5G Stories February 14

UK carrier Three deploying 5G in time for ‘critical’ launch of new iPhones

UK carrier Three is launching 5G service at the end of the month, saying that this year’s flagship iPhones will be a ‘critical’ point in demand for the faster data service…

5G Stories January 21

The launch of 5G iPhones this year will help 2020 device growth, predicts Gartner, before the decline returns next year.

Gartner’s annual global device forecast aims to predict shipments for all sizes of computing devices, from smartwatches to PCs. The company says that this year will see a rare return to growth…

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5G Stories January 14

Two analysts are predicting a new AAPL high this year, suggesting that the stock could climb to $375 and $400 respectively by the year’s end.

While there’s a strong consensus that Apple including 5G support in this year’s iPhones will see a significant surge in sales, analysts D.A. Davidson say that the impact will last well beyond this year…

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5G Stories January 13

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said that this year’s iPhones will support ‘true’ 5G, aka mmWave 5G, despite an earlier analyst report.

A report last week from analysts at Susquehanna claimed that this year’s iPhones would only support sub-6GHz 5G. This does typically offer somewhat faster speeds than LTE, and significantly lower latency, but doesn’t match the far higher speeds offered by mmWave 5G…

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5G Stories December 26, 2019

One of Apple’s suppliers is expecting a lucrative year of business in 2020 thanks to the wave of 5G smartphones set to head to production, including the iPhone 12. China will lead the way with orders for components needed for 5G devices early in 2020 with Apple expected to place orders for components in the middle of the year.

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5G Stories December 24, 2019

Supply-chain reports point to Apple gearing up for double-digit growth in iPhone sales next year, with signs suggesting that a high proportion of iPhone owners will upgrade for 5G.

One Apple analyst believes that Wall Street is underestimating the iPhone’s prospects for 2020 and beyond…

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