NFC Stories June 17, 2019

The Federal Ministry of the Interior has announced that it will be possible to scan German ID cards with an iPhone running iOS 13.

This follows earlier news that iPhones will be able to scan the NFC chips in Japanese ID cards and British passports

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NFC Stories June 12, 2019

iPhones running iOS 13 will be able to scan NFC chips in Japanese identity cards. This is as a result of Apple’s decision to allow broader access to the iPhone’s NFC chip by third-party apps.

The app will allow Japanese citizens to scan their own cards in order to store the information on their phones …

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NFC Stories April 9, 2019

Last November, we explained how the UK government was working to convince Apple to open up the iPhone NFC chip to allow EU citizens to scan their passports post-Brexit. Now, the UK government says it has reached a deal with Apple to access the iPhone’s NFC technology.

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NFC Stories May 25, 2018

The Information reports that Apple will be taking a big leap in iOS 12, giving some third-party developers full access to the NFC chip inside iPhones, first introduced with iPhone 6.

The report says Apple wants the iPhone to be used in many more contactless interactions beyond Apple Pay payments, like acting as a hotel door key or as a virtual transit card for easier transportation.

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NFC Stories May 22, 2018

When Apple put an NFC chip into the iPhone 7 and later, it was initially limited to Apple Pay. iOS 11 opened up access to third-party developers, and YubiKey has just taken advantage of that to allow one of its hardware keys to login to iOS apps.

The YubiKey NEO is a USB key has so far been used mostly for Mac and PCs … 

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NFC Stories October 3, 2017

We learned back in June that iOS 11 would for the first time allow third-party developers to access the NFC chip for their own apps, for the first time extending its use beyond store reward and gift cards through Apple Pay.

Major League Baseball says that it has been trialling the first ever NFC tickets in Apple Wallet. A trial by Oakland Athletics lasted for six games, and was evidently deemed a success as 23 MLB teams will be using the technology next year …

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