Intel Stories August 8

Laptop battery life competition intensifies as Intel and ARM battle

Laptop battery life is one of the more contentious manufacturer-quoted specs. There can often be a huge gap between manufacturer claims and typical real-life usage — but that’s something Intel hopes to change …

Intel Stories August 7

PSA: Latest Spectre and Meltdown scare only affects Macs running Windows

Spectre and Meltdown — bugs created by a major security flaw in Intel and ARM chips — are back in the news today. Both Microsoft and Apple issued patches, but a new exploit has been discovered…

Intel Stories August 2

Intel yesterday announced its 10th-generation Ice Lake chips, likely to see their Apple debut in next year’s MacBook Pro models.

Six of the new chips are of the class used in the 13-inch MacBook Pro and look set to offer dramatically improved performance in video encoding in particular…

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Intel Stories July 26

Intel’s losses forced it to accept Apple’s ‘lowball’ $1B offer, say analysts

Apple yesterday confirmed reports that it was acquiring Intel’s smartphone modem business, to aid its efforts to create its own 5G radio chip. Apple said it was paying $1B, but analysts say that this was a lowball offer …

Last night, Apple officially announced that it was buying Intel’s smartphone modem division in a $1 billion deal. Apple will acquire a patent pool and around 2,200 employees.

Naturally, Apple wants to use this talent to accelerate the development of its own modems. A Reuters report quotes sources that says Apple wants to ship an in-house 5G modem in its devices as soon as 2021.

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Intel Stories July 25

Apple today has confirmed that it will acquire Intel’s smartphone modem business in a transaction valued at $1 billion. The deal is expected to close during the fourth quarter of 2019 and is subject to regulatory approval.

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