services Stories June 3, 2020

Apple is rumored to introduce a service bundle that includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, and more in a single subscription. 9to5Mac has now found evidence that Apple is indeed working on this bundle, based on iOS 13.5.5 beta code.

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services Stories April 21, 2020

Apple officially expanded the reach of its services offerings today, bringing key content businesses to more countries.

The expansion sees the App Store, Apple Arcade, Apple Podcasts, and iCloud launch in 20 new countries. Meanwhile, Apple Music debuts in a total of 72 new markets. Users signing up to the Apple Music free trial in 52 of the new countries will be able to use the service for free for six months, compared to the usual three-month trial offers.

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services Stories February 18, 2020

iOS software engineer says Apple service promos mean ‘iOS is adware’

One of Tumblr’s software engineers has said that Apple’s promotions for its own services are so pervasive that “iOS is adware”…

services Stories January 31, 2020

Jason Snell has published his annual Six Colors report card covering Apple’s 2019 performance, and this year it includes responses from me and my 9to5Mac colleague Benjamin Mayo. Go read it now and come back!

Final grades are based on ratings from 65 participants that Jason describes as “writers, editors, developers, podcasters, and other people who spend an awful lot of time thinking about Apple.” Apple’s Wearables category ranks highest (4.6/5) while Software Quality and Apple TV tie for worst (2.7/5).

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services Stories November 20, 2019

A judiciary committee in July asked questions surrounding antitrust and competition concerns of big tech. The documentation from those hearings has now been released.

Apple addressed its policies on the App Store, competition in markets where Apple offers first-party apps, disallowing alternative browser engines, among other topics. On the subject of Apple’s role in the repair industry, the company said that the ‘cost of providing repair services has exceeded the revenue generated by repairs’, implying it does not tightly control repairs for financial gain.

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services Stories July 22, 2019

CIRP has released a new report today with its estimates for how well each iPhone model sold during Apple’s Q3 (calendar Q2). In addition to the iPhone XR being far and away the most popular iPhone in the US ahead of the upcoming iPhone 11 launch, the firm has data on how well Apple’s Services are doing with iPhone owners.

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