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Three reasons a tethered Apple Vision headset would be an acceptable compromise for me

A tethered Apple Vision headset would be an acceptable compromise

It’s been consistently reported that Apple has been struggling to develop a lower-cost version of the Vision Pro, and that the solution might need to be a tethered Apple Vision product – with either an iPhone or a Mac providing the required processing power.

While some may see that as a big deal, there are three reasons why I’d consider it an acceptable compromise to bring the price down to a more affordable level …

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Why Apple Intelligence won’t run on older iPhones, or Vision Pro

Why Apple Intelligence won't run on older iPhones (shown)

When asked why Apple Intelligence won’t be available on older iPhones, the company has so far said that the chips simply weren’t sufficiently powerful to provide a good experience. Responses would take too long on older chips.

But many have said that if their phones weren’t up to the task, why not just use Apple Intelligence servers – aka Private Cloud Compute? After all, that’s what already happens with a lot of Siri requests today. We now have an answer to this …

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No Vision Pro 2? Apple, give us this one upgrade and call it a day

Vision Pro M4

Apple has reportedly stopped development of the Vision Pro’s formal successor. Instead, the company is doubling down on releasing a more affordable, lighter-weight Vision product that is more enticing to the masses.

I’ve already written about why I think this is a good move, but the lack of a Vision Pro 2 could mean Apple finds themselves in an awkward position. What happens if the cheaper Vision device comes with more modern tech than its ‘Pro’ companion?

Here’s what Apple can do to upgrade the Vision Pro without needing to offer a true Vision Pro 2.

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Vision Pro bug fixed; websites can no longer fill your room with bats

Vision Pro bug fixed | Bat seen on tabletop

Apple has fixed a Vision Pro bug which would have allowed a website to fill your room with an unlimited number of virtual 3D objects. Those objects – flying bats in the proof of concept – would then persist even after you quit Safari.

The bug was discovered by a cybersecurity researcher who says Apple took a lot of care to protect against this type of exploit, but it forgot one thing …

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Apple Vision Diary: Hands-on with Vision Pro, ahead of the UK launch

Hands-on with Vision Pro

I’ve tried a lower-end headset, and I’ve tried a higher-end headset, but the US-only launch of Vision Pro meant I was having to wait impatiently for my chance to go hands-on with Apple’s spatial computer here in the UK.

I wasn’t going to have very much longer to wait, with walk-in demos likely available on June 28, but UK-based developer Maze Theory offered me a chance to try one a little earlier …

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Why the Vision Pro 2 shutdown actually points to a brighter Apple Vision future

Big news dropped today for Vision Pro fans: Apple has reportedly halted plans for a Vision Pro 2. But that’s not the full story.

Apple isn’t stopping development of the Vision Pro’s successor because it’s abandoning the Vision platform. Rather, it’s making a strategic call to create a Vision product that could actually become a true hit.

That’s why the Vision Pro 2 shutdown points to a brighter Apple Vision future.

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Vision Pro’s international launch is closer than ever, says Ming-Chi Kuo

Vision Pro glass cracks reports (stock photo shown)

Rumors have been rampant about the timeline for the Vision Pro’s international rollout. Although the device first shipped to US customers back in February, there has been no official word on its expansion to other countries.

Now, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, the international Vision Pro rollout is imminent, with shipments set to begin before mid-June.

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What to expect from visionOS 2: new native Apple apps, live captions, respiration tracking, and more

Joanna Stern would not buy Vision Pro | Display model in Apple Store

Apple is expected to have a lot of software announcements to share next week at WWDC, many of which will center around iOS 18 and AI. However, this year’s keynote will also introduce the first major software update for the Vision Pro: visionOS 2.

Here’s what to expect from visionOS 2 when it debuts next Monday.

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Ready to become a Vision Pro superhero? Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ immersive visionOS app launching May 30 [U: Now available]

What If…? visionOS app from Marvel

Update 5/30: ‘What If…? — An Immersive Story’ is now available as a free download on the App Store.

One of the most exciting Vision Pro apps announced recently was Marvel’s collaboration with ILM for “What If…? — An Immersive Story.” Today, the new app scored a May 30 release date, pricing info, and a first-look trailer that shows just how fun it will be to enter the Marvel universe with your Vision Pro.

Are you ready to become a Marvel superhero? Because that’s exactly the experience this new app looks to deliver.

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Apple Vision Pro immersive ‘Adventure’ video shot in Paris premiering this week ahead of international launch

Vision Pro Parkour video

When the Vision Pro first arrived in users’ hands earlier this year, one of its most universally-praised features was content shot in the 180-degree Immersive Video format. There was a limited collection of such immersive content available on day one, but users’ general expectation was that Apple would regularly add to that collection.

Those additions have been slower than anyone expected, but the latest video is finally dropping this Friday, May 24. ‘Parkour’ will arrive for Vision Pro users as the second episode of the ‘Adventure’ series and take viewers on a remarkable parkour tour of Paris.

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Canada and UK in line for first Vision Pro international rollout – Gurman

We’re expecting the first stage of the Vision Pro international rollout to happen soon after WWDC, and there have been pointers to some specific countries. Canada and the UK are now said to be includedm after some earlier uncertainty.

There have so far been a number of clues to Apple’s plans for the next countries in line for launch, after the US …

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Vision Pro ‘one the the biggest steps’ for mainstream XR adoption, says Job Simulator studio

Vision Pro – buy now or wait? | Apple Store tryout

Apple Vision Pro may be taking a backseat while the M4 iPad Pro has its day in the sun, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t big things brewing for the premium mixed reality headset. has interviewed Owlchemy Labs CEO Andrew Eiche about their experience bringing Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator to Apple Vision Pro, and their perspective on its role in the world is clear.

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