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Zac has also been published in the Clarion-Ledger newspaper, part of the USA Today network, and founded the space news website SpaceExplored.com.

Zac lives in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, with his two kids, where he enjoys motorcycles and beach days.

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Halide is arguably the most polished yet powerful camera app on the iPhone for photography. It strikes a balance with its attractive appearance and useful controls that let anyone do more with the optics on today’s iPhones.

Of course, iPhones aren’t the only Apple devices with amazing camera systems. Modern iPads often match the iPhone in most camera specs, and today, Halide is celebrating that with the first-ever version of Halide for iPad.

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May 15

A few years ago my wife and I purchased two new Hondas. My Civic came with Apple CarPlay, but her HR-V had a basic entertainment system. We were both used to driving with CarPlay by then, so we upgraded her system with an Alpine unit with Wireless CarPlay. I really wanted Wireless CarPlay, but replacing my entertainment system was too disruptive.

Now there’s a solution for turning standard CarPlay into Wireless CarPlay, at least for some models, and it actually works!

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Apple Watch can help you stay motivated to exercise and improve your health, and smart scales that sync data to the iPhone can be a fun and useful way to track your progress. If you want to easily collect your weight and other measurement data in the Health app on iPhone, the trick is to find a scale that works with HealthKit. Here are some of the current options on the market:

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May 14

There was a wild rumor making the rounds last year that Apple planned to phase out its successful Beats hardware brand and go all in with Apple-branded audio hardware. 9to5Mac reported at the time that burying Beats was “not a strategy that Apple plans to pursue” or even consider.

We’ve since learned more about was happening behind the scenes in California. Rather than discontinuing the Beats brand, Apple was hiring its first in-house designer to oversee Beats product design.

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May 13

CarPlay is Apple’s feature that brings communication and entertainment functions to the built-in screen in your car using iPhone apps. The feature appears on a lot of aftermarket displays and new cars that you can buy today.

As CarPlay support shows up from more manufacturers, we’re also seeing more developers enable CarPlay capabilities in their own apps. Once you install these apps on your iPhone, they appear on your CarPlay-enabled display when you connect your iPhone. Read on for the growing list of iPhone apps that support CarPlay. expand full story

May 12

Apple hiring an ex-Facebook exec to work on its App Store and News ad team is a questionable decision. Not because Apple and Facebook are at war over advertising. Not because Apple is the target of lawsuits and regulators over anti-trust issues. But because Antonio Garcia Martinez is “a bozo, a bad hire” if we’re being extremely generous.

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In the two weeks since AirTag has hit the market, we’ve seen just as many stories describe ways security researchers have hacked Apple’s item tracker. So why is this? Did something go wrong when Apple designed security features for AirTags, and should you be concerned? Let’s tackle those questions.

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May 7

AirTag is Apple’s first product launch in 2021, and the $29 price tag also makes it the most affordable. So affordable that it’s easy to go a little overboard when trying out the new Apple tech. It’s easy to go from “Where do I even put this AirTag?” to “I need an AirTag for everything!” so we’re curious what you’re tracking with AirTag. The weirder, the better…

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May 6

watchOS 8 will be shown off for Apple Watch in just one month, and we’re hoping for a feature-packed update this year. While there’s still time to dream about what could come in the next Apple Watch software update, we’re sharing four short feature requests that would be welcome in watchOS 8 or any future version of the Apple Watch software.

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April 26

The release version of the watchOS 7.4 software update for Apple Watch is now available. iPhone users are now able to use Apple Watch to replace Face ID and a passcode when wearing a facial covering like a mask.

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April 22

My first exposure to the Mac was around 2000 at a local computer shop in Georgia. My granddad was shopping for his first computer after the college where he taught started requiring internet access at home. I didn’t actually see an iMac, just a colorful poster that caught my 10-year-old eye…

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April 20

iOS 14.5 will be available for iPhone and iPad next week after an extended software beta period that started in February. The latest software update brings loads of new features including two new Siri voices, strong protection against app tracking, a redesigned Podcasts experience, and much more.

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Apple has officially an all-new feature coming to Podcasts next month. Apple Podcasts Subscriptions will allow listeners to directly support podcasters through the Podcasts app.

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April 16

This week join 9to5Mac’s Zac Hall and Benjamin Mayo to discuss Apple’s upcoming Spring Loaded event, expectations for iPad Pro updates and Mac releases, iPhone 14 rumors, and much more.

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April 13

Apple Watch is at the top of its class, but it isn’t a perfect product. The hardware and design is space age compared to the competition, and the software experience meets Apple’s mark. It’s also very personal because you wear it. Apple has known this from the start, so it designs personalization into the product. From watch colors and materials to strap choices and watch faces, it’s easy to make the Apple Watch uniquely yours.

How you use the Apple Watch is even more personal. The tech enthusiast in me wants to find a use for every Apple Watch feature, but this can create an overwhelming experience if you’re not intentional about your approach. It’s possible to want to reduce your reliance on the iPhone through the Apple Watch, only to find yourself even more annoyed by interruptions on your wrist.

Identifying utility from the Apple Watch while toning it down when the watch becomes too much has been something I’ve been working through recently. I’ll share where I’ve landed as well as a few feature requests for managing the experience for the better.

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April 7

Apple may not have found the right time to launch its long-rumored AirTags locator products yet, but the infrastructure behind the scenes is expanding today. Apple has officially announced the launch of support for using its Find My network with third-party accessories.

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April 1

Eve has fully invested in Apple’s HomeKit smart device platform over the years, and now the company is continuing its push into the next phase of connected devices. The second-generation Aqua hose and sprinkler controller with HomeKit is receiving a firmware update that activates Thread compatibility.

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March 31

The sixth developer beta version of the upcoming watchOS 7.4 software update for Apple Watch is now available. iPhone users will be able to use Apple Watch to replace Face ID and a passcode when wearing a facial covering once this update goes public.

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This year I’ve had the opportunity to handle all four models in the flagship iPhone lineup: 12 mini, 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max. Each iPhone is best at something that makes the variety in the lineup logical, but four phones also makes the buying decision trickier than ever.

I usually favor the most iPhone that Apple has to offer, so I really appreciate the iPhone 12 Pro Max. This is the first year Apple has brought the iPhone X design to a smaller screen, however, and how cool I find the iPhone 12 mini has been a huge surprise for me.

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March 23

The fifth and hopefully last developer beta version of the upcoming watchOS 7.4 software update for Apple Watch is now available. iPhone users will be able to use Apple Watch to replace Face ID and a passcode when wearing a facial covering once this update goes public.

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