iPhone upgrade program Stories October 15

Pre-ordering iPhone XR starts Friday ahead of the launch a week later, and iPhone Upgrade Program members can start the process as soon as today with pre-approval. Apple introduced the pre-approval step with the iPhone X last year to remove an extra step that could slow down upgraders at checkout.

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iPhone upgrade program Stories September 14

One of the threats to Apple’s revenue stream has been longer smartphone upgrade cycles. The average in the US has crept slowly upwards, to around 2.5 years today – meaning most people are upgrading every 2-3 years.

The iPhone Upgrade Program was a smart solution – from Apple’s perspective. By giving people the option of upgrading every year for one monthly fee, the company strongly encourages people to do so. But it’s not such a great deal from the customer side …

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iPhone upgrade program Stories September 12

Each year the iPhone Upgrade Program seems to improve in one way or another. Today, Apple started allowing both existing and new members of the program to get pre-approved for an iPhone Xs or Xs Max so pre-orders this Friday go as smoothly as possible.

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iPhone upgrade program Stories August 23

Just in time for 2018 iPhones, T-Mobile users can now join the iPhone Upgrade Program online

T-Mobile is making life much easier for customers looking to upgrade their iPhone on a yearly basis. Starting this month, the Uncarrier is allowing customers to enroll in the iPhone Upgrade Program online or via the Apple Store app.

iPhone upgrade program Stories September 12, 2016

In the chaos of iPhone 7 preorder night last week, one widespread complaint was Apple’s apparent neglect of customers signed up with the company’s iPhone Upgrade Program. As Zac noted last week, one of the biggest problems with the plan is that customers must buy from Apple in-store, not from a third-party store like Best Buy or even online from Apple.

Now, Apple has been hit with a class action lawsuit because the issues surrounding the iPhone Upgrade Program. Filed in the U.S. District Court in Northern California, the lawsuit accuses Apple of prioritizing new customers over those who are part of the iPhone Upgrade Program.

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iPhone upgrade program Stories September 7, 2016

Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program, which provides a new iPhone every year for a fixed monthly fee, is being expanded to the UK and China. It was previously available only in the USA …

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