India Stories May 27

Build-to-order Macs (BTO) are finally available in India through Apple Authorized Resellers. Previously, customers in the world’s second-most populous country could only buy the base model Mac, or one of a limited number of preconfigured upgrade options.

The introduction of the BTO option means that customers in India now have the same options as those buying direct from Apple in other countries …

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India Stories May 11

Apple has reportedly been in talks geared to shifting up to a fifth of iPhone production from China to India over the next five years. Most of the production would be for export.

This would represent a massive ramping up of the Cupertino company’s efforts to reduce its dependence on China, following a report that the company is to make AirPods outside the country for the first time …

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India Stories April 28

Counterpoint Research: Strong iPhone 11 shipments help Apple gain marketshare in India

New data from Counterpoint Research today indicates that Apple’s marketshare in India continues to grow. While Apple still faces strong competition from companies like Xiaomi, the iPhone 11 and various pricing promotions have helped attract new buyers.

India Stories March 25

All iPhone production in India has been suspended as the country’s prime minister announced a strict 21-day lockdown to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

In the strictest rules seen yet, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that almost nobody is allowed outside their homes for three weeks …

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India Stories March 6

Apple’s reliance (some would say over-reliance) on China has been a hotly-debated topic for some time. The company’s efforts to boost Apple production outside China have never been of greater interest than now, however, when the coronavirus outbreak is having a substantial impact inside the country.

India has been one of the countries making a concerted effort to win more of Apple’s manufacturing business, but a couple of reports have highlighted some of the challenges to making this a workable option …

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India Stories March 2

A new report from the Wall Street Journal today details Apple’s dependency on China for its supply chain, and how that is unlikely to change in the near future. According to the report, some Apple executives suggested relocating manufacturing of at least one product to Vietnam, but the idea was “rebuffed” by senior management.

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