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Jeff produces tech videos, walkthroughs, how-tos, written tutorials and reviews. He earned his degree in Computer Network Systems back in 2001, but decided Cisco routers and the like just weren’t for him. Since then, he’s been heavily involved with online writing and video. He’s written for numerous tech sites since the late 1990′s, and has a knack for explaining things in a simple, clear and concise manner.

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iOS 10.3 was released yesterday and it was a major release. Headlined by a brand new file system, the update brings major changes to the backbone of iOS. There are also a whole host of big and small user-facing features to be found as well. In this video walkthrough, we step through some of the changes you can expect to find in this latest release. expand full story

Nestled between all of the other headlining releases yesterday was Classroom 2.0 for the iPad. The original Classroom app featured an MDM (Mobile Device Management) prerequisite, which made it more suitable for larger organizations with a dedicated IT department. With Classroom 2.0, teachers can invite students to a class manually, as long as their iPad is running iOS 10.3. Watch our hands-on video inside to see some of the features made possible by the updated Classroom app. expand full story

March 27

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As we noted in a prior post, Apple has updated its Apple TV Remote app to version 1.1. This latest version, which comes on the same day as tvOS 10.2 and iOS 10.3, brings long-awaited iPad support to the table.

Along with support for the iPad, the updated Apple TV Remote app features an enhanced Now Playing interface complete with support for lyrics and Up Next playlists for music, along with several other notable features. Have a look at our hands-on video walkthrough with the Apple TV Remote app inside. expand full story


As I continue to go hands-on with more products in the Philips Hue family, I have to say that the Philips Hue Tap is one that caught me by surprise. This is a device that allows you to control your Philips Hue lights using physical buttons, sort of like a traditional light switch, which to me sounded archaic and like the opposite of progress.

Yet, after trying the Hue Tap, I found it to be a convenient compliment to controlling lights from my iPhone or via Siri. The Philips Hue Tap is wireless, pairs easily, can be mounted anywhere, and is powered, not by batteries, but by your touch. Have a look at our brief hands-on video for more details. expand full story

March 24

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As was noted during Apple’s barrage of press releases on Tuesday, you can now purchase Nike’s Apple Watch Sport Bands separately. Previously, customers had to purchase the Apple Watch Nike+ hardware itself in order to score one of the breathable bands with compression-molded perforations.

In this post, we go hands-on with all three of the Nike Sport Bands, which include Pure Platinum/White, Anthracite/Black, and Black/Volt. Watch our hands-on video for a look at each individually packaged band. expand full story


March 22

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As someone who runs the latest iOS and tvOS betas on all devices, I was able to take advantage of the new rent once, watch anywhere feature included in yesterday’s iTunes 12.6 update to the full. Have a look at our brief video walkthrough inside to see why this comes as a welcomed new addition. expand full story

March 21

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In this video walkthrough we highlight the most pertinent announcements made by Apple earlier today. Included is an overview of the (Red) iPhone 7, the $329 entry-level 9.7-inch iPad, Nike Bands, new iPhone cases, and more. expand full story

In this hands-on video walkthrough, I share 10 handy tips for iPhone that I use on a regular basis. While I expect that most readers know and employ many of these tips, I’m hoping that there’s at least one or two that you’ll find useful. expand full story


March 20

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If you’ve checked the App Store lately via the Apple Watch app, then you’re likely aware of how limited the gaming library is on watchOS. Developer Gabriel O’Flaherty-Chan’s prototype Game Boy emulator is looking to help the cause by making a library of Nintendo games available on Apple Watch.

The emulator, named Giovanni after a Pokémon villain, is open source and available for developers to explore on GitHub. As you might expect, being a prototype it can be a bit slow and sluggish, but it’s still an impressive feat when you consider the limited nature of the Apple Watch hardware and software. expand full story

March 18

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After going hands-on with the Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus, I was eager to try out other products in the Hue lineup. The Philips Hue Go seemed particularly intriguing thanks to its battery-powered portability.

The Go is an ~$80 portable light, the size of a small cantaloupe that’s been sliced in half. The unit can be stay on for 3 hours thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery, but can also be powered via a wall outlet.

Although the Hue Go comes bundled with 7 lighting presets, it really shines when combined with the Philips Hue Bridge. The Bridge isn’t a requirement to use the Go, but it does allow you to tap into the full potential of the product.

