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January 2014 - September 2021

Beats Electronics was created in 2006 by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. They focused on premium speakers and headphones. In 2011, it was estimated they had over 60% of the $100+ speaker market. On August 1, 2014, Apple acquired the company for $3 billion in cash and stock. It was the largest acquisition in Apple’s history.

After being acquired by Apple, Beats Music (a Spotify competitor) was shut down and many of its features found their way into Apple Music. Apple continues to release products under the brand today.

Current Products:

Beats Stories September 1

Apple’s Beats teams up with Shedeur Sanders as its first college athlete ambassador [video]

The son of NFL great Deion Sanders, Shedeur Sanders, is the first college athlete to be signed by Beats as a brand ambassador. He also appears in a new video ad by the company.

Beats Stories June 16

Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine creating new high school for kids who feel disconnected

Beats cofounders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine are creating a new high school that they say will be aiming to attract kids who feel disconnected from the current schooling experience.

It will be modeled after the University of Southern California academy they funded, and which they said was geared to the vision of Steve Jobs

Beats Stories June 14

Beats is expanding its lineup of truly wireless earbuds today with the new Beats Studio Buds. After several weeks of rumors, the new Beats Studio Buds are available to order starting today in the US and Canada for $149.99 with Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode, USB-C charging, and more.

Head below for all of the details on Beats Studio Buds.

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Beats Stories June 11

After we uncovered the upcoming Beats Studio Buds in iOS 14.6, we’ve seen them out in the wild with LeBron James sporting the earbuds on social media. Now US soccer star Alex Morgan has done the same with the white variant of the Beats Studio Buds.

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Beats Stories May 26

We reported earlier this month that Apple is working on new truly wireless earbuds under the Beats brand called “Beats Studio Buds.” Although the earbuds had already been approved by the FCC, the company has yet to announce the product. However, it seems that LeBron James already has a pair of the new Beats Studio Buds.

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Beats Stories May 24

The iOS 14.6 RC released to developers and public beta users last week revealed an unannounced new pair of Beats Studio Buds earbuds. Now, those earbuds have officially received FCC approval, further suggesting that an official announcement could be imminent.

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Beats Stories May 17

With the release of iOS 14.6 RC today for developers, Apple is preparing to release Apple Music Lossless. At the same time, 9to5Mac found something that hasn’t been announced by the company until now: a new Beats Studio earbuds.

This finding comes after 9to5Mac exclusively reported last week that Apple has hired Scott Croyle to oversee Beats product design.

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Beats Stories May 14

There was a wild rumor making the rounds last year that Apple planned to phase out its successful Beats hardware brand and go all in with Apple-branded audio hardware. 9to5Mac reported at the time that burying Beats was “not a strategy that Apple plans to pursue” or even consider.

We’ve since learned more about was happening behind the scenes in California. Rather than discontinuing the Beats brand, Apple was hiring its first in-house designer to oversee Beats product design.

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Beats Stories April 20

Beats teams up with Psychworld for limited-edition Studio3 Wireless

Ahead of Apple’s “Spring Loaded” event, the company announced a new limited edition of Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones. This time, Psychworld and the rapper Don Toliver collaborated to create the neon-green Beats.

Beats Stories January 26

Apple teams up with fragment design for special edition monochromatic Powerbeats Pro

Apple has collaborated with revered artist and designer Hiroshi Fujiwara and his company fragment design on new pair of special edition Powerbeats Pro. This version comes with a minimal, monochromatic design on the black Powerbeats Pro.

Beats Stories January 20

Last October, Beats expanded its lineup of wireless earbuds with the new $49 Beats Flex. Packing Apple’s W1 chip for seamless connectivity to Apple devices, the Beats Flex have proven to be a popular choice for budget shoppers. Today, Beats is further expanding the Flex lineup with two new color options: Flame Blue and Smoke Gray.

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Beats Stories November 19, 2020

Beats introduced last month the new Beats Flex headphones replacing BeatsX as the cheapest headphones sold under the Beats brand — which belongs to Apple. The company is today launching a new advertising campaign to promote its new headphones while also sharing messages against racial inequality.

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Beats Stories November 17, 2020

Beats is out with a new variant of its popular Powerbeats headphones today in an all-new glow-in-the-dark design. The new Powerbeats were designed in collaboration with the lifestyle brand AMBUSH, making this release the first official collaboration between AMBUSH and Beats, and the first glow-in-the-dark Beats product.

