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A few years ago my wife and I purchased two new Hondas. My Civic came with Apple CarPlay, but her HR-V had a basic entertainment system. We were both used to driving with CarPlay by then, so we upgraded her system with an Alpine unit with Wireless CarPlay. I really wanted Wireless CarPlay, but replacing my entertainment system was too disruptive.

Now there’s a solution for turning standard CarPlay into Wireless CarPlay, at least for some models, and it actually works!

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Reviews Stories March 11

If you’re looking for a leather MacBook Pro sleeve, the official Apple $199 one is beautiful-looking, but our review found that it had two drawbacks.

My biggest gripe with the MacBook Pro Leather Sleeve, outside of the obvious cost factor, is that it’s not designed to be used in concert with a USB-C charging cable […] Even if you go against the grain (heh) and put the MacBook Pro inside the sleeve “backwards”, the USB-C ports would still be recessed too far inside the case to connect to a USB-C charging cable while completely inside …

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Reviews Stories February 28

Scosche’s BaseLynx modular charger offers a compelling solution to create the exact wireless and wired charging setup you need for your pretty much all your Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, and even MacBooks. Read on for our full review of BaseLynx that lets you charge over ten devices at once and easily reconfigure the setup at any time.

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Reviews Stories February 18

Today PolarPro launched its LiteChaser Pro photo and video kits for the iPhone 11 with special introductory pre-order pricing. The kits feature a specialized case that can accommodate a detachable grip, along with either a circular polarizer or variable ND filter.

If you currently use or aspire to use your iPhone for serious photography or videography, then these kits might come in handy. Watch our hands-on video walkthrough for more details. expand full story

Reviews Stories February 17

The Nixplay Smart Photo Frame is the latest and smartest digital photo frame from the company that claims to be the most popular brand in the US, with over 2 million units sold.

It’s smart because it can be updated in a bunch of different ways: manually, with the smartphone app; by voice, with Alexa or Google Assistant; and automatically, by linking it to Google Photos…

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Reviews Stories February 12

The iPad 7, the latest generation entry-level iPad for the masses, is one of the best deals in tech at only $329, and often found for much less on sale. It’s the first entry-level iPad to feature Smart Connector support, allowing users to conveniently connect a Smart Keyboard. It also features a larger display with more on-screen real estate.

In this hands-on review, I discuss why the iPad 7 is indeed the best iPad for most people, and why it’s $329 entry-level price point is a steal given the amount of features packed inside this slab of aluminum and glass. expand full story

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