Photoshop Stories January 19

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Following the update to their Apple News Format Design Tutorial, Apple has just published an update to their iOS Human Interface Guidelines with new iOS 10 design resources. The resources include templates and UI materials to help designers quickly design iOS applications.

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Photoshop Stories January 12

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Adobe shows concept video of voice-based photo editing on an iPad

Adobe has released a concept video showing how voice-based photo editing might work on an iPad. The video shows a user selecting voice control, cropping a photo to a square, flipping the image horizontally and posting to Facebook.

Photoshop Stories May 26, 2016

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Adobe is showing off a new feature coming to the next big version of Photoshop CC called content-aware crop. In the video demo below, Adobe gives the example of cropping a photo of a child by straightening the horizon in the shot, but doing so cuts off the lifeguard sign behind the child. Content-aware crop solves this problem…

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The best 4K & 5K displays for Mac

The team behind Pixelmator has today released yet another free update to its Mac photo editor, Pixelmator version 3.5 ($29.99 in the Mac App Store). Alongside the usual round of performance improvements and bug fixes, the app includes a few handy new end-user features. There’s a smarter Auto Selection tool and a brand new Magnetic Selection tool to accurately and quickly cutout objects from a scene in a photograph. There’s also a brand new Retouch extension for the native OS X Photos app, integrating refined brush-style edits into iCloud Photo Library. Video demo after the break …

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Photoshop Stories February 1, 2016

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Four-part video tutorial taps Bob Ross lookalike to promote Photoshop Sketch for iOS

Adobe has chosen to use a Bob Ross lookalike for a series of video tutorials on using Adobe Photoshop Sketch with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. The company posted the last of the four-part series (below) over the weekend.

Photoshop Stories December 18, 2015

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Photoshop Fix for iPad Pro now supports Apple Pencil tilt shading & pressure detection

Adobe’s recently launched Photoshop Fix app has been updated this week to add further support for Apple Pencil on iPad Pro. The image editing app already worked with Apple’s new digital stylus on the larger tablet with initial support introduced in late October, and the latest update goes beyond basic support by recognizing both pressure changes and tilt shading when editing with Apple Pencil.

The enhanced support works well and really makes the precision editing with Apple Pencil on photos more natural when using the new iPad Pro. As you can see in the example with the sharpen adjustments highlighted in red, Pencil can now fill in large spaces quickly and apply more or less of an adjustment by adjusting force without tweaking hardness or softness settings.

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