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Contract manufacturer Foxconn is trying to calm stock market fears after a report last week that it had laid-off 50,000 workers from its iPhone factory at Zhengzhou months earlier than expected.

It has made a statement in a stock exchange filing suggesting that it is recruiting even more workers for its other production facilities …

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Foxconn Stories January 18

Foxconn’s main iPhone assembly plant has cut around 50,000 contract jobs since October, says a new report.

As iPhone demand is seasonal, ramping up when new models are released and through the holiday season, and then reducing later, the company relies on a large influx of temporary workers to meet the changing production requirements. But this time it is said to have cut many of those contract jobs months earlier than usual …

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Foxconn Stories January 10

Foxconn revenue for December fell by 8%, reports the iPhone assembler, citing a large fall in demand in the ‘consumer product category.’

The company didn’t get any more specific than that, but in the light of Apple’s guidance downgrade for the holiday quarter, reduced demand for iPhones seems the most likely explanation …

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Foxconn Stories December 14, 2018

Apple may shift a larger portion of iPhone production to Pegatron, in order to comply with the iPhone sales ban injunction announced by a Chinese court on Monday. According to a report from Nikkei, iPhones assembled by Foxconn and Wistron are in infringement of Qualcomm patents … but Pegatron-produced iPhones are not (Qualcomm confirmed Pegatron is exempt).

Pegatron has a patent licensing agreement in place with Qualcomm that covers the two patents at the center of the ban. Apple believes that if its hand is forced, it can (at least partially) substitute Foxconn and Wistron assembly with Pegatron.

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Foxconn Stories October 11, 2018

Early sales of the iPhone XS and XS Max appear to have gone well, with iPhone assembler Foxconn reporting a record high for its Q3 revenue …

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Foxconn Stories September 25, 2018

Apple has reportedly had to rejig production plans for the iPhone XR after one of its suppliers ran into manufacturing issues with the new phone, due to go on sale on October 26 …

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