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I wrote an opinion piece last year speculating on whether Apple would switch from Lightning to USB-C, and when it might do so. A new report today suggests that the company is planning to do so this year, in the iPhone 8.

I argued then that there were compelling reasons for Apple to make the switch. While the Lightning port is a clever standard, USB-C is even smarter and more capable. Adopting a single port across both Mac and iOS devices would massively simplify the cable and connector ecosystem. And the high-speed data transfer capabilities provided by USB-C would allow Apple devices to work together better than ever.

I addressed the three possible objections before, but let’s quickly summarize them here …

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USB-C Stories February 6

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If you’ve decided to pass on LG’s UltraFine Display there are only a few other options when it comes to 4K USB-C displays. Jordan covered the best choices back in November and now all of these displays are available (with varying degrees of stock).

There are a few compromises that come along with the $500 ENVY 4K display compared with options like Lenovo’s ThinkVision X1 or LG’s 27UD88-W, but I decided to try HP’s ENVY 27 with price, design, and specs hitting a good portion of my wish list. Keep reading after the break to hear about my first week with this new display.

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USB-C Stories January 27

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Satechi is launching a new USB-C Power Meter that can detect faulty cables, batteries, and chargers before they damage your MacBook or other hardware. USB-C Power Meter measures voltage, current, and power input over time so you can tell if an accessory is working as advertised or misbehaving.

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USB-C Stories January 23

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Up to three-quarters of 9to5Mac readers think Apple should switch from Lightning to USB-C in the next iPad. Some 39% think the company should do it regardless, while a further 35% say Apple should make the switch if it does it for iPhones also.

However, a quarter of readers think Apple should stick with Lightning, at least for now, citing the slightly larger size and a less robust port as drawbacks of USB-C.

We previously discussed whether Apple would switch from Lightning to USB-C in future iPhones, with the majority of readers expecting this to happen this year or next …

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USB-C Stories January 4

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With Apple having gone all-in on USB-C, it’s no surprise that third-party manufacturers are scrambling to meet demand for compatible accessories – but LaCie is no stranger to the new port. The company began offering USB-C drives back in 2015, recently announced drives using the same super-speed SSDs used in the new MacBook Pro and has today announced USB-C versions of two of its most popular drives …

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USB-C Stories December 23, 2016

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