TSMC Stories May 24

Apple is helping A-series and M1 chipmaker TSMC get COVID-19 vaccines for its employees after an appeal for help from the Taiwanese government, according to a new report today.

Taiwan had long had an excellent record at keeping the pandemic under control on the island – with zero cases for eight months straight – but that record has now come to an abrupt end …

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TSMC Stories May 4

It’s almost a year since TSMC announced that it was planning to spend $12B on a chip plant in Arizona, but a new report today suggests that this is just the start.

The first plant is due to begin production in 2024, and sources now claim that additional chip-fabrication plants in the state will follow …

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TSMC Stories April 1

Apple A-series and M1 chipmaker TSMC has announced dramatic investment plans to help address the global chip shortage.

The company had previously announced plans for a record $28B investment in capital expenditure, but now says that will be just part of a massive $100B investment over the next three years …

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TSMC Stories March 18

It was reported yesterday that the global chip shortage was “affecting everyone except Apple,” with two factors insulating the iPhone maker. That isn’t quite accurate, as iPhone 12 production has been constrained by shortages of both power management chips and LiDAR components, but it’s certainly true that the Cupertino company is in a much better position than most.

However, it seems Apple may have another worry, as a Samsung plant responsible for 5% of global chip supply has been out of action for over a month …

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TSMC Stories March 1

Apple A-series and M1 chipmaker TSMC is preparing to raise more than half a billion dollars to fund an Arizona chip plant and more as it responds to the global chip shortage.

President Biden recently urged TSMC to step up production as US companies are being hit hard by the shortage…

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TSMC Stories January 25

TSMC COVID-19 countermeasures boosted after fresh outbreak

A report today says that TSMC COVID-19 countermeasures are being significantly stepped up after an fresh outbreak of the coronavirus in Taiwan …

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