TSMC Stories May 20

Plans for a $12 billion TSMC US plant to be built in Arizona raise serious national security and competition questions, say three Democrat senators.

Apple A-series chip supplier TSMC announced plans last week to build a chip fabrication plant in Arizona. It’s expected that at least some of the chips made for iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs will be produced there…

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TSMC Stories May 15

After a few days of rumors, it is now official. TSMC announced in a press release that it intends to build a chip factory in the United States, specifically in Arizona.

Construction is expected to begin in 2021 and the first chips from the fab could be manufactured in 2024. TSMC is the exclusive manufacturer of the A-series chips Apple uses in its iOS devices.

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TSMC Stories May 14

A new report today from the Wall Street Journal reiterates that Apple supplier TSMC is in negotiations to build a multibillion-dollar manufacturing plant in Arizona. This follows up its original report from earlier this week, with today’s report adding that an announcement could be made this week.

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TSMC Stories May 11

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Trump administration is discussing with chip manufacturers including TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor) and Intel about the possibility of building fabrication plants in the United States.

TSMC manufacturers the core system-on-a-chip silicon that Apple relies on for its iOS devices (and soon Macs too). The upcoming A14 chip that will debut in the iPhone 12 will be built on a 5 nanometer process. This manufacturing currently happens in China, but the US government is campaigning these companies to start domestic chip production.

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TSMC Stories April 16

The latest TSMC earnings report suggests that the company is reasonably optimistic about demand for the new iPhone SE, but is far less certain what may happen in regard to the iPhone 12 launch later in the year.

The iPhone A-series chipmaker beat analyst estimates for Q1, almost doubling its net profit, and had a relatively upbeat forecast for Q2 …

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TSMC Stories February 4

Major Apple suppliers say that they currently plan to resume production in China on February 10.

Most large Chinese companies have extended the Chinese new year holiday in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus. February 10 is the government’s target date to re-open factories and re-start production…

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