Samsung Stories September 13

Samsung Galaxy ad uses missing iPhone 11 camera feature as bait to switch

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro feature a variety of upgrades but the biggest changes are with the phones’ new camera systems. Just as preorders have gone live for the new iPhones, Samsung has released an ad trying to tempt iPhone users to pick up the Galaxy Note 10 by highlighting a camera feature the new iPhones don’t have.

Samsung Stories August 21

Apple is reported to be getting closer to signing off on the company’s first-ever order for OLED iPhone screens from a Chinese company, BOE.

Apple has so far been dependent on Samsung for the advanced OLED panels used in the iPhone X family of phones, a situation Apple has been working hard to change…

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Samsung Stories August 20

Critics say Apple’s 325,000 Korean jobs claim is ‘ridiculous’; it’s really 500

Tech companies in South Korea are dismissing Apple’s claim that it has created 325,000 Korean jobs, stating that the real number is just 500…

Samsung Stories August 19

Apple has created a new web page announcing that it has “directly and indirectly” created more than 325,000 jobs in South Korea, home to supplier and rival Samsung.

It says that around 200,000 of these are associated with the App Store, suggesting that the majority of these jobs are in independent software development businesses…

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Samsung Stories August 8

Samsung ads mocking iPhones are one of the company’s stock in trades, including ones which made fun of the lack of a headphone jack in the iPhone 7 and iPhone X.

The Korean company has, however, followed Apple’s example with its latest flagship device, the Galaxy Note 10. As 9to5Google observes, one of the notable changes from earlier models is that Samsung has dropped the headphone socket …

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Samsung Stories July 18

Apple has reportedly sent executives to Korea to meet with Samsung over fears of iPhone chip shortages — with concerns about both DRAM and NAND production. The manufacture of iPhone displays could also be affected.

The problem arises from a dispute between Japan and Korea, raising the possibility that Samsung may not be able to secure sufficient supplies of a chemical essential to its production process …

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