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iPhone XS Max

Apple's new flagship 6.5-inch iPhone

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September 2018 - March 2019

iPhone XS Max Stories March 18

iPhone XS Max finally loses a speed test to a Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S10+

Over the last four years, iPhone has consistently beaten out Samsung’s flagship smartphones in speeds tests. Now, YouTuber PhoneBuff has put the new Galaxy S10+ up against the iPhone XS Max and it has finally lost its speed test crown.

iPhone XS Max Stories March 11

Today I got my hands on Samsung’s Galaxy S10+ for the first time. It being a direct competitor to Apple’s iPhone XS Max, I wanted to see how the two devices compared. In this initial hands-on video, I talk about my initial impressions about the Galaxy S10 from an iPhone user’s perspective.   expand full story

iPhone XS Max Stories February 15

Sketchy Chinese social media report claims red iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max launching soon

A Chinese media report on the social media site Weibo, via iGeneration, claims that Apple will expand the iPhone XS lineup to include a new red color option later this month. Presumably branded as PRODUCT(RED), it would join the red iPhone XR that Apple has sold since launch.

iPhone XS Max Stories January 31

Facebook app update adds native screen resolution support for iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and 2018 iPad Pro

Whilst Facebook employees are currently struggling to launch their own apps, Facebook is still able to update its own customer-facing app on the App Store. Today, it did just that.

iPhone XS Max Stories January 22

DxOMark is out today with a brand new camera ranking just for selfie cameras. The new test was designed with the same protocol as the company’s tests for rear shooters and looks to offer “neutral and reliable test data about smartphone front camera performance and image quality to consumers and other interested parties.”

DxO has initially tested the front facing cameras of 12 popular smartphones. As for how the iPhone XS Max and X performed in the DxO selfie camera ranking, let’s say they have some room for improvement.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

iPhone XS Max Stories January 20

I get good battery life with my iPhone X as is, and my home office lifestyle means I’m never that far from a plug, so I’m admittedly not the target market for a battery case. Nevertheless, the announcement of Apple’s Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR piqued my interest.

I wanted to dip my toes in to see what using a Smart Battery Case is like. Read after the jump for some of my takeaways, and also be sure to check out our review from earlier in the week for a more thorough walkthrough of what’s new.

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