iPhone upgrade program Stories December 2, 2020

iPhone Upgrade Program members in the US were able to set everything up in advance to pre-order their new iPhone 12 on day one. Not so UK members, however, as upgrades could only be processed in physical Apple Stores – and those were closed by the coronavirus lockdown .

Non-essential stores could remain open for click-and-collect, but that didn’t permit the in-store paperwork needed to begin or renew an iUP membership …

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iPhone upgrade program Stories October 29, 2020

iPhone Upgrade Program popularity has hit extremely impressive levels, suggests a survey of US iPhone owners. It found that 36% of them were already members, and a further 25% plan to join it.

This could suggest that Apple is well on its way to addressing one of the biggest challenges facing the company …

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iPhone upgrade program Stories October 12, 2020

Signing up for the iPhone Upgrade Program online should be the least-hassle way to buy a new iPhone every one to two years. You get an interest-free loan, and can then choose between upgrading every year – returning last year’s phone – or every two years, when the old phone is yours to pass on to a family member or to sell.

But there are some limitations to it in the US and elsewhere that put barriers in the way, and one of those is particularly problematic during a pandemic …

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iPhone upgrade program Stories October 8, 2020

Apple files for ‘iPhone for Life’ trademark alongside iPhone Upgrade Program

Apple has filed a trademark application for the phrase ‘iPhone for Life’ – a phrase which has so far been used by overseas carriers and retailers for their own equivalent of the iPhone Upgrade Program

iPhone upgrade program Stories October 31, 2019

An iPhone subscription would once have sounded like a bad joke. But these days it’s a growing reality.

Apple has long faced a problem. Its biggest cash cow is the iPhone, historically generating the majority of the company’s revenues. But where people once bought a new iPhone every couple of years on average, that upgrade cycle has been gradually lengthening. It’s now in the 3-4 year range for the average buyer…

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iPhone upgrade program Stories September 10, 2019

Shortly after announcing the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, Apple has opened up pre-approvals for the iPhone Upgrade Program and iPhone Payments option that offer customers free financing with low monthly payments. Follow along below for how to apply and get pre-approved before pre-orders open on Friday, September 13, as well as the difference between the two 0% financing options.

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