India Stories November 11

The iPhone production crisis in China has led Foxconn to announce plans to quadruple its workforce in India. The move will not, however, solve the immediate problem.

While Apple and its suppliers have been working for years on reducing the company’s dependence on China as a manufacturing hub, progress has been painfully slow – especially for the iPhone …

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India Stories November 4

Apple is expected to shift up to 25% of its iPhone production to India by as soon as 2025. Following up on iPhone 14 manufacturing kicking off in September by Foxconn in the country, Pegatron has become the second vendor to start making Apple’s latest smartphone in India.

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India Stories October 12

A new report claims to reveal more about Apple’s medium-term plans to expand and “deepen” iPhone production in India as it works to reduce its reliance on China.

It follows and supports yesterday’s suggestion that enough iPhones for the entire US market could be made outside China within three to five years

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India Stories October 5

Some AirPods and Beats headphones are to be made in India for the first time, as Apple continues a gradual reduction of its dependence on China for product manufacturing.

AirPods production is predominantly split between Foxconn and Luxshare, and a report today says that Apple has instructed both companies to move some of their assembly work to India …

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India Stories September 26

Global Positioning System, or GPS, is one of the most popular satellite-based navigation systems in the world. However, there are other technologies that provide precise location by satellite – and now India is trying to push NavIC, its own navigation system. However, Apple and other companies seem to be worried about this.

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India Stories September 21

iPhone production in India will increase to around 25% of total global output by 2025, according to a new analyst report. The report suggests a similar percentage of other Apple products will be made outside China by the same year.

We’ve seen a number of signs recently that India is growing increasingly important to Apple as a second key manufacturing hub, as the company continues efforts to reduce its dependence on China …

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India Stories September 1

Major VPN services have shut down service in India, as there is no way to comply with a new law without breaching their own privacy protection standards.

The law also applies to iCloud Private Relay, but Apple has not yet commented on its own plans …

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Update: The gap between China and India is said to have closed from two months to six weeks. Kuo believes that iPhone 15 production next year will begin simultaneously in both countries.

There have been suggestions that iPhone 14 production would start simultaneously in China and India, significantly improving early availability of this year’s lineup. But a new report today said that Apple has had to abandon any hope of achieving this …

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India Stories August 5

Apple’s key partner Foxconn has iPhone production lines in a few other places in the world outside of China, such as Brazil and India. However, China’s operations remain the most important when it comes to worldwide iPhone shipments. This time, however, it seems that Apple will begin production of the iPhone 14 simultaneously in India and China.

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India Stories May 5

Customers in India are no longer able to use a debit or credit card for subscriptions and app purchases using their Apple ID. This means they can no longer purchase apps from the App Store, subscribe to Apple services, or buy any Apple media with credit or debit. 

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India Stories April 27

iPhone production in India grew by 50% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2022, according to new market intelligence data. Sales within the country are also growing, despite the fact that average selling prices are increasing through the sale of more premium models.

While Apple initially limited Made in India iPhones to older models, the company confirmed earlier this month that the iPhone 13 has joined the lineup of locally produced devices …

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India Stories April 22

The first Apple mangrove preservation project began in 2018, with the focus then on the role the saltwater trees play in decarbonization. The company has now extended this environmental work into India, this time stressing the additional part mangrove trees play in protecting coastal communities.

Apple has partnered with the Applied Environmental Research Foundation (AERF) to help local people transition their economy from one that destroys mangroves to one that is incentivized to protect them …

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India Stories March 15

iPhone 13 production is expected to start in April at Foxconn’s plant in Chennai, India. This was originally scheduled to happen in January, but it was delayed after Apple placed the facility on probation following worker complaints about the conditions there.

It’s just one of a number of issues Apple has faced as it continues efforts to reduce its dependence on China

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India Stories February 3

A new report suggests that we’ve reached a turning point for Apple in India, as the company appears to have earned more smartphone revenue in the country than any other brand.

This is indeed quite a turnaround in just a few years. The company’s market share in 2018 was said to have been as low as 1% …

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India Stories January 12

Update: As reported by Reuters, Foxconn India’s iPhone plant restarted production this Wednesday after three weeks closed. The publication notes that the factory reopened with one shift and 120 workers. Foxconn will take over two months for the plant to produce at full capacity again.

Late last year, 9to5Mac reported that Apple had ordered Foxconn in India to suspend iPhone production at a plant while placing the company on probation until it resolved problems with living conditions in Foxconn’s dormitories. Now, it appears the iPhone plant will reopen.

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India Stories December 30, 2021

We’re today learning more about what prompted the Foxconn iPhone plant shutdown in southern India – and it makes for truly gruesome reading.

We learned yesterday that Apple ordered Foxconn to suspend production at the plant, and placed the company on probation, until it resolved problems with living conditions in the company dormitories. It’s only today, however, that we’re getting the full picture of just how appalling those conditions were …

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India Stories December 29, 2021

iPhone production in India has again been disrupted as a result of worker complaints. Assembly was suspended at a Wistron plant last year following a riot over underpaid wages, and production has now been halted at a Foxconn plant after Apple upheld complaints about worker accommodation.

It is common in both India and China for seasonal iPhone workers to be recruited from considerable distances, and to live in company-supplied dormitories for the duration of their contract …

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India Stories November 17, 2021

Apple ramps up hiring for first retail store in India after delays due to COVID-19

Apple fans in India have been waiting for an Apple retail store for quite a few years now. It was supposed to launch this year, but due to COVID-19, the company had to delay its plans. Now, Apple is finally starting to hire people.

India Stories September 29, 2021

Apple reminds developers about changes to subscription payment system in India

Apple today notified developers about a change that will impact apps with renewable subscriptions or other recurring transactions in India. Due to a new directive from the Reserve Bank of India, some in-app transactions made with credit and debit cards may be declined by banks or card issuers.

India Stories September 6, 2021

Analysts expect iPhone sales in India to grow by more than 50% year-on-year, up from under $2B in Apple’s 2019/2020 financial year to around $3B by the end of the current financial year.

iPhone production in India has also increased dramatically since 2017 …

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India Stories August 6, 2021

The first physical Indian Apple Store, due to open later this year, has been delayed due to COVID-19, the company has confirmed. The country was very badly hit by the pandemic, with more than 30 million cases and over 400,000 deaths.

Apple has already had to wait many years to get the go-ahead to open its first retail store, due to legal requirements laid down by the government …

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India Stories July 19, 2021

A month ago, Apple released Lossless and Dolby Atmos with Spatial Audio support for Apple Music subscribers on iOS 14.6. The problem was that subscribers in India couldn’t find the option. This is changing now, as Apple had promised would be the case.

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India Stories July 2, 2021

Two Apple suppliers in India have been selected to receive manufacturing incentives, which are likely to be used for iPad production in the country. The scheme is known as a production-linked incentive (PLI) plan.

Foxconn and Wistron were among the companies to qualify for cash-back deals in return for boosting their manufacturing operations in the country …

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India Stories June 28, 2021

Mac sales in India more than tripled year-on-year after Apple was finally allowed to open an online store in the country.

That made Apple the fifth-largest PC brand in the country as of the first quarter of 2021 …

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