iPhone XS Max Overview Updated September 21, 2018

iPhone XS Max

Apple's new flagship 6.5-inch iPhone

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September 2018

iPhone XS Max Stories Today

A Harris poll into reactions to this year’s iPhones found that almost half of Americans were impressed by the new iPhone lineup. Some 26% described it as ‘exciting’ while a further 22% found it ‘innovative.’

It wasn’t all good news for Apple, however …

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We’ve already seen one iPhone XS teardown from a Dutch company who managed to get their hands on one early, but now iFixit is here with its usual detailed breakdown of what it has found inside.

The company reports that while much is unchanged from the iPhone X, there are a few differences, not all of them yet mentioned by Apple …

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Apple advertises iPhone XS with microsite featuring 3D model that spins as you tilt your phone

Apple is using its own top-level domain in a major way for the first time. Visit http://experience.apple/iphone/ on a mobile device to see the new microsite for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

iPhone XS Max Stories Yesterday

While those of us in the states still have less than 12 hours to go, the clock is beginning to turn to September 21 around the globe. That means iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max is officially available to purchase at Apple Stores, and the first batch of pre-orders are making their way to customers doorsteps as well..

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iPhone XS Max Stories September 19

In the build up to the iPhone XS release on Friday, we’ve seen a handful of reviews, unboxing videos, and more. Now, Jon M. Chu, director of the hit film ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ has debuted a new short film shot entirely with the iPhone XS Max.

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iPhone XS sees slight battery capacity reduction as XS Max and XR offer biggest batteries yet

Apple shares battery specifications for iPhones by giving usage ratings for talk time, internet use, video playback and more, but it doesn’t share the actual battery capacity for each model. Now, we’ve got specifics on the battery specs for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

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