AT&T Stories February 14

Following AT&T’s 5GE marketing controversy, another carrier is making a similar move with ‘4.5G’

Last week, AT&T’s controversial 5G E service icon started showing up on iPhones and iPads running the second iOS 12.2 beta, even though it isn’t true 5G service. Now, another carrier is taking a play from AT&T’s book, although with a strange and lazy approach.

AT&T Stories February 12

AT&T has announced the latest cities to be upgraded with its 5G network. However, there aren’t really any devices that can make use of it yet. In any case, Chicago and Minneapolis will be the latest to see the next generation cellular network.

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AT&T Stories February 8

Updated with AT&T statement, below.

Sprint is suing AT&T over the latter’s decision to push a fake 5G label to both Android and iPhone smartphones when the coverage it actually offers is a version of 4G.

AT&T first started using the controversial 5G E label at the end of December, possibly in an attempt to be seen to make good on a promise it made at the beginning of last year …

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AT&T Stories February 7

[Update: Over 200 bounty hunters bought data ‘tens of thousands of times’] User location data sold by AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint is making its way to bounty hunters, says report

A new report from Motherboard today takes a look into the practices of US wireless carriers selling user location data to third-parties. While it’s often credit card and other financial companies buying the location data for fraud detection and more, Motherboard says some rogue third-parties have access to user location data and it’s landing the hands of bounty hunters and the black market.

AT&T Stories February 5

Here we go again… another generation of cellular technologies and another way to confuse customers in the U.S. In the latest release of iOS 12.2, Apple joined many other Android manufacturers in adding the “5G E” logo for AT&T customers.

Similar to the transition to 4G LTE, where AT&T and T-Mobile misled its customers by adding a 4G logo on the iPhone, despite only being HSPA+ and not LTE, AT&T is now back at it again, labeling LTE-A as “5G E”.

So what is 5G E? Is it true 5G? Find out more after the break…

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AT&T Stories February 4

AT&T has started to roll out an update to some iPhone and iPad users running the latest iOS 12.2 beta 2 update that changes their LTE service icon to “5G E,” short for 5G Evolution. This controversial move from the US carrier comes after it has done the same for some Android smartphones.

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