5G Stories January 10

As if some of the marketing hype around 5G weren’t already silly enough, the cable industry is hitting back with an absurd 10G marketing campaign.

5G doesn’t just offer the potential for dramatically better mobile data speeds: it could also be fast enough to allow people to use a mobile hotspot to replace their home broadband connection, and it is this prospect which is frightening cable companies …

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5G Stories January 9

U.S. carriers are racing to get 5G up and running, and with the transition from 4G LTE, there’s a ton of controversy regarding the upcoming new wireless standards. Most of the controversy is coming from AT&T, which recently pushed an update to select Android phones to replace the 4G LTE logo with a 5G E logo instead.

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The launch of 5G smartphones could revitalize sales in a stagnant global market and a shrinking one in China, suggests a new report.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been defending Apple’s prospects after the market was shocked by a dramatic downgrading of its own guidance for the holiday quarter. The fall in sales is, says the company, almost entirely in China – and this is something not specific to Apple

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5G Stories December 9, 2018

5G is coming soon. And although it seems pretty clear Apple is going to skip the next-gen wireless service in the 2019 iPhone, most Android manufacturers have made one thing certain: they’ll have at least one 5G offering as early as summer 2019.

We’ve been hearing about how 5G is bringing the next-generation of wireless service for years now. However, with casual internet browsing already at incredible speeds, paired with healthy download times on even the largest 4K movie and TV files, it seems ambiguous as to how impactful 5G will be on our day-to-day lives.

Let’s dive in and breakdown why 5G is going to be critically important in the next decade.

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5G Stories December 3, 2018

Just as it has done in the past with the 3G and LTE transition, Bloomberg says Apple will bide its time and not jump on the 5G cellular train with the 2019 iPhone. Carriers will rollout 5G coverage in certain areas next year, and manufacturers like Samsung are set to launch 5G-capable phones at the same time.

The report says Apple will wait at least until the 2020 iPhone revision to add 5G radios. Bloomberg’s report, citing sources familiar with the matter, lines up with the supply chain mumblings we’ve been hearing.

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5G Stories November 14, 2018

A couple of recent reports have suggested that the first 5G iPhones may be launched in 2020, but one major carrier has warned that we shouldn’t expect too much too soon …

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