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Reviews Stories April 20

Back when I bought my 2016 MacBook Pro, I was kind of tempted to get all the expense out of the way in one hit and upgrade my monitor at the same time. The problem, as I wrote later, was finding someone to take my money.

What I really want now is to replace my existing two-screen setup – 15-inch MacBook Pro on the left, 27-inch Apple Thunderbolt Display on the right – with a single monitor.

That means I need something substantially wider than 27 inches and 2560 pixels. My colleague Jeff tested one candidate back in 2016, LG’s 34-inch UltraWide. But that didn’t tick all of my boxes, so I held out …

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Reviews Stories April 13

There are a ton of wireless chargers on the market, with many companies offering more choices as Apple’s iPhone lineup adopted the capability last fall. Aukey has a mix of options, but for this review we’ve tested out two of the company’s $30 offerings, the first has won two design awards and the other offers a unique and sleek aesthetic. Keep reading after the break for our full rundown.

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Reviews Stories April 5

Historically, I have flitted between many different routers. I used AirPort Extreme for a while, and then a variety of third-party options. A couple of years ago, mesh WiFi became a popular buzzword. I kind of passed it over, thinking it was more of a marketing gimmick, but I recently got the chance to review one such mesh WiFi system.

I was pleasantly surprised with how good it was. Read on for my my hands-on with the Netgear Orbi mesh WiFi system.

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After being impressed by Marshall’s Stanmore AirPlay speaker earlier this year, the firm asked me if I’d be interested in trying its latest headphones, the Marshall Mid ANC. This is an update to the earlier Mid model with the addition of active noise cancellation.

Ironically, it’s the new feature – the active noise cancellation – that I think is the least-impressive one. But that’s not to say I think that the headphones themselves are unimpressive; far from it …

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Reviews Stories March 29

I love my drone, but I knew when I bought it that it was only going to be a matter of time before countries started clamping down on them. Sadly, that proved to be the case when I spent a few days in Iceland. Everywhere I went, there were No Drone signs. I carried it around with me, but didn’t get to use it even once.

Fortunately, I did have another interesting gadget on me – one initially exclusive to the Apple Store: the Insta360 ONE camera. This is a 360-degree 4K video camera that plugs into the Lightning socket of an iPhone. You can either shoot like this, or you can put the camera on a selfie stick and then plug it into the iPhone to edit and upload your footage.

This proved a fantastic way to capture experiences, and in terms of getting unusual and engaging video, it’s the next best thing to a drone …

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Reviews Stories March 10

We covered the release of the LXORY Dual Wireless Charging Pad back in January. The new charger offers three input options — including USB-C and Lightning — and an affordable price tag. Now, we’ve had a chance to use the new wireless charger for several weeks, read on for our full review.

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