India Stories June 11

With US iPhones currently made in China, there has been much concern about the escalating trade war between the two countries. The worst-case scenario would be a 25% tariff on iPhones entering the US, which would either push up prices, hurt Apple’s bottom line, or both.

But Foxconn has said that the iPhone would be able to escape this fate, as the assembler has enough capacity in other countries to supply all US iPhones …

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India Stories May 15

Apple has launched a new marketing campaign in India focused on the iPhone 6s. The campaign focuses on the fact that the iPhone 6s is “made in India,” and highlights the device’s low cost.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

India Stories May 6

President Trump has threatened to increase tariffs on goods imported from China from 10% to 25%. He claimed in a tweet that this increase would happen on Friday.

It’s previously been reported that 25% is the point at which Apple would seek to move US iPhone production out of China, and that the Cupertino company could face ‘devastating’ retaliatory actions from the Chinese government …

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India Stories April 15

Foxconn’s founder and chairman Terry Gou has confirmed earlier reports that the company is to begin mass-production of iPhones in India.

He did so at an event at which he announced that he plans to take a step back from day-to-day management, and focus more on long-term strategy …

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India Stories April 12

We’ve been hearing reports for some time that Foxconn is gearing up for iPhone X production in India, and a new report says that volume production is set to begin in July.

The earliest report – at that time quite vague – was in December of last year. That said only that ‘top-end iPhones’ could be made in India by Foxconn ‘as early as 2019,’ alongside iPhone 8 production by Wistron …

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India Stories April 4

After reducing iPhone prices in China to help boost demand, Apple’s price cuts reportedly continue in India, with discounts on iPhone XR models totalling around 25%.

Apple said during its most recent earnings report that it would be reducing iPhone prices in countries to compensate for shifting currency exchange rates …

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