TSMC Stories October 18

Supply chain resources suggested this week that TSMC revenue for the final quarter of the year might be weaker than expected – and the company has now confirmed this, predicting weaker sales in some areas of its business.

But the company does not include its smartphone chip business in this assessment …

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TSMC Stories October 16

Taiwanese suppliers are said to be ‘cautious’ about iPhone XR orders, despite an analyst report yesterday suggesting that the new lower-priced model will do better than the iPhone 8 did in its launch quarter …

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

TSMC Stories October 12

Apple has been firing on all cylinders recently with its CPU chip design; Apple’s A12 chip continued this trend and allows for the iPhone XS to easily outstrip the competition on speed tests and benchmarks. Of course, whilst Apple designs these chips in-house it does not manufacture them. That responsibility lies on TSMC’s shoulders. TSMC has been the exclusive manufacturer for Apple’s chips since the A10 chip in 2016.

According to Digitimes, that trend is set to continue with the next generation of processors which will power the fall 2019 iPhones. Apple has publicly praised TSMC for being able to mass produce to high quality, and be agile to new technology. At the A12 debut last month, Apple boasted how it was able to be the first company to ship phones with chips fabricated at a 7nm process — in large parts thanks to TSMC’s competency.

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TSMC Stories September 4

Apple is likely to establish a technical lead over most smartphone brands as the company moves to a 7nm process for the A12 chip that will power this year’s flagship iPhones. That lead could last well into next year.

Supply-chain sources say that most brands are unlikely to use sub-10nm chips for some time yet …

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TSMC Stories August 7

Apple chip supplier TSMC admits downtime caused by unpatched Windows systems

TSMC, sole supplier of the A-series chips used in Apple’s iPhones and other devices, has admitted that the ultimate cause of its virus-induced downtime was the use of unpatched Windows systems …

TSMC Stories August 6

Analysts believe that the computer virus which shut down several factories at TSMC – the sole supplier of Apple’s A-series chips – could delay shipments of Apple’s new iPhones.

TSMC had previously said that it expected the production line shutdowns to impact Q3 revenues by 3%, suggesting a small but still significant impact on its capacity …

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