5G Stories September 19

FCC lets companies like Apple test beyond-5G tech in NYC and Salt Lake City

Apple has been testing 5G since 2017, but the FCC licenses required to test experimental mobile data tech come with pretty stringent restrictions. For example, one such license limited Apple to tests in two very specific locations

Verizon 5G’s New York City launch takes place later this month, with coverage set to come to select parts of three boroughs on September 26.

New York will be the 11th city to see some degree of 5G coverage from Verizon, with a further 20+ cities due to be included by the end of the year…

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5G Stories September 16

While rival smartphones may tease Apple over launching a non 5G iPhone as its flagship this year, the reality is that there is so little coverage as yet that it’s almost irrelevant.

Waiting a year also enables Apple to benefit from two upcoming developments in 5G chips…

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5G Stories September 2

US and Poland urge stronger checks for spyware in foreign-made 5G equipment

The United States and Poland have signed a joint declaration calling for stronger checks on foreign-made 5G equipment to ensure it doesn’t contain spyware…

5G Stories August 27

Sprint’s 5G coverage rolls out to NYC, LA, Washington, DC, and Phoenix, hotspot device an option for Apple users

Sprint is bringing its 5G cellular coverage to more users today as the network expands to NYC, LA, Washington, DC, and Phoenix. For now, Sprint’s 5G network works with a few Android smartphones but there’s also a hotspot device that could be an option for Apple users who want to give the next gen network a shot.

5G Stories August 2

Verizon’s latest ‘unlimited’ plans are still limited, but more flexible

In a world in which words meant anything, there would be one unlimited plan per carrier. In the real world, meanwhile, Verizon has four ‘unlimited’ plans. These don’t get any less confusing in their latest incarnation, but at least you do get more flexibility…

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