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Robot vacuums have been around for several years, but they’ve advanced in quality and intelligence quite a bit in recent years. My wife and I tried several lower-cost models years ago, but we weren’t impressed with their intelligence as they frequently miss items. They were suitable for midweek cleanups, but they weren’t good enough to get rid of your full-size vacuum cleaner. In the past year, I’ve added two Robo vacuums to our house. We have a Neato D7 on our main level that I picked up to test Siri Shortcuts. For the past few months, I’ve been testing the Roborock S6 MaxV in our upstairs, so I wanted to write a review to discuss the pros and cons of the product.

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Reviews Stories July 27

HomeKit doorbells are like unicorns. Mythical and make-believe, yet they still hold a place in our imagination. But what if they were real? HomeKit doorbells, not unicorns, that is. Turns out they do exist, and they’re as magical as any HomeKit enthusiast would expect. Especially if you’ve been waiting for years to get your hands on one.

Yobi B3 is the star of the HomeKit doorbell category. With an affordable price tag and a consumer-friendly design, Yobi is made to fill the massive gap left by Ring and other popular smart doorbells.

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Reviews Stories July 21

I have previously confessed to being a bagaholic. Show me a bag that is stylish, well-thought-out, and beautifully made, and I’ll be almost as happy as when discovering a new gadget. The Waterfield Muzetto I reviewed last year ticked all the boxes for me, so I was keen to try the company’s latest addition to its range: the Waterfield Outback Duo.

This is a slim laptop bag designed to reflect the fact that, for all the convergence we’ve seen, MacBooks and iPads remain distinct devices with their own strengths and weaknesses. That being the case, it’s not at all unusual for people to need to carry both …

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Reviews Stories July 3

I have absolutely no business reviewing the Livescribe Symphony digital pen. As regular readers of my iPad Pro Diary will know, I Do Not Do Writing. Or drawing. I haven’t handwritten anything substantive for about three decades. If I’m writing anything more than a few lines, I’ll use a keyboard. If it’s shorter, I’ll generally dictate to Siri.

I did eventually find a vague excuse to buy an Apple Pencil, but even that was a bit of a stretch and I still don’t use it for anything else. All of which doesn’t make me an obvious candidate for a digital pen designed for use with paper …

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Reviews Stories July 1

My inside dog became a part-time outside dog earlier this year when we completed our backyard fence. Apollo was over-the-moon happy to expand his playground, but as a dog owner I had mixed feelings. What if my dog dug a hole under the fence or one of the kids left the gate open and he escaped?

I’ve been testing the Fi smart dog collar for the last few months to help ease that anxiety. Fi is like an Apple Watch for dogs with features like location sharing, alerts for unexpected location changes, and even step tracking.

Fi relies on GPS and LTE-M to make sure your dog is safe, and the experience is managed from iPhone or Android. Here’s how Fi works.

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Reviews Stories June 26

The audio world is all about wireless speakers these days, and even very traditional audiophile companies are getting in on the action, but there are still plenty of people who have much-loved component hi-fi systems they have no intention of replacing. And that’s where the Cyrus One Cast comes in.

There are various options for bringing AirPlay capabilities to a stackable hi-fi system, with Apple’s old AirPort Express routers a popular and inexpensive approach. That can be a somewhat flakey experience, but you can pick up used units for under $50 apiece, so it’s certainly a cost-effective route.

The Cyrus One Cast sits at the opposite end of the scale…

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