Foxconn Stories November 25

Some Indian-made iPhones will be exported for sale in other countries, the government said today.

An unconfirmed report had previously suggested that a small number of iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 models were being exported from India to Europe, but the statement is the first official confirmation that this is part of Apple’s plans for the country…

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Foxconn Stories November 13

Two Apple suppliers yesterday delivered their earnings reports, with rather different outcomes. The reports saw Foxconn profits rise significantly while Japan Display hit five straight years of losses.

While Foxconn’s fortunes are strongly tied to those of Apple, its strong Q3 performance may be despite, rather than because of, the Cupertino company …

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Foxconn Stories September 9

Foxconn’s legal problem, reported this morning, is also Apple’s problem.

Apple has long worked hard to ensure suppliers like Foxconn comply with labor regulations, conducting regular audits to ensure underage workers are not employed, and enforcing Apple’s own rules on things like maximum overtime hours.

However, there is one breach of China’s employment laws that would seem almost impossible for either Foxconn or Apple to resolve, at least in the short term…

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Foxconn Stories August 29

Foxconn has today shared its ambitious plans to make more iPhones in India — just as we get official confirmation that Chinese-made models will face 15% tariffs from December.

Foxconn currently has two assembly plants in India and says that it plans to expand those as well as open two more…

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Foxconn Stories June 21

Foxconn’s founder and largest shareholder Terry Gou says that he has urged Apple to move iPhone production out of China.

The statement may, however, be intended more for the ears of the Taiwanese electorate than for Apple …

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Foxconn Stories June 11

With US iPhones currently made in China, there has been much concern about the escalating trade war between the two countries. The worst-case scenario would be a 25% tariff on iPhones entering the US, which would either push up prices, hurt Apple’s bottom line, or both.

But Foxconn has said that the iPhone would be able to escape this fate, as the assembler has enough capacity in other countries to supply all US iPhones …

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