5G Stories April 8

Verizon has expanded its 5G Home Internet service today with the latest cities being Milwaukee and Tampa. The service is now available across 30 US cities, has no data cap, and the carrier says users can expect average speeds of 300 Mbps.

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5G Stories April 7

T-Mobile’s 5G home internet service has been in the works for several years and today the carrier has officially launched the offering. The company says its 5G home internet is available for 30 million homes in the US and offers some compelling features like average speeds around 100Mbps, no data caps, hardware rentals, or contracts from $60/month.

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5G Stories March 31

Almost five years after Niantic helped popularize augmented reality (AR) with Pokémon GO, the company, with Planet-Scale AR Alliance, is debuting a new 5G AR experience with Codename: Urban Legends. The game is designed as a demo to showcase the power of 5G and AR.

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5G Stories March 19

Survey: iPhone buyers prefer battery life over 5G, plan 3-year upgrade cycle

A new study looking into what smartphone features matter most to iPhone and Android users reveals that 5G is on the bottom of the list with longer battery life being the top request. Other findings include that about 1 out of 3 consumers plan to keep their smartphones for more than three years.

5G Stories March 15

A new report from Opensignal paints a rough picture for how 5G performance on the iPhone 12 lineup stacks up against Android smartphones in the US. The majority of the top 25 fastest 5G smartphones ended up being made by Samsung and while iPhone 12 saw a 2.3x jump in 5G speeds compared to its 4G iPhone speeds, Apple’s first 5G iPhones placed at the bottom of the pack and behind at least 25 Android smartphones for overall download speed.

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5G Stories March 12

As carriers gradually move beyond LTE, we’re starting to see 5G home broadband services compete with cable and fiber as your primary internet service provider.

Verizon has announced an expansion of its existing 5G Home service to 10 more cities, and T-Mobile has said that its own version will launch before the end of this month …

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