TSMC Stories August 7

Apple chip supplier TSMC admits downtime caused by unpatched Windows systems

TSMC, sole supplier of the A-series chips used in Apple’s iPhones and other devices, has admitted that the ultimate cause of its virus-induced downtime was the use of unpatched Windows systems …

TSMC Stories August 6

Analysts believe that the computer virus which shut down several factories at TSMC – the sole supplier of Apple’s A-series chips – could delay shipments of Apple’s new iPhones.

TSMC had previously said that it expected the production line shutdowns to impact Q3 revenues by 3%, suggesting a small but still significant impact on its capacity …

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TSMC Stories August 4

Update: In a statement, TSMC said the virus incident would reduce estimated third quarter revenues by 3%, as well as shipment delays that would be caught up by the fourth quarter.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple supplier TSMC was forced to shut down several of its factories late last night due to a “computer virus.” While details are unclear at this point, the shutdown comes as TSMC is ramping up chip production for the new iPhone models coming this year…

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TSMC Stories July 19

TSMC optimistic about 2018 iPhone sales after period of ‘lethargic’ smartphone demand

Apple A-series chipmaker TSMC is optimistic about sales of this year’s iPhones, forecasting ‘high single-digit’ sales growth following ‘lethargic’ demand for smartphone chips …

TSMC Stories June 21

It was reported back in January that TSMC was investing in a 5nm chip fabrication process as part of its efforts to retain its sole supplier status for Apple’s A-series chips.

The company has now confirmed this report …

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TSMC Stories April 23

Apple’s key supplier TSMC is looking ahead to a strong year in terms of profitability, even if total revenue is lower, driven by production of new iPhone chips.

Via Digitimes, TSMC is set to manufacture the system-on-a-chip for 2018 iPhones, dubbed Apple A12. The chip wafers are expected to be made with a 7 nanometer process. The current A11 chip inside iPhone X and iPhone 8 uses a 10nm feature size.

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