Microsoft Stories June 16

Microsoft brings Defender security dashboard for 365 subscribers to iPhone and Mac

Microsoft is working to make your and your family’s online experience safer. Today the company is launching its new Defender security dashboard for 365 subscribers. Users on iPhone, Mac, Windows, and Android devices have access to the Microsoft Defender security app that utilizes existing antivirus software or other protections.

Microsoft Stories June 14

Microsoft is looking to spice up your Teams meetings with games

Microsoft is looking to pack some fun into your meetings. Currently, the company is working on bringing games to its Microsoft Teams video calling service. Sources tell The Verge that the company is testing iconic games like Solitaire, Connect 4, and Wordament on its platform.

Microsoft Stories June 13

PSA: Last chance to browse using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is this week

It’s time to get nostalgic as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser is officially retiring after 27 years. The tech giant has officially announced the end to the browser we knew (and some loved) for nearly three decades. You have a few more days to use Internet Explorer 11 until it retires on June 15, 2022.

Microsoft Stories May 30

The prospect of a world without passwords can’t come soon enough for me, but a problem has been raised with the FIDO standard designed to eliminate the need for them. Namely, that abandoning passwords could make it harder to switch between ecosystems.

If you have your passkeys setup for Apple devices, there is nothing in the standard allowing you to transfer them to an Android device, or vice versa …

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Microsoft Stories May 27

Microsoft union response in stark contrast to Apple, as company offers ‘absolute support’

The acquisition of Activision Blizzard could have led to a Microsoft union battle, as some employees recently voted to unionize. However, the a senior exec has stated that the company ‘absolutely supports’ the union.

The apparent attitude of Microsoft toward unions stands in stark contrast to that of Apple

Microsoft Stories May 25

Microsoft has revealed what looks very much like an M1 Mac mini clone during its developer conference, Build 22. The device is known as Project Volterra.

The resemblance is more than skin-deep: the machine is ARM-based, and effectively plays the same role as Apple’s Developer Transition Kit (DTK), offered back in 2020 …

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Microsoft Stories May 17

Ad tech companies share your online behavior and location with advertisers an average of 747 times a day in the US, and 376 times a day in Europe, according to a report by a civil liberties group. It describes the practice as the biggest privacy breach in the world.

The report says Google is the biggest offender, using a process called real-time bidding (RTB) to let advertisers target internet users by browsing behavior and locations …

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Microsoft Stories April 1

Twitter is well known for being the place where influencers, celebrities, or even executives mistakenly reveal that they’re using an Apple product when they shouldn’t. However, a recent tweet on the official Windows account – which has now been deleted – featured nothing less than an M1 iMac.

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Microsoft Stories March 15

Microsoft has announced that its Xbox Cloud Gaming service (formerly xCloud) has received a valuable update for a smoother experience for all supported iPhones and iPads. Backing up the claim, Microsoft is hearing praise from iOS users on the new changes.

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Microsoft Stories March 1

A growing number of tech giants are applying Russian sanctions of the digital kind in response to the unprovoked attack on Ukraine. Update: Apple subsequently announced its own responses.

Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok are all limiting access to two Russian media brands, Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik

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Microsoft Stories February 7

As reports indicate Apple is planning to launch its first AR/VR headset as soon as later this year or in 2023, Microsoft is reportedly revamping its own roadmap to better compete. According to a new report from Insider, citing an internal roadmap, “Microsoft’s mixed reality business is undergoing a major technology shift.”

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Microsoft Stories December 17, 2021

It would take you half an hour to actually read Apple’s terms & conditions

We don’t imagine many people actually read Apple’s terms & conditions before creating an Apple ID, but if you wanted to do so, it would take you a half-hour, according to an infographic from Statista.

Microsoft Stories December 9, 2021

Microsoft last year had to discard its project to bring the xCloud game streaming platform to iOS as a native app due to App Store guidelines. Now private emails from Microsoft have revealed that the company tried to negotiate with Apple to bring Xbox-exclusive games to the iPhone and iPad.

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Microsoft Stories November 22, 2021

While Apple has always offered Windows support on Intel Macs, new machines with the ARM-based M1 chip can only run macOS natively. The reason may be related to a special deal between Microsoft and Qualcomm that is finally coming to an end – and this means that Windows could finally be available natively for M1 Mac users.

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Microsoft Stories November 9, 2021

Microsoft has been investing in its own lineup of Surface computers and tablets, and this week the company announced the new Surface SE — a compact laptop that costs just $249. While Microsoft’s primary target is the Chromebook market, it’s not hard to imagine that the Sufarce SE could hurt iPad sales as well.

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Microsoft Stories September 22, 2021

As part of their annual Fall Surface hardware event today, Microsoft announced an all-new professional laptop called the Surface Laptop Studio. It has a radical new design that resembles the iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard cover, as well as new features like a high refresh rate display, haptic stylus, and more.

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Microsoft Stories September 8, 2021

Microsoft has started testing a new version of firmware for its Xbox One, Xbox Elite 2, and Xbox Adaptive Controllers that should dramatically improve cross-device connectivity and latency. Notably, Microsoft says the controllers now support Bluetooth Low Energy for improved connectivity with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 devices.

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Microsoft Stories June 26, 2021

Microsoft introduced this week a redesigned Windows 11. Of all the features unveiled, do you think Apple should copy one of them for the Mac?

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Microsoft Stories June 24, 2021

Microsoft announced today its all-new Windows 11 software for PCs. In an exclusive interview with WSJ’s Joanna Stern, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke about the new operating system, called out app stores, and invited iMessage to the Microsoft Store.

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Microsoft Stories June 23, 2021

Microsoft joins Apple in the ultra-exclusive $2T company club

Microsoft has become the second US public company to join what was previously an Apple exclusive: the $2T company club

Microsoft Stories June 14, 2021

A gag order imposed on Apple by the Trump administration should never have been allowed, argues Microsoft president Brad Smith.

We learned last week that the Department of Justice served a subpoena on Apple, requiring it to hand over data on both journalists and members of the House Intelligence Committee …

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Microsoft Stories June 11, 2021

Microsoft OneDrive for Mac is being updated with a significant number of improvements, designed to make it both easier and faster to use. The company used a blog post to lay out its roadmap for upcoming enhancements for Mac users.

Topping the list is Known Folder Move, which is a simple way to ensure that your working documents are always backed-up to OneDrive, no matter which folders they are in …

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Microsoft Stories June 10, 2021

After more than two months of beta testing, Microsoft is readying the launch of its xCloud Game streaming platform on Safari, Edge, and Chrome in the “next few weeks.” This comes after Microsoft had been pushing to bring xCloud to the App Store.

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Microsoft Stories May 25, 2021

Developers will soon be able to sell subscriptions within the Microsoft Teams app on iOS and Mac

During its Build 2021 conference, Microsoft today announced that Teams’ crucial APIs, Teams Store, and collaborative apps tools are now open for developers that build for Microsoft Teams.

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