Samsung Stories October 14

While Apple doesn’t ship more phones than anyone else, a new report today shows that it continues to take home most of the global smartphone profits – even before the launch of the iPhone 13.

In the second quarter of the year, iPhones accounted for only 13% of global shipments, but it’s a very different story when it comes to revenue and profit …

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Samsung Stories September 16

Samsung could be showing future MacBook Pro displays for 14- and 16-inch models

An announcement by Samsung may be revealing future MacBook Pro displays – but not for the models we’re expecting to see later this year …

Samsung Stories September 2

A new report from Korea says that the iPhone periscope lens expected to debut in Apple’s 2023 lineup has hit a snag. Samsung has the most sophisticated technology for those, and Apple wants to use it, but there are patent problems with the optical image stabilization system the iPhone maker wants to include.

Periscope lenses are a way to allow longer optical zoom without having lenses that stick out farther from the phone …

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Samsung Stories September 1

An Apple Watch has been on my wrist nearly every day since I took the first generation out of its box on launch day in April 2015. It quickly became an indispensable gadget, and I feel naked whenever it’s on its charger. watchOS went through a ton of changes during the first few releases, most notably with watchOS 3. Since then, it’s received a number of new apps and features but the user interface itself hasn’t quite been perfected. I’ve always attributed this to the lack of a real competitor. No one has been able to show off a better way to do things on a smartwatch. Now, nearly seven years after the Apple Watch was born, Google and Samsung have teamed up to build the first real competitive platform. Here’s what I think about it.

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Samsung Stories August 11

Samsung ditches iOS support with Wear OS-based Galaxy Watch 4 series

Most smartwatches compatible with Android smartphones usually offer support for Apple’s iOS platform too, but that tune might be changing. With its Galaxy Watch 4 series, Samsung has quietly dropped support for iOS.

WhatsApp will soon be able to transfer messages between iPhone and Android [Update: rolling out]

WhatsApp made an appearance during Samsung’s Unpacked event, revealing that it would soon be possible to transfer messages between iOS and Android devices, starting with Samsung Galaxy phones.

Update: The ability to transfer messages has begun to roll out with the latest beta updates to WhatsApp.

Samsung today unveiled the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic, its partnership with Google to create an all-new Wear OS experience and finally introduce a competitor to the Apple Watch. Although it’s just a first step of hopeful years of collaboration, there are multiple ways in which Apple still appears to be at the top – but Samsung is gaining.

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Samsung unveiled its new generation of foldable smartphones today along with the latest Apple Watch competitor, the Galaxy Watch 4. While Apple isn’t expected to launch its first foldable iPhone until 2023, here’s what Samsung is bringing to the table now with the new Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Z Fold 3, and more.

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Samsung Stories August 3

Strategy Analytics is out with a new smartphone market report, and says that Apple experienced strong iPhone growth in Europe during the second quarter of the year.

The market intelligence firm’s data showed that Samsung was the only major brand to see a decline in European sales in the same period …

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Samsung Stories July 12

Apple and Samsung laptops are leading global growth in the notebook computer sector, according to a new TrendForce report.

It says that laptop sales grew by almost 26% last year, and are set for a further 15% boost this year …

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Samsung Stories July 2

Other suppliers of rigid flexible printed circuit boards (RFPCBs) are stepping in to produce the components for the iPhone 13 lineup, as Samsung begins exiting the business …

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Samsung Stories June 30

When Apple released the iPhone 12 line last September, the company was able to take some of Samsung’s market share in South Korea. Now, a report says the Android maker was able to take back some of its market share in its home country.

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Samsung Stories June 28

During Mobile World Congress 2021 today, Samsung gave a first look at its new Wear OS for smartwatches in partnership with Google. As it does with its smartphones, Samsung will add the One UI interface on its yet-to-be-announced watches.

Of all the features introduced today, the only one I think Apple should adopt is the customizable Watch Face feature, and here’s why.

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Samsung Stories May 24

In three new short videos, Samsung promotes its Galaxy S21 Ultra over the iPhone 12 Pro Max in the campaign, “Your phone upgrade shouldn’t be a downgrade.” Of course, this is not the first time Samsung has mocked the iPhone in its advertisements.

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Samsung Stories April 8

Samsung is increasing its efforts to win over iPhone customers. The smartphone maker has launched a new website called “iTest,” and it allows iPhone users to “get a little taste of Samsung” through a web application that simulates the Android experience.

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Samsung Stories March 23

It’s likely that Apple will compensate Samsung for lower-than-contracted orders for iPhone 12 mini screens, say supply-chain sources, after demand for the smallest model in the lineup was significantly lower than estimated.

That wouldn’t be an unprecedented step: It has happened twice before …

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Samsung Stories March 9

When you set up a new iPhone, you’re likely going to use the Apple Music app, especially since you get a three-month free trial. But when you buy an Android phone, is Apple Music the first music-streaming service you think about? Probably not. If you’re wondering how the Apple Music experience is on the Samsung Galaxy S21+, here it is.

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Apple’s lead over Samsung in smartphone sales, reported last month, may be short-lived, suggests a new report today.

Gartner last month estimated that iPhone sales overtook combined sales of all Samsung smartphones in the final quarter of the year …

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Samsung Stories February 22

The popularity of the iPhone 12 meant Apple overtook Samsung in smartphone sales in the final quarter of last year, the first time this has happened in four years, says Gartner.

The market intelligence firm says Apple saw year-on-year growth of 14.9%, while Samsung saw its own sales fall by 11.8% in the same period…

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Samsung Stories January 20

LG Display has ceased making LCD iPhone screens, and abandoned hopes of doing so in the future, according to a supply-chain report. Separately, the company has stated that it may cease making its own smartphones.

LG has a long but somewhat troubled history in making iPhone screens …

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Samsung Stories January 14

Samsung debuted its newest flagship smartphones and more today at its Unpacked 2021 event. The major launches include three new iPhone 12 competitors with the Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra as well as AirPods Pro and AirTags competitors.

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Samsung Stories January 13

Rumors and leaks have suggested that Samsung is planning to follow in Apple’s steps and remove the charger from the box of the new Galaxy S21, which will be announced this Thursday. Reliable leaker Evan Blass today shared images of the official Galaxy S21 website, which confirms that Samsung’s new smartphones will come without a power adapter in the box.

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Samsung Stories January 11

A new report today says that Apple will be responsible for more than half of all 5nm chips made this year, and that Samsung will be in a distant third place at around 5% of the latest smaller-process chips. The A14 chip was Apple’s first use of a 5nm process.

Apple will also be in large part responsible for Qualcomm coming in second, at around a quarter of the likely production …

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Samsung Stories January 6

A third supply-chain report says that Apple plans to use LTPO screens for this year’s iPhone Pro models, which could enable ProMotion and always-on display.

Two previous reports have suggested that Apple plans to take the type of OLED panels used in the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 and bring them to this year’s flagship iPhones …

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