TSMC Stories November 19

Market intelligence firm TrendForce is out with a new report, in which it predicts that the A15 chip in Apple’s 2021 iPhones will stick with a 5nm process, but will move to an enhanced ‘5nm+’ version.

The A16 chip for the 2022 iPhones are expected to move to a 4nm process, though the company does add a rider to this …

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TSMC Stories October 8

Apple suppliers are among the Taiwanese tech companies being pressured by the White House to move their manufacturing operations away from China, says a new report today.

Washington is said to have “weaponized tech supply chains” against China…

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TSMC Stories September 9

Chip production for the first Apple Silicon Macs is reported to be on schedule for launch before the end of the year.

A new supply-chain report today says that mass-production is set to kick off in the final quarter of the year …

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TSMC Stories August 25

Apple A-series chipmaker TSMC has given an indication of the potential iPhone 12 performance and power efficiency improvements we might see from this year’s flagship phones.

The A14 chip in the iPhone 12 is expected to be based on a 5nm process, compared to the 7nm process used in the A13 chip which powers the iPhone 11. We’ve previously seen estimates of the impact of the smaller process, but TSMC has now touted its own numbers …

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TSMC Stories July 16

Apple chipmaker TSMC says that while we’re expecting to see the first Apple Silicon Macs before the end of this year, there will be a big boost in production from the second half of 2021.

Apple itself has said that it expects to complete the transition from Intel to ARM-based Macs within two years, but hasn’t given any indication on which models to expect when …

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TSMC Stories June 11

Controversy over the planned TSMC US plant continues. There are bipartisan moves in both the Senate and House to argue that if a Taiwanese company is given subsidies to build a semiconductor plant in the US, the same should apply to American-owned companies.

It follows news that TSMC is seeking huge subsidies from the US government in order to proceed with plans to build a plant in Arizona …

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