Samsung Stories December 2

Samsung promotes Galaxy Note 9 display on Twitter … while tweeting from an iPhone

This weekend we have the latest case of a company tweeting advertisements for its products from an iPhone. This time, Samsung tweeted a promotion for the Galaxy Note 9 from “Twitter for iPhone.”

Samsung Stories November 26

Samsung has officially given an apology to its employees who have experienced serious health problems and illness after working in its factories that produce semiconductors and displays. While the company didn’t admit that its factories were the “direct cause of the workers’ illnesses”, it will be providing compensation to affected individuals. Notably, Samsung is a major supplier for components like displays and more for Apple.

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Samsung Stories November 2

When the iPhone XS was released, we saw Apple’s flagship device square off against Samsung’s Note 9 in an app launching speed test and beat it by 14 seconds. Now, YouTuber PhoneBuff has done an iPhone XR speed test against the same Android flagship. Even with 5GB less RAM than the Note 9, the XR was still able to squeak out a tie.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Samsung Stories October 24

Update: The BBC reports that Samsung has denied that there is a lawsuit, but refused to confirm or deny that it is asking for some money back from Sobchak.

It’s not unusual for celebrities paid to promote Android brands to be caught using an iPhone. In many cases, they have been caught out on Twitter – like Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot.

But Samsung appears to take the matter more seriously than most: they are suing their own Russian brand ambassador for using an iPhone X for a massive $1.6M …

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Samsung Stories September 14

Samsung loses sole supplier status for OLED iPhone screens as LG comes aboard

Samsung was the sole supplier of OLED screens for the iPhone X, as the only company with the technical ability to meet Apple’s stringent specifications and quality standards for the displays – but all that looks set to change for the iPhone Xs/Max

Samsung Stories September 11

The iPhone X, iPhone 8/Plus and four different iPad models are facing a potential import ban in South Korea over a patent infringement claim. Korean authorities say that no decision has yet been made, but that the ruling is ‘likely’ to go against Apple.

Ironically, however, Apple may end up being saved by the intervention of rival smartphone supplier Samsung …

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