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November 2015 - May 2019

Feature Request is a regular 9to5Mac series where authors offer their opinion on how to improve popular hardware or software products.

Check back for a new Feature Request each week and hit up the archives below:

Feature Request Stories May 7

I’ve said on many occasions that the ecosystem is one of Apple’s greatest strengths. Being able to start writing something in my office on my Mac and then continue it in a coffee shop on my iPad, for example. That should Just Work. We shouldn’t need to actively force an iCloud sync.

But, as I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion, that isn’t always the case …

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Feature Request Stories May 3

Apple Maps offers directions by car, public transit, ride-sharing services, and walking – but there’s one notable omission: there are no cycling routes in Apple Maps.

Cycling routes in Google Maps have existed since 2010 – and it had been a top-requested feature for a couple of years before that. Why has Apple not managed this almost a decade later?

There are three reasons this needs to be a priority for Apple …

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Feature Request Stories April 10

We’ve today been able to confirm that Apple is bringing new standalone media apps to macOS, including a Music app on the Mac.

That’s something I’ve been calling for since 2015.

Let’s have a new OS X Music app just like we got a new iOS one. Have it be a music player, and a means of transferring music to iOS devices, and nothing else. Strip away absolutely everything that isn’t about music.

I gave an exec summary of what I wanted from it back then, but now we know it’s finally happening, I thought I’d put together a more detailed wish-list for the upcoming app …

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Feature Request Stories March 20

iOS is generally a very slick operating system, but every now and then I come across a UI decision that makes me wonder what on earth Apple was thinking, and app settings are a prime example.

You never know whether an app setting is configured in the app, or in the separate Settings app …

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Feature Request Stories March 5

I wrote back in 2015 on the bloated mess that was iTunes, and suggested that Apple needed to take the same approach on Mac as it has on iOS: separate apps for each content category.

The company took a big step in this direction with the release of iTunes 12.7 in 2017, removing apps and ringtones from iTunes, turning iTunes U into a subsection of podcasts, and tidying up Internet Radio …

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Feature Request Stories February 4

A WhatsApp update yesterday added the option of using Face ID to protect your chats, and that’s an option I think could be usefully added to other apps – including some of Apple’s own.

One could question the value. After all, locking your phone protects all your apps, so why bother offering app-by-app protection too … ?

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