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iPhone and iPad users were rather surprised to see an AT&T 5G E symbol appear back in February. Surprised partly because AT&T didn’t have a 5G network at the time, and partly because no current iPhone or iPad could connect to one anyway.

What AT&T launched then was a fake 5G which was really just a form of LTE that had existed since 2014. It’s continued to use the misleading symbol despite a lawsuit and full page ad designed to draw attention to the fakery, but has now finally launched the real thing …

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5G Stories November 25

Apple is reportedly telling its supply chain partners to expect in excess of 100 million orders for the iPhone 12 next year, as reported by Digitimes.

For 2019, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro is expected to sell around 80 million units. A jump to 100 million or more would represent a significant increase in sales demand. This level of customer interest is apparently fueled by the 5G ‘super cycle’ although the iPhone 12 is also expected to feature significant hardware upgrades compared to the last couple of years.

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5G Stories October 30

While Apple is running a year behind most flagship smartphones in supporting 5G, a new report today says that next year’s iPhones will have most advanced 5G chip on the market.

The report echoes earlier ones in stating that all three 2020 iPhones will be 5G-compatible, but this one has more specifics…

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5G Stories October 25

Verizon 5G coverage comes to (parts of) Dallas and Omaha, Nebraska

Verizon 5G coverage is now live in Dallas and Omaha, Nebraska, says the carrier. That brings the network’s 5G service to a total of 15 US cities…

5G Stories October 22

Sprint 5G now reaches 16M people, claims carrier; six times faster than LTE

Sprint 5G service now reaches a total of around 16M people, claimed the carrier today. Although it has not added any new cities to its coverage, it says that it now offers 5G service in more places within each of the nine cities in which it is available…

5G Stories October 17

In the UK, O2 5G launches today, with no additional charges over 4G plans

The last of the big four UK carriers to announce its 5G plans has now done so. O2 5G service has officially launched today, though with the same extremely limited coverage seen on other networks…

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