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Apple's new wireless, cord-free earbuds

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October 2015 - September 2017

  • Wireless cord-free Bluetooth earbuds
  • 5 hours battery life
  • Charging case w/ extra 24 hours battery life on-the-go
  • Price: $159

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AirPods are Apple’s wireless, cord-free in-ear headphones, unveiled alongside the iPhone 7 on September 7, 2016. Priced at $159 they were originally announced to be available in late October, 2016 but were delayed until December 13.

They have a very similar form-factor to the company’s wired EarPods, with the obvious omission of a cable and the addition of Bluetooth connectivity. Despite this, early reports suggest that they are better at staying in your ears.

AirPods offer Apple’s latest wireless pairing system, based on a new W1 chip. They pair instantly, and that pairing propagates across all your Apple devices via iCloud. The secret sauce behind the new pairing system turned out to be all in the W1 chip in the AirPods themselves, so it works with Bluetooth LE devices all the way back to the iPhone 5.

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AirPods Stories September 21

AAPL: 153.39


When Apple announced its new AirPower charging mat accessory alongside the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X– the first iPhones to support wireless charging– it also casually mentioned that AirPods would get a new optional wireless charging case. But otherwise details have been slim. Can you use your old AirPods with the new charging case? Will you be able to buy the case separately or only bundled together with new AirPods? And should you hold off on buying AirPods until Apple reveals more details about the new charging case?

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AirPods Stories September 14

AAPL: 158.20


[Update: The rumor is even less credible based on this line on the iPhone X product page: “AirPods with wireless charging capabilities coming in 2018.”]

A new report today says that the upcoming AirPods wireless charging case will cost $69 and launch at the end of the year. However, we’re somewhat skeptical as we haven’t seen any official details from Apple and the company already charges that amount for standard replacement charging cases.

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AirPods Stories September 12

AAPL: 160.86


After unveiling the new wireless charging-capable iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Apple today showcased its new ‘AirPower’ accessory that allows users to charge all of their Apple products on a single mat…

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We’ve been hearing a few unlikely-sounding whispers about Apple bundling AirPods with the new iPhone X.

The arguments against it are obvious. AirPods would represent a significant cost element, so the idea of including them as standard doesn’t seem likely. AirPods are already selling themselves. And it would annoy those who already bought them and now plan to buy the iPhone X …

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AirPods Stories August 31

AAPL: 164.00


Apple’s AirPods have been plagued by availability issues, but that hasn’t stopped them from dominating the truly wireless headphone market. A new report from market research firm NPD shows that Apple has overwhelmingly dominated the industry so far this year, fending off competition from the likes of Samsung and Bragi…

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Bang & Olufsen has today announced its first truly wireless earphones, going up against Apple’s AirPods.

At $299, the Beoplay E8 is almost twice as expensive as the $159 AirPods, but the company claims that the price premium is justified by both looks and sound …

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