Windows 11 Stories August 27, 2021

Microsoft changes CPU requirements to install Windows 11; Mac support remains unclear

Microsoft announced Windows 11 earlier this year, which has a number of restrictions when it comes to running on some older hardware — or even Macs. However, the company today confirmed some changes in CPU requirements for Windows 11, but Mac support remains uncertain.

Windows 11 Stories July 1, 2021

After bringing Windows 10 support to the M1 Macs, Parallels confirmed it’s working to bring Windows 11 compatibility to macOS. This comes just a week after Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 to the public with an all-new design.

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Windows 11 Stories June 29, 2021

I’ve used a Mac my entire life, and it’s certainly no secret that I have a special affinity for Apple. But it’s important to keep an eye on the competition. All of these operating systems push each other forward. They keep each other on their toes. So when Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 with a specific emphasis on its refined design, I had to try it out. Here’s what I think after using it for a few hours.

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Windows 11 Stories June 25, 2021

Microsoft on Thursday unveiled Windows 11, the next major update to its PC operating system. While it comes with a refreshed design and even the ability to run emulated Android apps, not everyone will be able to install the new version. In fact, Windows 11 won’t be officially supported by any Intel Mac.

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Windows 11 Stories June 24, 2021

Microsoft announced today its all-new Windows 11 software for PCs. In an exclusive interview with WSJ’s Joanna Stern, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke about the new operating system, called out app stores, and invited iMessage to the Microsoft Store.

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