Samsung Stories January 8

Citron Research took to Twitter today with a decisive message: “ROKU stock is uninvestable now”. Immediately after, the stock plunged nearly 10%. This comes after a tremendous 25% gain just 24 hours prior, when newly released strong Q4 streaming numbers boosted the stock drastically.

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Apple said that the dramatic reduction in its guidance for the holiday quarter was almost entirely due to declining sales in China. Two sets of stats today show that this is not an Apple-specific problem: smartphone shipments in China are down across the board, with Samsung taking a double hit …

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Samsung Stories January 1

Huawei wished us into the New Year from an iPhone

Huawei is among the many companies wishing us best endeavors upon the New Year, however, most probably weren’t posting to social media via their main competitor. Like Samsung numerous times before, Huawei has been spotted using Twitter for iPhone.

Samsung Stories December 12, 2018

A supply-chain report says that Apple will be using a new form of screen technology to make at least one of its 2019 iPhone models thinner and lighter — a trend Apple has bucked with recent flagship versions.

The report says that Apple has decided to use touch-integrated flexible OLED panels, which have a different construction to current iPhone screens …

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Samsung Stories December 2, 2018

Samsung promotes Galaxy Note 9 display on Twitter … while tweeting from an iPhone

This weekend we have the latest case of a company tweeting advertisements for its products from an iPhone. This time, Samsung tweeted a promotion for the Galaxy Note 9 from “Twitter for iPhone.”

Samsung Stories November 26, 2018

Samsung has officially given an apology to its employees who have experienced serious health problems and illness after working in its factories that produce semiconductors and displays. While the company didn’t admit that its factories were the “direct cause of the workers’ illnesses”, it will be providing compensation to affected individuals. Notably, Samsung is a major supplier for components like displays and more for Apple.

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