Foxconn Stories May 15

Foxconn says that the coronavirus impact on smartphone demand is set to be ‘enormous,’ and recovery will take ‘a very long time.’

Company chairman Liu Young-way made the comments as Foxconn reported first-quarter profits down 90% year-on-year as a result of production shutdowns in China at the height of the coronavirus crisis there …

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Foxconn Stories April 13

As we await ventilator production, Foxconn’s Wisconsin offices still empty

Foxconn’s Wisconsin offices remain empty a year after the company said it would “correct” statements about them being unoccupied, says a new report today…

Foxconn Stories April 9

Foxconn is implementing some of the world’s strictest coronavirus precautions as it aims to keep its one million workers safe and iPhone 12 production on schedule.

The Chinese government requires all factories to implement a series of specific safeguards, but Foxconn is going far further …

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Foxconn Stories April 8

Foxconn’s Wisconsin factory is a seemingly never-ending tale of conflicting claims about what it will do and when it will do it. The latest of these is that it will now be used to make medical ventilators, to help hospitals cope with demand for intensive care beds during the coronavirus crisis.

The Taiwanese company says that it will be partnering with a US medical firm …

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Foxconn Stories April 6

Foxconn’s Q1 sales fell 12% year-on-year, announced the company today, with disruption due to the coronavirus likely the main reason for this.

Lockdowns in China began at the end of January, with many Foxconn workers unable to travel home from a national holiday…

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Foxconn Stories March 30

There has been much speculation lately about whether or not Apple will need to delay iPhone 12 production, either due to supply-chain difficulties or over fears that demand won’t be there by the fall.

A new report today says that Foxconn’s iPhone 12 production remains on schedule, though there do remain doubts about upstream suppliers when it comes to mass-production in the summer …

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