iPhone XR Overview Updated September 19, 2018

iPhone XR

Apple's new flagship 6.1-inch iPhone

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September 2018

iPhone XR Stories September 19

iPhone XS sees slight battery capacity reduction as XS Max and XR offer biggest batteries yet

Apple shares battery specifications for iPhones by giving usage ratings for talk time, internet use, video playback and more, but it doesn’t share the actual battery capacity for each model. Now, we’ve got specifics on the battery specs for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

The iPhone XR isn’t even out yet, but supply chain sources are claiming that Apple is ramping up manufacturing orders for the device in anticipation of higher sales than it initially forecast …

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iPhone XR Stories September 17

Two trends in iPhones might seem to place the interests of Apple and its customers on opposite sides of the fence. Making iPhones more expensive seems good for Apple, bad for customers. Conversely, making iPhones last longer would seem good for customers, bad for Apple.

But all is not necessarily as it seems, argues one of the smarter Apple analysts …

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Apple’s use of eSIM in new iPhones will dramatically accelerate adoption, says report

Apple’s decision to include eSIMs into the iPhone XS/Max and iPhone XR will dramatically accelerate adoption of the technology, says a new report …

iPhone XR Stories September 16

Apple announced its flagship iPhone lineup of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR to a generally mixed reception. Ming-Chi Kuo says that the XS preorders are ‘lackluster’, but believes in the strength of XS Max demand and the iPhone XR launch in October.

He also noted that TF Industries are raising estimates for Apple Watch Series 4, with the new models taking about 55% share, alongside the cheaper Series 3 watches.

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iPhone XR Stories September 14

Update: Apple has killed the iCloud sharing link we were using. You can still download through the gallery belowthrough Dropbox, through Mega, or through WeTransfer

Yesterday evening we shared the three new Live Photo wallpapers from the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. Now, we’ve gotten included with the iPhone XR. Head below to download them.

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