Samsung Stories March 14

I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus to compare with my iPhone XS Max. Samsung was generous enough to throw in a free pair of its $129 wireless Galaxy Buds for early adopters. How does Samsung’s take on truly wire-free earbuds compare with Apple’s AirPods? Watch our hands-on video walkthrough for the details. expand full story

Samsung Stories February 26

Apple has long been the undisputed profit king of the smartphone industry, taking by far the largest slice of the total profit pie. Indeed, at one point Apple was – by one admittedly eccentric measure – taking more than 100% of the profits, when factoring in loss-making brands.

iPhones have also consistently been the most expensive smartphones, discounting tacky bejewelled specials like Vertu. Even when Samsung theoretically matched or exceeded Apple’s pricing for its flagships, its offerings were usually steeply discounted 2-3 months after launch.

But all that is changing …

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Samsung Stories February 22

Samsung showed off its new Galaxy Fold this week – a two thousand dollar foldable smartphone due to go on sale in April. While it’s more of a proof-of-concept product than anything most people would want to buy, it inevitably raised questions about when Apple would launch a folding iPhone.

Goldman Sachs described the Galaxy Fold as ‘the main potential challenge‘ for Apple, and suggested that even if the Cupertino company wants to make a folding iPhone, it may struggle to do so …

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If you thought Siri had its haters, that’s nothing compared to the comments many owners of Samsung smartphones make about the Korean company’s voice assistant, Bixby. Samsung then compounded the problem by introducing a dedicated Bixby hardware button on several devices.

That was quite possibly Samsung’s worst ever smartphone idea: take a feature many of your customers hate, and then use up space on your devices to activate it. Oh, and position it directly beneath the volume rocker, where it’s almost guaranteed to be pressed accidentally …

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold, the foldable smartphone the Korean company unveiled yesterday, is ‘the main potential challenge’ for Apple, says Goldman Sachs.

The bank – which is partnering with Apple in the launch of a new credit card later this year – believes the Fold could prove troublesome for Apple in two ways …

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Samsung Stories February 21

We got one step closer yesterday to a foldable iPhone when Samsung’s real-world folding smartphone was unveiled on stage: the Galaxy Fold.

Samsung first promised a foldable smartphone way back in 2013, when it was complete fiction. It followed this by teasing a prototype device in November last year. We didn’t get much of a look at it, and I had my own suspicions about the timing of that preview.

But yesterday, Samsung announced that the Fold will go on sale in April …

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