India Stories March 19

One claim that higher-end iPhones are to be made in India is untrue, say supply-chain sources. The original report, earlier this month, has been dismissed as ‘election rhetoric’ on the part of government officials.

There have been reports of higher-end iPhone assembly in India by both Wistron and Foxconn, and it’s the former claim which is today being disputed …

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India Stories March 14

Apple dropping iPhone 6 & changing store rules to boost brand image in India

Apple is to stop selling the iPhone 6/Plus in India as it seeks to boost its brand image in the country. Although it has suffered from declining sales in the country, it apparently believes that protecting its premium image is the best way to make headway among the country’s emerging middle class …

India Stories March 7

As first rumored late last year, Apple’s manufacturing partners are full steam ahead on setting up production facilities in India, to make current generation iPhones. Domestic manufacturing is key to avoiding India’s hefty import taxes on foreign goods, allowing Apple to lower prices in the country.

Today, India’s IT ministry signed off on plans for a new $1m Wistron factory in India. It is expected that the factory will produce iPhone 8 phones whilst an ongoing factory proposal from Foxconn will manufacture ‘Made in India’ iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

India Stories February 6

Apple and Samsung win partial victory in quest for tax-breaks on Indian manufacturing

Apple and Samsung have won a partial victory in their quest for tax-breaks on the manufacture of high-end smartphones in India

India Stories January 25

Reports that Apple plans to make flagship iPhones in India got another boost today. A trade association of which Apple is a member is calling on tax breaks that will make it more feasible to treat India more like China: a manufacturing base for global production …

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India Stories January 22

A Reuters report at the end of last year said that Apple was planning to make flagship iPhones in India as the company seeks to reduce its dependence on China. A new report today supports that claim, and suggests that those plans are being progressed.

Specifically, it says that senior Foxconn execs plan to visit India next month for discussions …

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