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November 2015 - December 2019

Feature Request is a regular 9to5Mac series where authors offer their opinion on how to improve popular hardware or software products.

Check back for a new Feature Request each week and hit up the archives below:

Feature Request Stories December 2

Temporarily working on a second Mac has identified a small but annoying gap in the Apple ecosystem: There’s no way to synchronize learned spellings across Apple devices.

If you create Text Replacements, these behave the way you’d expect: Create them on any Apple device, and they sync via iCloud. For example…

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Feature Request Stories November 20

This is a small feature request: to have the same Auto-Shazam feature in the Apple Watch app that we get in the iPhone one.

This may be a bit niche. Certainly my own reason for wanting it is, but let’s see…

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Feature Request Stories November 12

All Macs have a clear and unmistakable ‘camera in use’ indicator in the form of a green LED next to the camera. Indeed, on Macs released from 2008 onward, there is a hardware interlock between the camera and LED which makes it physically impossible for an app to switch on the camera without the light also coming on to alert you.

Yet there is no equivalent on iPhones or iPads – which, as we have seen only today, can be problematic…

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Feature Request Stories October 22

Face Unlock on Google’s Pixel 4 is less secure than the iPhone’s Face ID, but it does have one feature I’d like to see Apple copy: Skip Lock Screen.

Copying that would be perfectly fair, as Google has recently confirmed that it will be copying at least part of Face ID’s Require Attention feature…

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Feature Request Stories August 12

Telegram this weekend added a ‘silent message’ option to the latest version of its app. I thought this was a really handy feature and is something I’d like to see Apple add to Messages.

There are three main scenarios where the audible alert you get with incoming Messages may be unwelcome, and the iPhone currently offers solutions for only two of them…

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Feature Request Stories May 7

I’ve said on many occasions that the ecosystem is one of Apple’s greatest strengths. Being able to start writing something in my office on my Mac and then continue it in a coffee shop on my iPad, for example. That should Just Work. We shouldn’t need to actively force an iCloud sync.

But, as I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion, that isn’t always the case …

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