5G Stories May 21

As we await the launch of the iPhone 12 – the first iPhone to support 5G – a new report tells us what we can expect in terms of 5G speeds and availability from various US and international carriers – and the news is very mixed …

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5G Stories May 20

AT&T saw heavy criticism from both users and competitors after it started branding its 4G LTE service as “5G E” in smartphone and tablet status bars starting back in 2019. Now, over a year later, AT&T has said it will stop using 5G Evolution (5G E) branding (though it “respectfully disagrees”) after a National Advertising Review Board decision found it to be misleading.

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5G Stories April 29

Qualcomm reported its fiscal Q2 2020 earnings today, announcing revenue of $5.21 billion and earnings-per-share of $0.88. Both of those numbers are above Wall Street expectations, but Qualcomm also predicted a forthcoming 30% drop in handset shipments.

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5G Stories April 27

Coronavirus hoax messages get less viral as WhatsApp safeguards take effect

The spread of coronavirus hoax messages has been significantly curtailed by new safeguards put into place earlier this month, says WhatsApp

5G Stories April 24

Update: The WLAN Association has announced that the FCC has, as we predicted, voted in favor.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that it will be voting on a plan to open up the 6GHz band for general use by device makers.

The FCC positions this as a fivefold increase in the spectrum available for Wi-Fi use, but in reality, it will be used for very short-range communications, with two specific uses likely by Apple…

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5G Stories April 23

Twitter has started removing ‘harmful’ tweets with coronavirus disinformation

Coronavirus disinformation tweets are being removed by Twitter where they are considered ‘harmful,’ says the social network …

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