India Stories November 7

iPhone assembler Wistron, is preparing to expand its manufacturing operations in India. It follows Apple announcing during its recent earnings call that revenue in the country had doubled year-on-year.

India is a key market for Apple, representing huge growth potential, but with a number of challenges …

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India Stories October 27

Apple has quietly introduced an international warranty on iPhones sold within India. Previously, you could only get warranty repairs on phones bought within the country, but you’re now covered wherever it was bought.

There are, however, a couple of catches …

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India Stories October 16

India-based business newspaper Mint has published a new interview with Apple SVP Eddy Cue where he talked about Apple’s plans for the country including mobile payments, original content, and more. Cue stopped short of giving a launch date, but detailed that Apple Pay was on the roadmap for India…

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India Stories October 5

Apple’s long-standing request to open its own retail stores in India looks likely to be approved by the Indian government after Chinese brand Oppo was granted permission. Apple products are currently sold locally by authorized resellers.

The Indian government only allows single-brand retail stores when at least 30% of the products sold are manufactured in the country. As the iPhone accounts for a high percentage of Apple’s sales, with the SE a popular model in India because of its relative affordability, it seems likely that the requirement will be hit thanks to local manufacturing of the model

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India Stories September 6

Apple’s refusal to approve a government anti-spam app for use on the iPhone in India is reportedly ‘infuriating’ regulators, who are now hinting that the company could be forced into cooperating.

The government app allows customers to report cold calls and spam texts to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. Apple refused to approve it, seemingly on privacy grounds, as the app would need access to call logs …

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India Stories August 8

Indian regulatory body calls Apple ‘anti-consumer’ as it refuses app to block spam calls

An Indian regulatory body has described Apple as ‘anti-consumer’ after the Cupertino company refused to approve a government Do-Not-Disturb app designed to block and report unwanted sales calls …

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