USB-C Stories November 14

USB-C/Thunderbolt display options have really grown over the last couple of years. While Apple’s Pro Display XDR isn’t the best fit for most Mac users at $5,000+, it now offers the more affordable Studio Display. And there are also lots of solid choices from LG, Samsung, BenQ, and more. Let’s look at the best USB-C/Thunderbolt displays available in the $400-$1,600 range.

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USB-C Stories October 25

The EU recently formalized new legislation that will require most personal electronics to switch to USB-C for charging a data transfer. Now, for the first time, Apple has confirmed that it will have to comply with this new regulation, despite the fact that the company still fundamentally disagrees with the basis of the new common charger regulations

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USB-C Stories October 24

Update: Although there was never any doubt, the Council of Ministers today ratified the earlier vote, which is the final step required to become law. It now simply needs to be signed and published to take effect.

We reported back in June that USB-C iPhones would become mandatory from 2024 for all models sold in Europe, as the European Union reached an agreement on a common charging port for all smartphones.

We said then that although a full vote of the European Parliament was required, it was certain to pass – and the EU has today confirmed that this did indeed happen …

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USB-C Stories October 14

mophie is out with its newest portable battery today that offers a convenient experience for Apple users. With built-in Lightning and USB-C cables plus an extra USB-C port, the powerstation plus makes it seamless to juice up iPhone, iPad, AirPods, and more with fast charging on the go.

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USB-C Stories October 10

An iPhone 15 USB-C port, in place of a Lightning one, is “essentially a lock,” says Mark Gurman in his latest Power On newsletter.

It has been widely speculated that Apple will choose the iPhone 15 to make the switch, a year ahead of it becoming mandatory for all smartphones sold within the European Union, but Gurman’s statement is the strongest we’ve seen to date …

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USB-C Stories October 6

Former Apple VP Tony Fadell became known as “the father of the iPod.” Although he no longer has any ties with Apple, he often shares opinions on what the company has been doing. This time, Fadell shared his thoughts on the European Union’s requirement for iPhone with a USB-C port. The engineer believes that this is the “right thing” to do and that he now sees Apple in a monopolistic position.

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USB-C Stories September 13

Ugreen has released the next charger in its Nexode GaN lineup today with the new 140W triple-port model. Coming in notably smaller than Apple’s 140W power brick, this charger offers two USB-C and one USB-A port for lots of convenience and power particularly suited for 14 and 16″ MacBook Pro owners. Here are my thoughts after testing it out.

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USB-C Stories September 1

The USB Promoter group announced USB4 Version 2.0 spec, a major update that will enable up to 80 GBps of data performance over USB-C. This news comes at a time Apple has been rumored to switch to this technology with the upcoming iPhone 15 series.

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USB-C Stories August 25

Ugreen has launched its smallest charger in the Nexode GaN lineup today with the new 45W dual-port USB-C model. With two of three of its dimensions smaller than an AirPods Pro case, this charger is a perfect solution for MacBook, iPhone, and iPad. Follow along for our full review.

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USB-C Stories July 20

Back in May, engineer Ken Pillonel followed up on his successful project to create the world’s first USB-C iPhone by creating the first AirPods case with USB-C. However, he didn’t share details on how he did it. Now Pillonel is back with an in-depth look at what it took to create a USB-C AirPods case and is making his resources available for others to do the same.

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USB-C Stories July 12

mophie speedport 45 with USB-C cable undercuts Apple’s dual-port USB-C chargers

mophie is out today with the newest addition to its speedport GaN USB-C charger lineup. The new speedport 45 features dual USB-C ports with a compact design and a 2-meter cable included. All of that at less than Apple’s new 35W dual-port chargers.

USB-C Stories July 7

It’s been rumored for a while that Apple will eventually drop its beloved Lightning port on the iPhone and move to USB-C. Multiple Apple devices have already made the switch to USB-C but the iPhone has fallen behind. As time goes on, it’s seemingly more and more likely that we will end up with a USB-C iPhone. However, is that something consumers want?

