Intel Stories September 6

While we knew that around $50B was being made available to promote US chip fabrication, it’s only today that we’re learning the actual CHIPS Act details. The bill itself did not specify how the money would be split.

Specifically, we now know that a little over half the total will be made available to help produce advanced chips in the US, while the rest of the money is being divided between two further initiatives …

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Intel Stories May 4

Intel last week provided an update on its 14th-generation Meteor Lake processors due to launch next year, but it seems that there may have been a crucial change to the company’s plans.

Intel has said as recently as last week that it would fabricate the chips itself, using a 7nm process, but a supply-chain report today claims that the company will instead outsource the work to TSMC, so it can benefit from the same 5nm process used for Apple’s M1 chips …

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Intel Stories May 3

One of the catch-22s of the global component shortage is that chips for chipmaking machines are one of the items in short supply, say execs from Intel and Apple chipmaker TSMC.

Buying new chipmaking machines was never a speedy process, given their complexity and delicacy, but lead times before the pandemic were measured in months. Now, say chipmakers, that time can be as long as 2-3 years …

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Intel Stories March 21

The global chip shortage doesn’t appear likely to end any time soon. The manufacturer of crucial chipmaking machines has warned that its kit will be in short supply for another two years.

That’s particularly bad news for Intel as it seeks to play catch-up with the capabilities of Apple’s M1 chips …

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Intel Stories March 8

Apple on Tuesday introduced a brand new Mac desktop called Mac Studio, which comes as an alternative between the Mac mini and the Mac Pro aimed at professional users. However, as the company approaches its two-year deadline to complete the transition to Apple Silicon, it seems that the Intel Mac mini will be around for a bit longer.

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Intel Stories February 23

It’s no secret that Intel has been desperately working to beat Apple Silicon chips since the transition to ARM architecture in Macs. While the company has already introduced powerful new chips, they are nowhere near as efficient as Apple’s. Now a leaked roadmap has revealed a new Intel chip designed to beat M1 in every aspect.

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Intel Stories January 26

Intel claimed earlier this month that its new Alder Lake Core i9 benchmarks faster than Apple’s M1 Max. As with all manufacturer claims (including those made by Apple), it doesn’t mean much until independently tested.

These tests have now been done using a chunky MSI GE76 Raider laptop, and do show that Intel’s claim is technically true – but there are some pretty major caveats …

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Intel Stories January 20

Intel says it will switch to TSMC’s 2019 chipmaking tech by 2025

It’s no secret that Apple chipmaker TSMC is years ahead of Intel, so it’s almost touching when Intel proudly announces that it expects to switch to TSMC’s 2019 chipmaking tech by 2025 …

Intel Stories January 4

While Intel on Tuesday announced a new way to integrate iPhone with Windows PCs, the company also unveiled the 12th generation of its mobile processors focused on laptops and smaller computers. According to Intel, the new Core i9 processor is faster than the Apple M1 Max – but that doesn’t mean much.

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Intel on Tuesday announced the next generation of its premium Evo brand for company-certified computers. In addition to adding support for foldable devices and the WiFi 6E standard, the new Evo PCs will also offer iPhone and Apple Watch integration with iMessage support for the first time.

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Intel Stories December 16, 2021

TSMC client list shows Apple makes up a quarter of its revenue

A listing of TSMC clients shows that Apple generates just over a quarter of the chipmaker’s revenue, at 25.9% – with no other companies reaching double digits …

Intel Stories November 2, 2021

We reported yesterday on a Mac application memory error that I first saw with the Mail app on my new M1 Max 16-inch MacBook Pro. Searching Twitter revealed other apps were also exhibiting the same behavior, which appeared to be mostly Apple’s own apps.

However, it’s now clear from the growing number of reports that a very wide range of apps are affected, and that it happens on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs …

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Intel Stories October 28, 2021

Intel will (sort of) beat Moore’s Law to overtake Apple, claims CEO

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has been somewhat upbeat about the company’s chances of overtaking Apple’s vast lead in chip design, and now claims that Intel will achieve this by beating Moore’s Law …

Intel Stories October 18, 2021

Intel’s Apple Silicon take has so far mostly consisted of mocking Macs and describing all the ways in which the company thinks PCs are better. But the chipmaker’s CEO now seems to be rethinking this stance, describing Apple Silicon Macs as “pretty good,” and acknowledging that Apple Silicon is ahead of Intel’s own chip designs.

However, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger seemingly thinks he can still win back Apple’s business – one way or another …

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Intel Stories October 4, 2021

As Apple continues the incredibly successful transition to Apple Silicon chips in the Mac, Intel continues to downplay the threat. The chipmaker has posted a new video on YouTube in which it claims to have brought Apple fans “together to help them see the power of PC.”

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Intel Stories August 2, 2021

Future Macs will benefit from Thunderbolt 5 bandwidth of 80Gbps, according to a photo accidentally tweeted by an Intel exec.

This isn’t a complete surprise – Intel’s director of I/O said back in March that the company was expecting to roughly double the 40Gbps speed of Thunderbolt 4 – but this has seemingly now been confirmed …

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Intel Stories July 28, 2021

TSMC 2nm production is likely to begin sometime in 2023, after the company got the green light for its most advanced chipmaking process yet.

The news comes just one day after Intel said it believed it could catch, and overtake, TSMC’s chipmaking capabilities within four years…

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Intel Stories July 27, 2021

Qualcomm said earlier this month that it thinks it can beat Apple Silicon, and now Intel has made the same claim – thanks to a combination of new technology and rebranding.

Intel said that it expects to take the lead by 2025 …

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Intel Stories May 31, 2021

The one-sided Intel versus Apple battle has seen the chipmaker raging ever since Apple announced the switch from Intel Macs to Apple Silicon ones. Intel’s latest attack on Macs, however, is something of an own goal.

Attempting to show the superiority of Windows PCs over Macs, the chipmaker makes a comparison with an Intel-powered Mac …

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Intel Stories April 7, 2021

Intel shows off MacBook Pro in an ad for a processor Apple doesn’t use

Intel has been throwing a lot of shade at Apple since the company started the shift to its Apple Silicon chips with the first M1 Macs last fall. The most recent series of its “Go PC” ads even feature former “I’m a Mac” star Justin Long mocking the new M1 Macs. In an ironic move, Intel is now using the MacBook Pro in a new ad to promote “The world’s best processor on a thin and light laptop” that’s not found in any of Apple’s notebooks.

Intel Stories March 24, 2021

During its quarterly earnings call yesterday, Intel revealed new ways it hopes to win back Apple’s business, including with major investments in chip production. Now, in an interview with Yahoo! Finance, new Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has elaborated on how Intel hopes to work with Apple going forward.

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Intel Stories March 23, 2021

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger today announced some important news for investors. The company is adopting a new business strategy called IDM 2.0, which includes a $20 billion investment in new facilities in Arizona, launching Intel’s 7-nanometer processors for computers, and also opening up its production capacity to build custom chips for other companies.

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Intel Stories March 18, 2021

Intel is continuing its desperate campaign against Apple Silicon. After recruiting former “I’m a Mac” star Justin Long for a series of video advertisements, Intel has now launched a dedicated website comparing Apple’s M1 chip vs. Intel. Unsurprisingly, the claims being made by Intel are a bit misleading…

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Intel Stories March 17, 2021

Intel has launched a series of new ads that feature Justin Long, the former “I’m a Mac” star from Apple’s popular ad campaign between 2006-2009. In a flip of Apple’s Mac vs. PC ads, Intel shows Long checking out various PCs and features powered by Intel with the punch lines being what Apple’s new M1 Macs can’t do.

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