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June 24

Apple plans to bargain with Maryland retail store after union vote

Apple intends to bargain with the newly formed labor union at its Maryland retail store, according to Reuters.

Apple has been interested in acquiring rights to stream NFL games for years. Recent deals with Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer show its appetite for streaming sports, and this year, the NFL’s Sunday Ticket package has been seeking a buyer. Now CNBC has a detailed report of the current status of the NFL’s most wanted streaming package.

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AirPods Pro 2 are expected to launch before the end of the year, and 52audio has published images depicting the hardware design. The site previously published images of the third-gen AirPods design ahead of their release.

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June 23

Apple will likely announce its mixed reality headset in January 2023, according to reliable supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The latest release date prediction was shared in a new analyst note examining growth focuses of the VR headset industry.

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Chris Evans, yes THAT Chris Evans, is finally upgrading his iPhone 6s

Wait, what? Captain America was still using an iPhone 6s? Sure, Cap was frozen in ice for 70 years, but who had Chris Evans using an iPhone 6s in 2022 on their bingo card?

Moses Ingram in Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+
Reva (Moses Ingram) in Lucasfilm's OBI-WAN KENOBI, exclusively on Disney+. © 2022 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All Rights Reserved.

Following the finale of Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+, actor Moses Ingram has been cast alongside fellow Star Wars veteran Natalie Portman for an upcoming Apple TV+ series. Ingram is replacing another Star Wars vet who dropped out of the project earlier this year.

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June 22

Apple Watch has been an excellent swim tracker since gaining stronger water resistance and aquatic workouts with Series 2 – the device has since evolved into a must-have swimming companion and lifeguard of sorts. That’s what happened in Oregon last week when first responders were able to rescue a trapped swimmer who called 911 from her Apple Watch.

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Apple’s car ambitions range from replacing your infotainment system with the iPhone to someday selling self-driving electric vehicles. Not every auto exec is convinced Apple will ever cross the finish line to shipping its own car, however. Meanwhile, more automakers are continuing to adopt Apple CarPlay even as the company teases its next grand vision for taking over your car software.

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June 21

A new audio series called Project Unabom is joining Apple’s growing list of original podcasts. The true-crime podcast is based on new original reporting on serial bomber Ted Kaczynski. Listeners can look for the Apple Unabomber podcast to drop next week.

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June 20

Pro-unionization is a long-held policy position for Joe Biden, and today the president extended his support to Apple retail employees who voted to form a union over the weekend. “I am proud of them,” said Biden when asked about the development. “Workers have a right to determine under what condition they are going to work or not work.”

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June 7

The Mac is gaining Apple’s Clock app in macOS Ventura, and it’s a surprisingly useful addition. Proper Mac integration and Siri control leave only one feature to be desired…

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June 6

Apple showed off the next generation of CarPlay during WWDC 2022, and wow does it look stunning. The complete CarPlay takeover of the infotainment display, dash controls, and more tease us with Apple Car vibes.

While Project Titan remains an R&D project, Apple says the first cars that will work with next-gen CarPlay won’t be announced until the end of next year. There’s a high chance that drivers will have to wait until 2024 or 2025 to get behind the wheel of next generation CarPlay.

iOS 16 does include a few updates to CarPlay, however, that will be available to everyone this fall.

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Apple’s Photos app is gaining a lot of useful features in iOS 16. While the star of the keynote was iCloud Shared Photo Library, Photos has also learned how to detect duplicates in your library, new ways to edit, and more.

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Siri has always known how to start phone calls and FaceTime sessions. Starting in iOS 16, Siri will finally be able to end those calls too. Here’s how to use the new Siri Call Hangup feature.

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Apple unveiled the redesigned MacBook Air with the upgraded M2 chip today. Now press attending the WWDC 2022 keynote are sharing close-up shots of the redesigned MacBook Air for a better look.

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watchOS 9 is coming this fall, and Apple just announced new features included in the update for the Apple Watch. The announcement is part of Apple’s WWDC 2022 keynote. Read on to see what’s new!

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May 20

iCloud Photos is a fantastic feature for syncing large photo and video libraries across all your devices. Have a 300GB photo library? With an iCloud subscription and Optimize Storage, you don’t need a 512GB or 1TB iPhone to take your media with you. Still, iCloud Photos backups shouldn’t be ignored.

Keeping a local backup of your photo library is mighty important. iCloud Photos can feel like a backup. It’s really just your photo library in a single place — even if you don’t use Optimize Storage. iCloud Photos really doesn’t encourage methods of keeping separate, offline copies of photos and videos.

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Apple is gearing up to launch a new version of its HomePod smart speaker, according to reliable supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Apple currently sells the $99 HomePod mini as the only model. The original HomePod with much more impressive sound was discontinued last year after a price cut from $349 to $299.

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May 13

Supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared two days ago that evidence points to Apple replacing its own Lightning charging port with the universal USB-C connection. Today a second report from a reliable source, this time Bloomberg, adds that Apple is internally testing an iPhone design with USB-C.

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May 11

During Google I/O 2022, Apple was indirectly referenced in a not-so-subtle jab over its lack of RCS support for iPhone users. RCS, or Rich Communication Services, is the modern upgrade to SMS texting that Apple leapfrogged with iMessage over a decade ago.

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