5G Stories April 22

With Apple’s months-long patent royalty battle with Qualcomm settled as of last week, the pathway to reliable 5G iPhones seems clear. Now reliable supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities has new predictions about what to expect for iPhones including new details about 5G iPhone chips.

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5G Stories April 18

Industry experts have explained why Apple needed to sign a multi-year purchasing deal with Qualcomm after its hopes of switching to Intel finally fell apart: it will take years to design, develop and test an Apple 5G chip.

Indeed, they say, a modem is one of the most complex chips found in a smartphone …

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5G Stories April 17

Yesterday brought a dramatic end to a long-running series of lawsuits between Apple and Qualcomm – with Intel news following close behind. Here’s a look at what’s likely to happened between Apple, Qualcomm and Intel …

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5G Stories April 3

It has been common knowledge in the rumor mill that Apple is not ready to debut an iPhone in 2019 with 5G radios. Apple has never been early to adopting new cellular standards and 5G deployment in 2019 is very scarce anyway.

However, general consensus has indicated that Apple wants to release a 5G iPhone model in 2020. UBS analyst Timothy Arcuri released a report today that says there is an increasing likelihood that Apple will not be able to launch a 5G iPhone next year.

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5G Stories March 25

After years of arguments, we do seem to be slowly winding our way toward a final showdown between Apple and Qualcomm over radio chip patents. The two companies are currently arguing one case before the the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), and are due to begin a US civil lawsuit next month. And the latest weapon in the former case is 5G.

Each sides is attempting to persuade the ITC that 5G is such a crucial technology it’s essential it prevails …

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5G Stories March 13

Verizon previously detailed that it plans on launching its 5G service in 30 cities by next year. Now it has revealed that users in Chicago and Minneapolis will be the first to use the next generation cellular standard. However, there are a couple of catches, including a price hike.

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