewed during last fall’s keynote address at Steve Jobs Theater, the AirPower wireless charging mat and AirPods wireless charging case arrive on the heels of another high-profile Apple accessory – the HomePod.

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