India Stories February 1

In a move which hit Apple harder than other smartphone brands, India increased the import tax on smartphones from 10% to 15% in December. Less than two months later, it has just decided to increase the rate again, this time to 20% …

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India Stories January 31

A new report on Wistron’s plans to expand its manufacturing operations in India says that the company will make iPhone 6s models. Only the iPhone SE is currently made in India.

While the report is based on two unconfirmed sources, only one of which is specific, there are two reasons such a move would make sense …

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India Stories December 18, 2017

Update: Reuters reports that Michel Coulomb has been appointed to replace Kaul. 

Coulomb has worked with Apple since 2003 and was most recently the managing director for Apple in South Asia, according to his biography on professional network LinkedIn.

According to a new report out of The Economic Times, Apple’s head of India operations is leaving the company with “immediate effect.” Sanjay Kaul has been in charge of Apple’s operations in India for the last year and a half, during which Apple has faced mixed results in the country…

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A tax hike in India on imported smartphones announced last week has hit iPhone prices as predicted. The company has increased prices of every model except the locally made SE by an average of 3.5% …

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India Stories December 15, 2017

India has increased its import tax on mobile phones from 10% to 15%, a move which will hit Apple harder than other smartphone manufacturers. The tax on video cameras has been increased by the same amount, while that on televisions has been doubled to 20%.

The government made the announcement late last night, as part of its Made In India initiative, a program designed to encourage companies to manufacture products within the country …

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India Stories December 11, 2017

Apple and the Indian government are reportedly clashing over plans to expand iPhone production in the country.

Wistron assembles iPhone SE models in India for Apple, but the components are all imported. Under a current agreement, most of these components can be brought into the country tax-free, but the government wants to impose import tariffs on more of them as a way to encourage more local manufacturing …

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