5G Stories Today

Verizon has launched its first 5G hotspot device today, giving users in select US cities the ability to take advantage of the next-generation cellular network. This also means Verizon customers will be able to try out 5G with an iPhone before Apple includes built-in 5G modems expected in 2020.

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5G Stories Yesterday

NYT explains how one mistaken graph created the 5G health hazard myth

Look in the comments section of pretty much any piece on 5G — here or elsewhere — and there’s a good chance that the 5G health hazard myth will be raised by someone. Sometimes with colorful claims, like 5G tests killing birds in mid-flight…

5G Stories July 16

A bipartisan bill is calling for greater US investment in 5G technology in order to combat China’s current dominance of the technology.

Specifically, it calls for US companies to have a greater say in setting standards for the 5G network, though would not allocate additional funding to facilitate this…

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

5G Stories June 26

We’re going to have to wait until 2020 for a 5G iPhone, but a real-life 5G test shows that may not be a bad thing. There are quite a few issues for carriers to address with 5G performance and plans …

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5G Stories June 10

A third UK carrier has announced its launch plans for 5G service. 5G on Three will launch in London at some point in August, with 25 other cities and towns by the end of the year …

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5G Stories May 22

EE 5G service will beat Vodafone to market in the UK, starting next week

Vodafone was first to announce its 5G rollout in the UK last week, but it’s been beaten to launch by a rival network. EE 5G service will start next week, well ahead of Vodafone’s July date …

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