Foxconn Stories June 8

Foxconn recently spoke about some of its plans to become less dependent on iPhone assembly orders, and one of the company’s biggest initiatives is off to a good start …

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Foxconn Stories June 6

Being overly dependent on Apple orders can be dangerous to the health of a business. Ask Imagination Tech or Dialog. Which is why iPhone assembler Foxconn is seeking to diversify its business.

In a new interview, Louis Woo, special assistant to Foxconn chairman Terry Gou, outlined some of the company’s plans – and how it has to be careful not to be seen to be competing with Apple …

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Foxconn Stories May 23

When iPhone assembler Foxconn announced that it was building a new display plant in Wisconsin, there was much celebrating over the $10B investment. But it now seems that the company may be planning to scale back the plant …

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Foxconn Stories March 30

iPhone assembler Foxconn sees rise in holiday quarter profits despite gloomy expectations

Among the gloomy predictions being made for iPhone X sales, analysts were predicting that lead iPhone assembler Foxconn would announce declining profits for Q4 2017 …

Foxconn Stories March 26

A Hong-Kong based subsidiary, FIT Hon Teng, of Taiwan-based iPhone supplier Foxconn is looking to acquire Belkin, a well-known iPhone accessory maker.

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Foxconn Stories February 13

Foxconn branching out from iPhones into more expensive devices as it seeks to diversify

iPhone assembler Foxconn is seeking to diversify its production lines as it says the smartphone market has become stagnant. The company currently relies on Apple for around half of its revenue, but has ambitious plans for even higher-end manufacturing …

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