Should you consider adding the Philips Hue Go to your lighting repertoire? Have a look at our video walkthrough for my hands-on impressions and overview. expand full story

March 16

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Filmic Pro is one of the best apps that you can buy for capturing video with your iPhone. It includes foundational features geared towards filmmaking, and is in a different stratosphere when compared to the iPhone’s stock Camera app.

The latest version of Filmic Pro comes with a brand new fast and easy-to-use interface. It’s essentially been redesigned from scratch to increase its intuitiveness, placing important controls more readily at your fingertips.

The new interface is only the beginning, as Filmic Pro v6 includes a brand new suite of real-time analytics features to pull off things like zebra stripes, clipping, false color, and focus peaking. These are all tools to help filmmakers accurately judge important factors like exposure and focus.

As we showed you back in January, the new version of Filmic Pro comes with an option to enable gamma curve controls for natural, dynamic, flat, and even LOG footage — a first for a mobile video app. If you’re a filmmaker with an iPhone 7 who does color correction in post, these and other features are bound to raise some eyebrows. expand full story

March 15

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When it comes to recording your Mac’s screen, there are lots of options available for macOS. In fact, Apple includes a built-in screen recording option in QuickTime, and if you only record your screen once in a blue moon then it’s a satisfying option.

If, however, you find yourself recording your screen on a regular basis, you should definitely look into an app that’s more powerful and agile. ScreenFlow 6 is hands-down the best screen recording app available on any platform in my opinion. It features a healthy mix of powerful features, a beautiful UI, and an intuitive interface that’s easy to use.

If you’ve never used ScreenFlow, or you’re just getting started, then this post is for you. Check out our hands-on video walkthrough as I guide you through 10 basic ScreenFlow tips. expand full story


March 14

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I’ve tried a handful of Apple Watch chargers in the past, such as Amber’s Watchcase Power Bank, but Ugreen’s offering may turn into my go-to Apple Watch charger from now on. The Ugreen Power Bank with Magnetic Charger not only features the portability that some Apple Watch owners are seeking, but it also features a built-in battery for wireless charging while away from a wall outlet.

And here’s something that you don’t always see when it comes to third-party offerings — a built-in magnetic charging puck, meaning there’s no need to provide your own charger. Not only will such a setup save you money, but it also keeps you from having to finagle with inserting or mounting Apple’s own charger. Watch our brief hands-on video walkthrough inside for a rundown of the device’s features. expand full story

Up until now if you experienced problems with the software on your Apple Watch and the standard OTA method didn’t work, you were forced to visit an Apple Store to resolve the issue. In fact, I have a first-gen Apple Watch sitting on my shelf right now that I’ve not used for the past six months because I haven’t bothered to schedule an appointment at the Genius Bar.

The folks over at MFC claim to have a limited solution to this problem: the iBus Data Cable — a small little dongle that attaches to the maintenance port nestled inside the band reservoir on the Apple Watch. Many Apple Watch users probably have no inkling that such a port exists, but the team at MFC have engineered a dongle to take advantage of the I/O provided by this port to facilitate watchOS restores. expand full story

March 13

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March 10

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To coincide with this week’s App Store promotion featuring top iOS indie games, I thought it would be appropriate to devote tonight’s post to a few of my favorite iOS titles. In this video-free edition of Friday 5, I briefly discuss innovative new games like Mushroom 11, and timeless classics such as Super Hexagon. expand full story

March 7

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By itself the iPhone has proved to be a more than capable photography and videography camera. And just like with standalone cameras, when combined with the right accessories, you can enhance the quality of your photos and videos.

For a lot of videographers in particular, a good camera cage marks the beginnings of a flexible video-taking rig. The same can hold true with the iPhone. When paired with an accessory like the BeastGrip Pro — a smartphone-centric camera rig and lens adapter system — you can bolt on additional accessories that allow you to do even more. expand full story

Retrospect, the long-running suite of backup software, was updated today to version 14.0 for Mac users. The update is headlined by the support of Backblaze’s B2 API, a low-cost cloud storage solution and alternative to Amazon S3 and others. expand full story


March 3

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In this Mac-centric Friday 5, I wanted to highlight features from several macOS apps that I utilize on a regular basis. A few of these apps are built-in macOS apps, while others can be found on the Mac App Store and directly from third-party developers.

As a huge fan of the Mac, these are some of the apps that I use most often. Perhaps you’ll find a new gem in this week’s edition of Friday 5? expand full story

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