USB-C Stories September 5

Apple already makes USB-C to Lightning cables that you can buy separately, and the iPhone XS lineup is expected to include the cable in the box in place of USB-A to Lightning. Now Macotakara reports that MFi (Made for iPhone) accessory makers have been told that Apple will soon approve MFi USB-C Lightning cables as well, but a higher cost of production is coming too.

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USB-C Stories August 24

Apple’s decisions to remove the headphone jack starting with iPhone 7/7 Plus and going all in on USB-C with the MacBook and MackBook Pro have caused a lot of commotion. But no matter how you see the changes, an interesting result has emerged, we’ve made Apple’s dongles the best-selling products at Best Buy.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

USB-C Stories August 22

In theory, all USB-C cables should be the same: that’s the whole point of having a standard. In practice, there are different versions of the standard. More worryingly, many cables being sold as USB-C don’t fully conform to that standard – and that can be seriously bad news …

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USB-C Stories August 17

Recommendations to fast charge iPhone or iPad with the USB-C to Lightning cable often include picking up the $49 30W power adapter (previously 29W). But what if you already have a higher powered USB-C charger for your MacBook Pro? Follow along for which iPhones and iPads you can fast charge with the company’s notebook chargers.

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USB-C Stories August 16

While the tech industry is still in the middle of a transition to USB-C, it can be easy to wind up with lots of various charging bricks and adapters. Leviton’s Type A & Type C USB Charger/Receptacle caught our eye as a way to simplify our digital lives, so we went hands-on with the handy wall outlet.

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USB-C Stories July 23

If you were hoping to benefit from fast charging of this year’s iPhones, that may not be possible with many third-party chargers …

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