Intel Stories January 15

Apple included in planned class action suit against Intel & ARM for CPU vulnerabilities

After Apple’s confirmation that all Mac and iOS devices are affected by the Spectre & Meltdown vulnerabilities, it was only a matter of time before the company was hit by a class action lawsuit …

Intel Stories January 11

In response to the massive Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities exposed last week, Intel is reaffirming its commitment to security. The company’s CEO Brian Krzanich today published an open letter outlining Intel’s continued focus on security…

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Intel Stories January 4

Intel provides update on Spectre and Meltdown flaw patches as Apple stays quiet

Intel has shared an update today on its efforts to patch the major CPU vulnerabilities that came to light earlier this week.

Analysts suggest CPU security flaw won’t create long-term economic hit for Intel

After the CPU security issue that was revealed to affect Intel, AMD, and ARM processors this week, it might sound logical for the companies involved to take a financial hit. However, Barclays analysts think Intel shares won’t see any downturn.

Intel Stories November 17, 2017

A new report today from KGI shares projections that the 2018 iPhones will include significantly faster baseband chips from Intel and Qualcomm, although Intel will be the main supplier.

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Intel Stories November 16, 2017

Apple is reportedly working closely with Intel on a future iPhone with support for 5G wireless broadband. Fast Company reports that Apple engineers have been “engaged” with Intel in talks about early work on 5G, while work with Qualcomm has been “limited.”

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