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Beats Stories November 12, 2020

Apple’s Beats brand debuts new star-studded ‘You Love Me’ short film on Apple Music

Apple’s Beats brand has launched a new campaign and short film today, the goal of which it says is to celebrate Black joy and resilience. At the heart of the new campaign is a short film called “You Love Me,” which is available on Apple Music and YouTube starting today.

Beats Stories October 20, 2020

In the age of $1,000 iPhones and $250 AirPods, Beats Flex wireless headphones for $49 almost sound too good to be true. In reality, they’re actually improved versions of BeatsX headphones that were priced at $150 three years ago. Here’s what you need to know about Beats Flex, the latest headphones to use Apple’s wireless chip technology.

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Beats Stories October 13, 2020

BeatsX wireless headphones landed three years ago as the first Beats product to feature Apple’s W1 chip and Lightning charging port like the original AirPods. The $149 headphones eventually dropped in price by $50, and today Beats Flex are replacing BeatsX for $100 less than their original launch price.

Beats Flex wireless headphones still use Apple’s original W1 chip like BeatsX, although the Lightning port has been replaced with a USB-C port (like the iPad Pro and iPad Air) to better service Android users.

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Beats Stories August 10, 2020

Stereo headphone inventor Koss last month sued Apple, alleging infringement of five patents on wireless headphones. The lawsuit targets both AirPods and Beats wireless headphones.

Apple is now hitting back with a six-point countersuit. Five of the counts ask for a court to rule that Apple has not infringed each of the five patents listed in the original lawsuit, while a sixth one claims that Koss has no right to sue anyway …

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Beats Stories July 24, 2020

Koss, the US company which created the first-ever high-fidelity stereo headphones, is suing Apple, accusing the AirPods maker of infringing five patents on wireless headphones. The claim is made against both AirPods and Beats wireless headphones.

Much of the court filing reads like an extended ad for the company’s achievements, and the specific claims suggest that the company is making a rather ambitious play …

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Beats Stories July 22, 2020

Apple faces yet another antitrust investigation, this time including Beats

Apple is today facing yet another antitrust investigation, to add to the already lengthy list. This time it’s to determine whether Apple and Amazon engaged in price-fixing over both Apple products and Beats headphones …

Beats Stories June 25, 2020

Apple leads Bose and Sony in preferred brands for wireless in-ear headphones

A survey of headphone purchase intentions among UK consumers found that Apple is the preferred brand when it comes to true wireless in-ear headphones, with Bose and Sony both ahead of Beats …

Beats Stories June 13, 2020

Apple offering special discounts on Powerbeats Pro and Beats Solo Pro

Apple is running a special promotion on some Beats headphones right now, offering rare but notable discounts on Powerbeats Pro, Beats Solo Pro and fourth-gen Powerbeats. This is not the first time Apple has done special discounting on its Beats line, but it isn’t exactly common and the price reductions are significant.

Beats Stories May 29, 2020

New to Powerbeats Pro or planning to buy the new totally wireless Beats? The newest Beats earphones are all-new, delivering Apple AirPods features and improvements to original Beats Powerbeats design. Read on to learn how to master the brand new Powerbeats Pro totally wireless earphones.

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Beats Stories April 17, 2020

Longtime Apple Veteran and now VP of Apple Music, Oliver Schusser is going to become the new head of Beats starting next month. He’ll continue on as the VP of Apple Music and the company’s international content division as well, as Apple says it “remains committed to the Beats brand.”

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Beats Stories April 7, 2020

Six years ago Apple dropped $3 billion on its largest acquisition ever to acquire Beats Electronics. Music mogul Jimmy Iovine and hip-hop legend Dr. Dre built the consumer electronics brand into a household name, and Beats-branded headphones were flying off the shelves.

Apple could tell. It sold Beats headphones and speakers in Apple Stores so the success of Beats was no secret. Beats also had a months-old streaming music service that Apple used to build Apple Music, but it’s clear in retrospect that Apple also saw continued value in Beats as a hardware brand.

That’s why it may come as a surprise to see reports that Apple plans to phase out the Beats brand in the future.

9to5Mac can report that this is not a strategy that Apple plans to pursue. The strategy is not one that should be viewed as being on the table for Apple, 9to5Mac has learned.

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