5G Stories August 4

T-Mobile has today switched on a standalone 5G network, and is promising better coverage and performance. It says the move will see its 5G coverage extend to almost 2,000 more towns and cities.

Carriers have so far piggy-backed sub-6Ghz 5G service onto their existing LTE networks. This is an effective way to roll out coverage quickly, but does come with some limitations …

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5G Stories July 16

Ad watchdog ‘recommends’ that Verizon stop making misleading 5G claims

The National Advertising Division (NAD) has ‘recommended’ that Verizon stop making misleading 5G claims. The carrier was found to have been running ads which implied that its 5G coverage was both faster and more extensive than it really is …

5G Stories June 30

Ahead of the iPhone 12 lineup debuting this fall with 5G support, Opensignal is out with a report on the major US carriers’ 5G performance. Leading by a big margin for average 5G speed is Verizon, but T-Mobile handily won 1st place for availability. Read on for a break down of where US carriers are at with rolling out 5G.

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AT&T 5G service extends to 28 more cities across 14 states, plus Puerto Rico

AT&T 5G service has now gone live in a further 28 US cities and counties. The carrier says that this takes its 5G coverage to a total of 355 markets, reaching 179 million people …

There have been conflicting reports about what sort of 5G support will be offered by the iPhone 12 – specifically, will all of this year’s iPhones get mmWave 5G, or will that be limited to specific models or certain countries?

Some have suggested that only the iPhone 12 Pro models will get the faster mmWave 5G, while others have reported that it will be limited to certain countries. A new supply-chain report doesn’t fully answer the question, but does shed a little light …

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5G Stories June 25

Analysts at Wedbush say that Apple’s supply chain has made impressive strides in ramping up production capabilities, putting the iPhone 12 back on track for a September launch.

The supply chain getting back to normalization ahead of expectations has been impressive and now ultimately puts Cook & Co. back in the drivers seat to launch this 5G cycle in its typical mid-late September timeframe …

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