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Adobe builds a wide variety of creative applications used by professionals and consumers alike.

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August 2010 - June 2020

Adobe Stories June 16

Adobe is releasing a wave of updates to nearly all of its Creative Cloud apps, including major additions and workflow improvements to Photoshop and Lightroom on iPad and Mac. The new updates will roll out to all Creative Cloud subscribers beginning today.

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Adobe Stories June 11

Adobe has released its latest product today, the Photoshop Camera app for iPhone. The new free app aims to bring the power of Photoshop to your smartphone’s camera with AI smarts and a ton of filters to create some really unique shots with a focus on social media sharing.

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Adobe Stories May 19

Adobe updated several of its Creative Cloud apps on iPadOS and macOS today, bringing highly requested features to iPad users and powerful tools for pros on the desktop. The new releases of Adobe Fresco, Photoshop on iPad, and all Creative Cloud video and audio apps are rolling out today.

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Adobe Stories May 14

Adobe has pushed a critical update to Adobe Acrobat for macOS today, fixing a trio of vulnerabilities reported by Tencent Security Xuanwu Lab researcher Yuebin Sun. The issue, as highlighted by Gizmodo, could have allowed root access to a Mac without being detected.

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Adobe Stories April 14

Adobe is releasing updates to some of its Creative Cloud apps today, delivering promised features for video editors and new capabilities for designers. Adobe and leading artists have also teamed up to provide creative resources and tutorials for creatives cooped up at home.

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Adobe Stories March 11

Adobe is releasing an update to its prototyping tool Adobe XD with several new features including audio playback support for more immersive experiences. The March release of XD is rolling out today to Creative Cloud customers.

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