India Stories September 6

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Apple’s refusal to approve a government anti-spam app for use on the iPhone in India is reportedly ‘infuriating’ regulators, who are now hinting that the company could be forced into cooperating.

The government app allows customers to report cold calls and spam texts to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. Apple refused to approve it, seemingly on privacy grounds, as the app would need access to call logs …

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India Stories August 8

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Indian regulatory body calls Apple ‘anti-consumer’ as it refuses app to block spam calls

An Indian regulatory body has described Apple as ‘anti-consumer’ after the Cupertino company refused to approve a government Do-Not-Disturb app designed to block and report unwanted sales calls …

India Stories August 1

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Apple has asked the Indian government to extend the tax breaks it has been granted for its own operations to its suppliers. This would enable the company to move from mere iPhone assembly in India – with the actual parts still made in China – to more of a true manufacturing operation.

We described recently how Apple relies on an entire network of suppliers centred around the Chinese city of Shenzhen. Tim Cook’s discussions with Indian prime minister Narendra Modi have extended to establishing a kind of Little Shenzhen within India …

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India Stories June 27

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Apple products are currently sold in authorised third-party stores
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Now that local iPhone production is underway in India, with the first ‘Assembled in India’ iPhones on sale, Apple will be hoping that it has shown it can meet the required conditions to open its own retail stores in the country. Apple products are currently sold only through third-party authorised resellers.

Details have now emerged of a meeting on Sunday between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Indian prime minister Narendra Modi …

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India Stories June 26

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First ‘Assembled in India’ iPhones rolling out without any fanfare or price reductions as yet

The first iPhones assembled in India started reaching retail stores the day after Apple confirmed that production had begun, and are now reportedly showing up in many Indian cities. However, hopes that local production would lead to lower prices have not yet been realized …

India Stories May 23

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Apple finally gets tax concessions in India after starting local iPhone production

Apple is reported to have finally succeeded in getting one of the tax concessions it had sought in return for assembling iPhones in India. The company had long been seeking a range of incentives in return for setting up an iPhone plant in the country.

Apple had originally wanted the concessions before beginning production, but decided to go ahead with or without them. Local production of the iPhone SE started earlier this month

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