AAPL stock Stories June 9, 2020

Apple’s stock closed this Tuesday with an all-time-high record, reaching $343.99 at the end of trading. As noted by CNBC, big technology companies are performing strongly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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AAPL stock Stories February 5, 2019

Apple suppliers continue to report weak revenues as slumping iPhone sales keep on hurting

Two Apple suppliers this morning, Lumentum and AMS, are reporting weak revenues ailed by weakening global smartphone sales, particularly hurt by the slowdown within China. The latter of the two, AMS, struggled on an earnings call predicated with a guidance revision, seeing a 58% decline in quarterly profits YoY alongside a dividend suspension.

AAPL stock Stories February 4, 2019

Apple again became the world’s most valuable company today, but only for a few seconds

It didn’t last long, but Apple (AAPL) was again the most valuable publicly traded company in the US today, bringing its peak market cap to nearly $807 billion. The exact figure, $806.6 billion, was $1.2 billion higher than Amazon (AMZN) at the time and about $200 million higher than Microsoft (MSFT).

AAPL stock Stories February 3, 2019

As Apple rebounds from its first earnings call predicated with a guidance revision in 16 years, many analysts remain skeptical of the company’s ability to regain its trillion-dollar status. Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty, however, offers a different take, via CNBC

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AAPL stock Stories January 25, 2019

An analyst for Morgan Stanley said today that expectations for Apple’s Q1 2019 earnings are already set so low, that now marks perhaps the most ideal time to invest in the company.

Basically, the “bad news” regarding weak iPhone sales has already seen such a heavy response from the most fickle investors, that whatever Apple announces on Tuesday will most likely not tank the stock any more volatile than usual.

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AAPL stock Stories December 27, 2018

A report from the Wall Street Journal today details how Apple (AAPL) lost $9 billion this past year due to a single “underperforming investment” — itself. The report explains that after the surplus of cash the company had through Trump’s 2017 tax overhaul, Apple bought back AAPL shares at peak prices, essentially overpaying for themselves.

Even though AAPL yesterday saw its best single-day performance in over five years, the ~$10 gains made on the share price pale in comparison to the significant losses the stock saw over the past weeks.

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