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Adobe builds a wide variety of creative applications used by professionals and consumers alike.

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Adobe Stories April 3

Alongside significant updates to Creative Cloud video and audio applications, Adobe today announced its April 2019 release of Dimension, a tool built for designers creating 3D scenes and objects. Today’s new features expand Dimension’s capabilities with tools that help you create higher quality images in less time.

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Just ahead of 2019’s NAB Show in Las Vegas, Adobe is rolling out its annual spring updates to Creative Cloud’s video and audio tools. Like last year, machine learning features powered by Adobe Sensei are the driving force behind new tools and workflow improvements to After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition, and Character Animator.

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Adobe Stories March 19

Following an earlier collaboration in 2014, Adobe and accessory company Moleskine are teaming up again to deliver a new and improved Creative Cloud smart notebook. The connected paper tablet will allow creative professionals who enjoy the experience of drawing on paper to take advantage of the digital flexibility of working in Adobe Illustrator on the desktop.

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Adobe Stories February 12

Adobe is rolling out new features and fixes to its Lightroom CC desktop and mobile apps today with Sensei-powered enhancements and workflow improvements. Lightroom Classic and Camera Raw users will see a few changes as well.

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Adobe Stories February 6

For creative professionals, the prospects of a new artistic tool are incredibly exciting. New tools mean new workflows, and new workflows mean new opportunities to work free from the constraints that hold back creativity. One of the most promising new artistic tools on the horizon is Adobe’s Project Gemini, a bold new drawing and painting app arriving on the iPad later this year.

Shaping the future of iPad creativity are the Gemini 10, a small group of artistic professionals given exclusive access by Adobe to work with and provide feedback on Project Gemini prior to release. We talked with illustrator and Gemini 10 member Tracie Ching to learn more about the new app and how the iPad has transformed her work.

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Multiple users report that Adobe Premiere CC bug blew their MacBook Pro speakers [U: Video]

Software bugs can be annoying, in the worst cases resulting in lost work. But some Adobe Premiere CC users are reporting that the app has an even more damaging bug – blowing the speakers in their MacBook Pro machines …

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