Intel Stories January 15

Intel announced this week that Bob Swan would be stepping down as CEO, with Pat Gelsinger taking the helm starting in February. Ahead of his formal start as CEO next month, Gelsinger is already calling on Intel to step up its efforts to compete with Apple, or what he refers to as “a lifestyle company in Cupertino.”

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Intel Stories January 13

A new report says that Apple A-series chipmaker TSMC is already making chips for Intel, following earlier speculation that this was in the cards.

TSMC has a dramatic technological lead over Intel when it comes to chip fabrication, demonstrated in the 5nm A14 chips the company makes for Apple …

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Intel Stories January 12

Intel made an appearance at CES this year and brought a preview of its next substantial chip release, the 12th-generation Alder Lake. The company didn’t go into many details on the upcoming chips, but it did give us a taste of what to expect.

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Intel Stories January 8

As Intel plays catch up in the chip production industry, a new report from Bloomberg today indicates that Intel has talked with TSMC and Samsung about outsourcing some production. This comes as Apple transitions away from Intel in the Mac lineup, opting for its own Apple Silicon chips — produced by TSMC — instead.

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Intel Stories January 6

Intel introduces ‘RealSense ID’ as an alternative to Face ID for smart devices

Intel today announced a new solution called RealSense ID, which is a technology that combines depth sensors with artificial intelligence for facial authentication. If the description sounds like what Face ID does, that’s because it is.

Intel Stories December 31, 2020

An Intel investor with a billion dollar stake in the chipmaker says that it needs to make drastic changes to address its changed fortunes – including attempting to win back Apple as a client.

Intel stock had fallen 21% over the course of 2020 before the 10-figure investment by hedge fund Third Point, which is pushing for fundamental change in the company …

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