AT&T Stories April 24

AT&T has announced today that its CEO Randall Stephenson will be stepping down at the end of Q2 with COO John Stankey to fill the role. The wireless executive shakeup comes a bit earlier than expected based on Stephenson’s previous comments.

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AT&T Stories April 22

AT&T is dramatically ramping up the rollout of its 5G network to new markets. The carrier is nearly doubling the availability of its low-band 5G network, bringing it to 90 new areas starting today.

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AT&T Stories March 12

AT&T suspends data caps and overage fees for broadband users during coronavirus outbreak

AT&T has announced that it will suspend all broadband usage caps as companies implement work from home policies due to the coronavirus pandemic. Following AT&T’s announcement, Motherboard reports that consumer groups and lawmakers are pressuring other ISPs to implement similar policies.

AT&T Stories February 28

[Update: $200M fine proposed] FCC investigation finds wireless carriers broke federal law by selling user location data

Just about a year ago, it came to light just how easy it was to buy the real-time location data of US wireless customers via lax carrier standards, shady third-parties, and bounty hunters. Now after an “extensive investigation” the FCC has declared that “one or more wireless carriers apparently violated federal law.”

AT&T Stories February 20

T-Mobile tops Verizon to earn best ‘wireless purchase experience’ in J.D. Power study

J.D. Power is out with its latest study looking at the best wireless purchase experience in the US. T-Mobile came in first place, beating out Verizon and AT&T when it came to overall satisfaction.

AT&T Stories January 23

Opensignal is out today with its Mobile Network Experience Report for the US covering the second half of 2019. While Verizon did take home the most awards overall, T-Mobile almost had as good of a rating for 4G availability ahead of 5G rolling out more widely. And AT&T took the prize for the fastest download speeds.

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