India Stories July 3

Government action that hit iPhone production in India now resolved — Foxconn

Government action that badly disrupted iPhone production in India is no longer affecting imports of iPhone components, according to a Foxconn statement…

India Stories July 2

Update: There seems some potential good news ahead. Economic Times reports that the Indian government is considering an exemption to the checks for foreign companies like Apple.

iPhone assembly in India has been badly disrupted as tensions with China continue to rise, says a new report.

Components arriving from China are said to have been held in Indian customs in what seems to be the latest escalation of the fallout from a disputed border between the two countries…

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Border dispute seemingly behind India’s ban on Chinese apps, as Apple responds

It appears that a longstanding border dispute between India and China was behind India’s partial ban on Chinese apps from the country. In one of the more bizarre elements of the story, it has been reported that Indian and Chinese soldiers fought with clubs and rocks …

India Stories June 29

The Indian government has made a big move today in limiting the Chinese apps that are available in the country. In response to security and privacy concerns, 59 popular Chinese apps and services including TikTok, WeChat, and Weibo are no longer accessible in India.

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India Stories May 27

Build-to-order Macs (BTO) are finally available in India through Apple Authorized Resellers. Previously, customers in the world’s second-most populous country could only buy the base model Mac, or one of a limited number of preconfigured upgrade options.

The introduction of the BTO option means that customers in India now have the same options as those buying direct from Apple in other countries …

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India Stories May 11

Apple has reportedly been in talks geared to shifting up to a fifth of iPhone production from China to India over the next five years. Most of the production would be for export.

This would represent a massive ramping up of the Cupertino company’s efforts to reduce its dependence on China, following a report that the company is to make AirPods outside the country for the first time …

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