5G Stories November 25

US mobile carriers are trying to reduce 5G aviation fears by offering to temporarily reduce base station power across the country, with output very tightly limited near airports. They propose to do this for six months, to allow time for the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) to carry out further studies.

The situation appears to be rather a bizarre one given the complete lack of evidence for any risks of interference with aircraft …

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5G Stories November 19

Part of US 5G rollout delayed over aviation fears; UK to toughen law on mobile use while driving

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has asked mobile carriers to delay part of their US 5G rollout plans over fears that new frequencies could interfere with altimeters on aircraft – despite no supporting evidence …

5G Stories November 15

T-Mobile makes good on plan to cover 200 million people with its mid-band and mmWave 5G

T-Mobile has been moving quickly to build out its mid and high-band 5G coverage across the US and the uncarrier has shared an update on that work today. Coming a month and a half earlier than its self-imposed goal, T-Mobile says its “Ultra Capacity 5G” now “reaches 200 million people nationwide.”

5G Stories October 14

Opensignal is out with its quarterly report on 5G in the US. For the October study, the findings include T-Mobile having the fastest average 5G download speeds for the fourth time in a row – now more than doubling its competitors. Meanwhile, Verizon came in on top for 5G video, games, and voice apps.

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5G Stories October 7

Verizon expands 5G UWB and 5G Home Internet to more US cities [Update: Here are the latest 7]

On the heels of announcing a new 10-year partnership with the NFL, Verizon has also unveiled the latest US cities to gain the high-speed 5G ultrawide band and 5G Home Internet coverage. The expansion brings the former to 82 cities with the latter now available in 57.

Update 10/7: Verizon’s 5G Home Internet and 5G UWB is now available in 7 more US cities.

5G Stories September 16

5G on the iPhone is not a new thing, as Apple first introduced support for the new ultra-fast network last year with the iPhone 12 line. iPhone 13 not only still supports 5G, but also expands it with more bands — and that should drive 5G adoption even further around the world.

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5G Stories September 2

Opensignal is out with a new analyst report today diving into how US states and cities compare when looking at 5G speeds, availability, video performance, and more. When it comes to the fastest average download speeds, New York state came out on top while Illinois and Texas led for availability. Keep reading for a look at the findings from Opensignal’s comprehensive new US 5G study.

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5G Stories August 11

With the iOS 15 announcement at WWDC 2021 in June, Apple revealed that the next version of its operating system comes with a new feature to prioritize the 5G connection over Wi-Fi on compatible devices. Now the company has released a new tool for developers to allow them to test this new feature with their apps.

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5G Stories August 5

Verizon expands 5G Business Internet, now available in 42 cities with speeds up to 400 Mbps [U: 5 new cities]

Verizon is continuing a consistent rollout of its 5G Business Internet to more cities. The high-speed service is now available in 18 more markets bringing the total to 42. Speeds go up to 400 Mbps with no data caps and Verizon is also offering businesses up to $1,500 to cover early termination fees for new customers.

Update 8/5: Five more cities now have access to Verizon’s 5G Business Internet bringing the total to 47.

5G Stories July 14

While Apple entered the 5G phone market after Samsung, the iPhone 12 line has been a major splash for 5G adoption. Competition between US carriers to win over iPhone customers with the best 5G experience is real, so we’re curious how the next generation of wireless service has been so far for readers.

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5G Stories July 13

Opensignal is out with an updated quarterly report on the state of 5G in the US. This time around, the findings include T-Mobile winning again for 5G availability, download/upload speeds, and more. And the carrier also saw a solid average download speed increase putting it close to 100 Mbps.

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5G Stories June 23

A new report from reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo today reiterated expectations for the next-gen iPhone SE. Kuo believes the two big upgrades will be 5G and an upgraded processor, with the new entry-level iPhone coming in 1H 2022.

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5G Stories June 16

Average mobile data usage now exceeds 10GB per month, says a new report. The increase in data usage is partly driven by growth in 5G devices, with 5G users set to double this year.

But two further factors explain the surprisingly high figure, says mobile network company Ericsson…

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5G Stories June 2

Verizon is rolling out its 5G Home Internet service to more US cities this month, bringing the total 40. Along with average 300 Mbps speeds and self setup, the carrier is hoping to entice new customers by paying up to $500 for early termination fees.

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5G Stories May 20

The iPhone 12 led record smartphone shipments in Japan in the past 12 months, including a dramatic boost in 5G models. Japan saw a 17% increase in smartphone shipments, and a 40-fold increase in shipments of 5G smartphones.

Apple was the clear market leader in 5G phones, accounting for almost half of total shipments, with Samsung and three Japanese brands making up the rest of the top five …

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5G Stories April 30

Buying a 5G iPad Pro through Apple? Here’s how to get up to $200 back

The new iPad Pro is the first of Apple’s tablets to come with 5G for the cellular models. While Apple normally doesn’t do discounts, it’s partnered with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon to offer rebates when you buy a cellular iPad Pro through the Apple Store – but there is some fine print to sift through. Follow along for how the 5G iPad Pro rebate works through Apple.

5G Stories April 28

Opensignal is out with its latest studies on 5G coverage and performance in the US. Through the first part of 2021, T-Mobile is still leading the 5G race when it comes to availability and average speeds. But AT&T and Verizon were able to outperform the Uncarrier with their 5G games and video experiences. And a fascinating finding is how rarely users are actually connected to mmWave 5G.

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5G Stories April 20

Verizon expanding Ultra Wideband 5G and 5G Home Internet to these new cities

Verizon has announced today that its super-fast Ultra Wideband 5G coverage is coming to four more US cities. And just after announcing its 5G Home Internet is available in 30 cities, three new ones are getting access.

5G Stories April 15

On the heels of Verizon making its 5G Home Internet for consumers available in 30 cities with average speeds of 300 Mbps, the carrier is expanding the same service for businesses. Verizon’s 5G Business Internet is now available in 21 more US cities and includes up to 400 Mbps plans with no data caps and a 10-year price lock.

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iPhone 12: How to manually manage 5G to optimize for speed or battery life

Next-generation 5G cellular service is one of the key features of the iPhone 12 lineup. Apple is using a “5G Auto” setting it refers to as “Smart Data mode” as the default to give users a balance between network speed and battery life. Follow along for how to turn 5G on/off on iPhone 12, including how to keep it on permanently or turn it off completely.

5G Stories April 8

Verizon has expanded its 5G Home Internet service today with the latest cities being Milwaukee and Tampa. The service is now available across 30 US cities, has no data cap, and the carrier says users can expect average speeds of 300 Mbps.

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5G Stories April 7

T-Mobile’s 5G home internet service has been in the works for several years and today the carrier has officially launched the offering. The company says its 5G home internet is available for 30 million homes in the US and offers some compelling features like average speeds around 100Mbps, no data caps, hardware rentals, or contracts from $60/month.

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5G Stories March 31

Almost five years after Niantic helped popularize augmented reality (AR) with Pokémon GO, the company, with Planet-Scale AR Alliance, is debuting a new 5G AR experience with Codename: Urban Legends. The game is designed as a demo to showcase the power of 5G and AR.

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5G Stories March 19

Survey: iPhone buyers prefer battery life over 5G, plan 3-year upgrade cycle

A new study looking into what smartphone features matter most to iPhone and Android users reveals that 5G is on the bottom of the list with longer battery life being the top request. Other findings include that about 1 out of 3 consumers plan to keep their smartphones for more than three years.

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