USB-C Stories June 13

Hands-on with a fun, transparent USB-C NVMe SSD enclosure with 10 Gbps speeds and tool-less design

NVMe SSDs can be a nice alternative to more traditional external storage options and we’ve been testing out Orico’s recently released SSD enclosure that offers a fun, transparent design, up to 10 Gbps speeds over USB-C, tool-free use, affordable price, and more.

USB-C Stories May 15

Ugreen’s new MFi USB-C to Lightning cable undercuts Belkin and Anker at $13

Ugreen has released its MFi USB-C to Lightning cable and is offering it at an affordable $13 with an instant coupon. That prices the fast charging USB-C cable for iPhone and iPad below other third-party options from Anker and Belkin.

USB-C Stories May 13

The Uno Cable sets out to solve a problem familiar to every gadget fan: all the different cables we need to carry with us to connect them to our MacBook. Uno can potentially mean carrying just one cable.

The Volta we have running in a promo does the job for those with older MacBooks with USB-A ports, while the Uno is designed for current models with USB-C ones …

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USB-C Stories March 22

My audio tastes run more toward the mid-range (or a little higher), but I of course recognize that some people want something basic at a pocket-friendly price.

But with Apple dropping the headphone socket from iPhones and iPads, things are getting a little more complicated for those who don’t want the expense or charging hassle of wireless headphones …

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USB-C Stories March 4

Less than a week after it announced the ridiculously confusing naming system for USB 3.2, the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) has announced the spec for USB 4.

Essentially, this mimics the current spec for Thunderbolt 3

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USB-C Stories February 27

USB 3.2, the next-generation USB standard expected to start appearing in devices later this year, will double the maximum speed supported to 20Gbps. This is achieved by allowing for two lanes of 10Gbps each, which can be achieved without reducing cable length.

The bad news is that the naming confusion around USB speeds is going to get even worse …

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