Foxconn Stories December 1

Foxconn closed-loop production, in which workers remain inside the campus 24/7 for up to a month at a time, is to continue – despite the fact that most of the city has been released from lockdown.

It had been hoped that a return to normal operation would improve conditions for workers, and help the company recruit new staff to replace those who left, but these hopes appear to have been dashed for now …

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Foxconn Stories November 30

The iPhone City lockdown has ended, allowing free movement of residents and workers in Zhengzhou, China. The move will help relieve pressures at the Foxconn plant after a massive production disruption that is estimated to have cost Apple around a billion dollars a week in lost iPhone sales.

The ending of COVID-19 restrictions in the city will allow Foxconn to exit the closed-loop production process, which has been a key factor in the plant’s recent troubles

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Foxconn Stories November 28

The iPhone 14 Pro shortage could hit as many as 6 million units before production recovers, according to a new report. The shortfall has already made it too late to order either of the Pro models in time for Christmas in many countries.

Additionally, large-scale lockdown protests in Shanghai could potentially put MacBook production at risk …

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Foxconn Stories November 25

There have been mass resignations of iPhone workers following the recent unrest at the plant, caused by Foxconn failing to pay the promised recruitment bonuses, and growing fears about the COVID-19 outbreak within the plant. More than 20,000 new hires are said to have left.

An internal estimate reportedly says that more than 30% of production could be lost, with iPhone 14 production already falling way behind demand in the crucial run up to the holidays …

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Foxconn Stories November 24

Foxconn admits it made a “technical error” that resulted in newly recruited iPhone workers being paid less than they had been promised. The admission follows violent clashes between workers and police at the world’s largest iPhone plant in Zhengzhou, China.

The company has pledged to correct the error for those who stay, and has offered compensation to any new recruits who no longer want to work there …

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Foxconn Stories November 23

Violent clashes between iPhone workers and police have been seen in video footage from Foxconn’s primary iPhone assembly plant in Zhengzhou, China. You can see the video clips below.

Workers say that promised bonuses (referred to in local reports as “subsidies”) have not been paid; that there is inadequate food and medical supplies for workers locked into the facility; and that the company is failing to properly separate infected and uninfected employees …

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Foxconn Stories November 11

The iPhone production crisis in China has led Foxconn to announce plans to quadruple its workforce in India. The move will not, however, solve the immediate problem.

While Apple and its suppliers have been working for years on reducing the company’s dependence on China as a manufacturing hub, progress has been painfully slow – especially for the iPhone …

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Foxconn Stories November 10

The COVID-19 disruption to iPhone 14 production at Foxconn’s primary assembly plant was bad enough for Apple to issue a warning about limited availability, and Foxconn has now issued a warning about the impact on its own prospects for the current quarter.

Foxconn says that revenue from consumer electronics assembly will fall in the all-important holiday quarter, which is usually a busy one for the company …

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Foxconn Stories November 9

China’s COVID-19 outbreaks are getting worse rather than better, with another major manufacturing and export hub under lockdown.

Some 4 million people in Guangzhou have been told to stay home, in what government officials have described as the worst outbreak since the start of the pandemic

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Foxconn Stories November 2

The Foxconn plant in Zhengzhou – colloquially known as iPhone City – is entering a week-long lockdown from today, following a growing COVID-19 outbreak within the facility.

Given that the plant was already operating closed-loop production, where workers live and work within the campus for up to a month at a time, it’s not immediately clear what form the iPhone City lockdown takes, but one report refers to it as a “seven-day closure” …

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Foxconn Stories November 1

Foxconn has more than tripled iPhone worker bonuses as it fights to persuade them to remain working in extremely tough conditions amid a COVID-19 outbreak within its largest iPhone assembly plant.

For those who go further, and agree to forgo their leave this month, the bonus could amount to a 1,000% increase – from 1,500 yuan ($200) to 15,000 yuan ($2000) …

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Foxconn Stories October 31

iPhone workers have reportedly been walking out in significant numbers after an outbreak of COVID-19 at the world’s largest iPhone assembly plant in Zhengzhou, China.

