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Adobe builds a wide variety of creative applications used by professionals and consumers alike.

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Adobe Stories October 18

On Monday, Adobe unveiled Photoshop CC for iPad, one of the most ambitious third-party software projects we’ve ever seen for iOS. With over 28 years of history on the Mac, moving to a new platform is no easy feat. Photoshop’s breadth of tools makes it essential to the workflows of many creative professionals. Even though it won’t ship until next year, there’s already considerable interest and numerous questions from curious iPad users and Photoshop fans about the upcoming app. 9to5Mac talked with Photoshop’s Senior Product Manager Jenny Lyell to learn more about Adobe’s goals for Photoshop on iPad and to clear up a few pressing questions.

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Adobe Stories October 16

At MAX 2018, Adobe today held its annual Sneaks event, where early and upcoming macOS and iOS software features are previewed for the first time. While these technologies don’t always end up in shipping software, they often inform future product development at the very least. This year, 10 sneak previews were shown off in various stages of development.

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Since 2014’s “Prototyping: Fake It Till You Make It” WWDC session, Apple’s Keynote app has become a popular tool for designers and developers looking to make quick and easy app prototypes and concepts. Alongside the rise of Keynote, several other dedicated prototyping tools have grown in popularity as user experience design gains traction as an essential part of the app development and design process. One of those tools is Adobe XD, formally launched as part of Creative Cloud during 2017’s Adobe MAX conference and updated yesterday with voice prototyping.

Now that the application has had a year to mature and grow a more robust feature set, I asked Adobe how Keynote users looking to explore in-depth prototyping can easily make the jump to a more powerful tool.

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Adobe Stories October 15

Premiere Rush CC is Adobe’s new quick and easy video editing solution for online content creators. The cross-device app debuted today after an early preview this past June. We’ve detailed the announcement in a separate post here, but I’ve had some hands-on time with the new software over the past several days to see how it performs.

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In conjunction with the announcement of Photoshop for iPad, Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller made a surprise appearance at this morning’s Adobe MAX keynote in Los Angeles. Speaking with Adobe’s Scott Belsky, Schiller expressed his support for the upcoming release of Photoshop as well as Adobe’s continued commitment to augmented reality.  expand full story

The ultimate goal of a creative tool is to foster seamless innovation and collaboration. Adobe understands this, having built its brand on industry-leading creative products for decades. But how do you evolve a brand to become more approachable to a larger audience? For many tech companies of late, brand illustrations have proved successful. When a logo or wordmark isn’t personal enough, illustrations help bridge the gap between a product and a user, becoming part of a brand identity. Today Adobe is rolling out a fresh illustration style for here that will begin to populate its tools and services. 9to5Mac took an inside look at the process of reimagining the aesthetics of tools that creative professionals rely on every day.

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