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A widescreen iPod with touch controls; a revolutionary mobile phone; and a breakthrough Internet communications device

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Introduced in 2007, iPhone is Apple’s flagship iOS device and easily its most popular product around the world. Apple’s current iPhone lineup consists of five models: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE. These models include 4-inch, 4.7-inch, and 5.5-inch displays.

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iPhone Stories July 20

Amazon iPhone app adds AR ‘part finder’ for identifying and buying small hardware like screws

Amazon has made a handy new addition to its camera features on its iOS app. The new “part finder” users augmented reality to help users identify and buy small hardware like screws, nuts, bolts, and more.

iPhone: How to hide Caller ID

Most users will dial *67 before calling any number in which they don’t want the receiving end to know the originating phone number to, it’s the oldest trick in the book. However, if you’re wanting to stay completely off the grid, there’s a way to do it to all calls, that way you never have to dial *67 ever again.

iPhone Stories July 19

The market of counterfeit Apple products has been well documented in the past, with offerings ranging from knockoff AirPods to deceivingly well-designed Apple Watch clones. Now, a new report from Motherboard examines a counterfeit iPhone X purchased for $100…

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ElevationLab has unveiled its latest iPhone focused accessory, the NightPad Wireless Charger. The company’s take features a super clean design focused on removing distractions like LEDs and loud logos.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Ken Segall – who was creative director of Apple’s ad agency for 12 years, leading the Think Different campaign – has addressed the oft-debated topic about whether the company is less innovative in the post-Steve era …

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Chinese smartphone brand Huawei claims to be on track to sell more smartphones than Apple by some point next year – a big claim given that it sold 153M handsets last year against Apple’s 215M …

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