supplier responsibility Stories December 9, 2020

Three former members of the Apple Supplier Responsibility team say Apple was complicit in labor law violations in China. They are supported by a former Apple senior manager familiar with the company’s Chinese operations.

They say Apple was aware of the violations by its suppliers, but took no action because it feared that to do so might delay product launches …

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supplier responsibility Stories November 23, 2020

Unnamed congressional staffers have accused Apple of trying to water down an anti forced labor bill that would place obligations on US companies to ensure their supply chain was not involved in such abuse. The bill aims to end the use of forced Uighur labor in the Xinjiang region of China.

The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act passed 406 to 3 in the House in September and has now reached the Senate. We learned last month that Apple enlisted a lobbying firm to engage with Congress, but no explanation was offered at the time

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supplier responsibility Stories October 23, 2020

Report: Apple enlisted lobbyist for Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act

This past spring, Apple was implicated along with other US brands like Nike, Dell, and more for having its supply chain allegedly involved with forced labor of the Muslim Uyghurs in Chinese factories. Now a new report from The Information says that Apple has paid to lobby Congress around legislation having to do US companies that could have connections with slave labor in China.

supplier responsibility Stories August 10, 2020

A report today suggests that Apple Store staff t-shirts may have been made by a Chinese company which is believed to have used forced labor in its production.

The claims against the garment company have been taken seriously enough for US sanctions to be imposed …

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supplier responsibility Stories February 5, 2019

Apple suppliers continue to report weak revenues as slumping iPhone sales keep on hurting

Two Apple suppliers this morning, Lumentum and AMS, are reporting weak revenues ailed by weakening global smartphone sales, particularly hurt by the slowdown within China. The latter of the two, AMS, struggled on an earnings call predicated with a guidance revision, seeing a 58% decline in quarterly profits YoY alongside a dividend suspension.

supplier responsibility Stories February 4, 2019

Investigation launched as to whether 200 Apple supplier employees were forced to ‘voluntarily resign’

Taiwan municipality Taoyuan is launching an investigative probe next week as to whether 200 workers employed at Career Technology, a key Apple parts supplier, were forced to sign “voluntary resignation” papers. The news comes via China Post, who reports that employees were given only three options: resign, retire, or get laid off.

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