Intel Stories July 13

Apple’s former head of Mac development, Jean-Louis Gassée, has said that Apple’s decision to switch to ARM processors for Macs will make it inevitable that higher-end Windows PCs will have to do the same.

This will in turn force Intel to start making their own ARM CPUs for use in Windows machines, he argues…

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Intel Stories July 8

There was much confusion earlier in the year when Intel first touted Thunderbolt 4 as the successor to Thunderbolt 3, implying that it would be faster. It quickly transpired that this is not the case: the new standard will offer exactly the same 40Gb/s maximum speed as Thunderbolt 3.

But Intel today released the full specs, and the company says that while it isn’t faster, it does have better specs in several ways …

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Intel Stories June 24

Apple announced this week its plans to switch from Intel processors to ARM chips on the Mac, which the company calls “Apple Silicon Mac.” That comes as no surprise since the Mac ARM project was rumored a long time ago, but one of the main reasons for this transition would have been the recent problems with Intel.

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Intel Stories June 10

A report yesterday indicated that Apple has plans to unveil a redesigned iMac at WWDC on June 22. Ahead of that announcement, availability of the 27-inch iMac is drying up from Apple’s Online Store.

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Intel Stories January 7

The successor to Thunderbolt 3, aptly named Thunderbolt 4, will arrive alongside new Tiger Lake mobile processors, said Intel during its CES 2020 keynote. The CPU-integrated Thunderbolt 4 will make its debut in a yet-to-be-named thin and light hardware release later this year. expand full story

Intel Stories November 21, 2019

Apple and Intel have filed an antitrust lawsuit against Fortress Investment Group, a company backed by SoftBank, reports Reuters.

The lawsuit essentially claims that Fortress is an extreme patent troll who is fielding repeated nonsense cases against the tech giants. It alleges Fortress stockpiled patents for the primary purpose of suing companies in a manner that violates antitrust laws.

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