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USB-C Stories June 28

Apple has been getting a lot of pressure to replace the Lightning connector with the USB-C standard on the iPhone. After the European Union decided that USB-C will become mandatory for mobile devices and US senators considered a similar policy, now Brazil might be the next country to force Apple to build a USB-C iPhone.

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USB-C Stories June 8

The European Union has officially agreed to make USB-C the common charging port across devices by fall 2024. According to BBC, the UK government is not “currently considering” following the EU’s demands for a common charging cable. Either way, a USB-C iPhone could still be in the works.

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USB-C Stories June 7

The pressure on Apple to create USB-C iPhones in place of Lightning ones ramped up another notch today, as the European Union reach agreement on making the charging port mandatory from 2024.

Recent reports do indicate that Apple is prepared for this, with the iPhone 15 expected to make the switch from Lightning to USB-C – though the company does have a second option …

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USB-C Stories May 31

After unveiling its new USB-C UltraSharp 32 4K Conference Monitor that features a built-in 4K HDR Sony webcam at CES back in January, Dell has opened preorders today. The new monitor offers a number of features that may make it a compelling alternative to Apple’s Studio Display.

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USB-C Stories May 27

Google is rolling out an update to Chrome OS this week that comes with a very nifty new feature. As reported by our colleagues over at 9to5Google, Chrome OS 102 includes a new “USB-C cable alert” feature, and it’s a feature that Apple should absolutely replicate across the board for its products…

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USB-C Stories May 16

Apple has long been expected to transition to fully portless iPhones at some point, and for most users that makes perfect sense. But we’re seeing growing reports that the iPhone maker is first going to switch from Lightning to USB-C, and that raises a key question.

Is USB-C just a brief interim stage before iPhones go fully wireless, or do USB-C iPhones have a longer future … ?

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USB-C Stories May 11

The only examples of a USB-C iPhone we’ve seen to date have been DIY versions, but Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple will make the switch from Lightning to USB-C next year, in the iPhone 15.

The report comes as something of a surprise, as although Apple has adopted USB-C for Mac and iPad, it had seemed the company planned to stick with Lightning until it switches to a completely portless phone …

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USB-C Stories April 20

EU continues to fight to make USB-C the new charging standard

Could this mean the end of Apple’s lightning port in the EU? The EU is continuing to fight to make USB-C charging the standard on portable devices. The Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee aims to create new rules that would help consumers no longer need a new charging cable every time they buy a new device. 

USB-C Stories April 19

Nomad is out with its most powerful GaN charger yet, the dual-port 65W AC Adapter. This charger can power up a MacBook and iPad or iPhone or a Google Pixel 6 and Chromebook with a super-compact footprint the size of an AirPods Pro charging case. Read on for more including hands-on details.

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USB-C Stories March 22

While the latest MacBook Pro notebooks bring back a range of I/O, they’re still missing Ethernet and USB-A ports. Satechi’s Pro Hub Mini delivers those and more in a compact design without sacrificing access to MagSafe or your USB-C ports.

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USB-C Stories March 1

Whether you’re looking for the best everyday charger for your iPhone and iPad or need a solution for work or travel, getting something more powerful and capable than Apple’s charger is key. Standing out as a perfect fit for iPhone, iPad, and more is the Baseus Super Si 30W ultra-compact dual-port charger. Read on for all the details and get a 20% discount with code “SUPERSI44” at checkout..

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USB-C Stories January 29

Last fall we saw engineer Ken Pillonel replace an iPhone X’s Lightning connector with a functioning USB-C port and ended up selling it for almost six figures. Inspired by Pillonel, Gernot Jöbstl successfully created the second USB-C iPhone, this time with waterproofing, and listed it for sale. However, interest in the world’s second iPhone with USB-C fell far, far short of the first, here’s what happened.

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