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Apple AirPods

Apple's new truly wireless wireless, cord-free earbuds

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  • Truly wireless, cord-free Bluetooth earbuds
  • 5 hours battery life
  • Charging case w/ extra 24 hours battery life on-the-go
  • Price: $159

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AirPods are Apple’s wireless, cord-free in-ear headphones, unveiled alongside the iPhone 7 on September 7, 2016. Priced at $159 they were originally announced to be available in late October, 2016 but were delayed until December 13.

They have a very similar form-factor to the company’s wired EarPods, with the obvious omission of a cable and the addition of Bluetooth connectivity. Despite this, early reports suggest that they are better at staying in your ears.

AirPods offer Apple’s latest wireless pairing system, based on a new W1 chip. They pair instantly, and that pairing propagates across all your Apple devices via iCloud. The secret sauce behind the new pairing system turned out to be all in the W1 chip in the AirPods themselves, so it works with Bluetooth LE devices all the way back to the iPhone 5.

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AirPods Stories April 6

How to clean your dirty AirPods and charging case

AirPods have been a huge hit for Apple for a few different reasons. Among them are convenience, seamless integration with the company’s devices and a great charging case. However, with a great product comes a lot of use, which means build up of dirt, gunk, and in the case of AirPods, earwax. Follow along for how to clean them…

Curved is out today with a fresh look at what Apple’s alleged high-end, over-ear headphones could look like. With a heavy dose of HomePod inspiration, touchscreen controls, wireless charging, and more, this concept by Martin Hajek goes all out.

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AirPods Stories March 28

Huawei’s FreeBuds are a pretty blatant copy of Apple’s AirPods; claim twice the battery life

Huawei has long copied Apple’s EarPods look in the headphones it supplies with its Android smartphones, but it has now announced a pretty blatant copy of the iPhone maker’s wireless AirPods

AirPods Stories March 14

While we all wait for Apple to release its wireless charging-capable AirPods case, which is rumored to cost around $70, there are several solutions out there offering pricey cases for your AirPods that could easily be replicated for under $20. However, what most “cases” (which go for $30 or more) are doing is simply gluing a wireless Qi adapter to the cheap silicone case. You can do better, for less…

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

AirPods Stories March 9

Barclays has released its latest analyst report. The analysts, who have a mixed track record of accuracy, indicate continued iPhone 8 and iPhone X ‘weakness’ is being partly offset by continued sales of iPhone 7. Most interestingly, the report says to expect new AirPods in early 2019 with noise cancelling features.

Due to the small form factor of AirPod earbuds, noise cancelling is very unlikely to rival bigger cans with active noise cancellation like the Beats Studio 3. However, Barclays suggests that there will be design changes and improvements over the current AirPods.

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AirPods Stories March 6

AirPods remain a hot commodity even a year later, but they’re definitely not worth unemployment. Unfortunately, it sounds like a New Orleans police officer may have miscalculated that equation during a recent Apple Store visit…

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