Some are worried about the risk of the infection, while others are unhappy about Foxconn’s stringent lockdown policies, which allow the plant to continue operations …

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Foxconn Stories October 26

A reported Foxconn COVID-19 outbreak in Zhengzhou – known locally as iPhone City – has been confirmed by the company, with some impact on iPhone 14 production.

However, Apple’s primary iPhone assembler says that the number of cases is low, and iPhone 14 production remains “relatively stable.” Foxconn has introduced tough lockdown rules to minimize the spread …

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Foxconn Stories October 4

Analysts have given conflicting views on iPhone 14 sales, but lead assembly partner Foxconn has reported a new monthly revenue record on the back of “storming” iPhone 14 Pro demand.

The company said that it is positive on the outlook for the current quarter, though remains cautious about the potential impact of continuing supply chain issues and inflation …

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Foxconn Stories August 29

A couple of weeks ago, part of iPad production stopped due to China’s worst heat wave in 60 years. Foxconn factory in the southwestern Sichuan province had to be shut down due to the higher temperatures. Now, with the heat wave easing, Foxconn is operating at normal capacity again.

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Foxconn Stories August 22

Apple supplier Foxconn has committed to invest $300 million more in northern Vietnam to diversify and boost production. The company will expand its facility in the country, according to a state media report.

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Foxconn Stories August 10

Foxconn earnings comfortably beat expectations during the second quarter of the year, coming in at NT$33.3B ($1.1B) against consensus projections of NT$30.8 ($1.02B).

Strong demand for the iPhone 13 made a direct contribution to the company’s income, of course, but it also indirectly helped with assembly of products for Sony and Dell …

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Foxconn Stories July 25

Full-on Foxconn COVID-19 precautions are back in effect, at the request of the city government in Shenzhen, China. The company has been asked to return to closed-loop production, where workers live in dormitory accommodation on the campus, and are prohibited from physical contact with anyone outside the factory complex – including family members.

While Foxconn is downplaying the measure, it is raising concerns about a repetition of Shanghai-style lockdowns that could create extremely difficult conditions for workers and other residents, as well as significantly disrupting production …

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Foxconn Stories July 13

Primary iPhone assembler Foxconn has reportedly bought a stake in China’s top chipmaker, Tsinghjau Unigroup – but appears to have done so without the necessary government approval.

The move comes at a time when Apple is seeking to widen its chip supplier roster to guard against supply chain disruptions …

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Foxconn Stories June 28

As the launch of iPhone 14 comes closer, Foxconn Technology Group’s largest iPhone factory is going on a hiring spree. Located in Zhengzhou in China, Foxconn is offering hiring bonuses to new workers as they prep for production of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14.

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Foxconn Stories May 31

Last week, rumors about a possible iPhone 14 delay rumors gained traction due to several lockdowns in China in the past few weeks. Now, Foxconn, the iPhone maker, has raised its outlook for the current quarter and 2022 in general by saying it’s improving supply chain stability in the country.

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Foxconn Stories May 12

Today saw key Apple supplier Foxconn warn that revenue could slip this quarter due to both slowing demand and growing supply-chain problems.

The company’s chairman said that there were many uncertainties in the market, and that Foxconn would be looking to further diversify to reduce its dependence on smartphone assembly …

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Foxconn Stories May 4

The Chinese city of Zhengzhou – known locally as iPhone City as it’s home to the world’s largest iPhone factory – has been placed into immediate lockdown following the discovery of COVID-19 infections.

This will have an immediate effect on iPhone 13 production, and also impacts Apple’s preparations for later iPhone 14 assembly …

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Foxconn Stories May 3

Taiwanese media reports that Apple asked Foxconn to begin recruiting iPhone 14 assembly workers earlier than usual in China, alongside boosting recruitment of those working on iPhone 13 production at its Zhenzhou plant.

Foxconn has responded by boosting its recruitment bonus by 30% in what is generally an off-season for iPhone production …

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