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Feature Request is a regular 9to5Mac series where authors offer their opinion on how to improve popular hardware or software products.

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Feature Request Stories February 9

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For an operating system as simple as iOS, it’s surprising how much stuff can appear in the 20px status bar almost always visible when using an iPhone or iPad. Ever since the Apple Watch came out, I’ve had a bit of a pet peeve that the Bluetooth symbol is always visible there as I’m always paired to the watch.

Is it really necessary to show me something that is always there? This leads me into a feature request that isn’t a critical new addition to the system by any means, but a small refinement to polish the iOS experience. I believe the status bar is too cluttered with redundant information and would like to see Apple make it tidier and less busy …

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Feature Request Stories February 2

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When Apple released iOS 10 last September, they pushed in a small change when connecting to wireless networks. Tucked away under the Wi-Fi settings, iOS now warns users when connecting to insecure networks that it exposes a user’s network traffic. The easy answer to this is to simply not connect to public wireless networks, but that’s something that most people will just ignore. If users won’t stop connecting to insecure public networks, they could at least start using VPNs and Apple could make it easy to do that.

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Feature Request Stories January 31

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Over the years Apple has made steady improvements to how our devices sync content. On the whole, it’s becoming more seamless to keep photos, videos and other content synced and organized across multiple iOS devices and Macs with software like iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Music Library.

However, one area I believe Apple could really improve the user experience is with photo and video management for multiple users. While iCloud Photo Sharing is a nice social way to share and organize photos with others, it’s not a great option to mange your photo and video collection. A feature I’d really like to see is iCloud Photo Library support for multiple Apple IDs.

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Feature Request Stories January 30

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Apple Watch is gaining a helpful new feature called Theater Mode with watchOS 3.2. You could already mute alerts easily, and now Theater Mode lets you both mute alerts and disable raise-to-wake which easily activates the screen.

Theater Mode is intended to be used at the movie theater where lighting up a small screen accidentally when you raise your wrist can be distracting. Theater Mode may be useful in other situations despite its name. With a few tweaks, Theater Mode could be especially ideal for drivers.

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Feature Request Stories November 23, 2016

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With many of us having new Macs here or on the way, it’s a good time to do some housekeeping: tidying up your existing Mac ready for a restore from Time Machine, or to think about how you want to organize your new machine if setting it up from scratch. (Cue comments war on which is the better approach …)

One thing I do is a periodic rejig of my dock, to ensure it contains the apps I use most frequently, and to keep them in some kind of logical order.


Adding spacers to the dock helps a lot when it keeps to keeping things organized. This isn’t a standard macOS feature, but I think it should be …

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Feature Request Stories October 31, 2016

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Earlier this month I wrote about a sour experience I had with my Apple Watch and activity tracking. Apple’s Activity app on the iPhone recorded 499 active calories burned, just one active calorie shy of my daily goal, even though the Activity app on my Apple Watch showed my progress at just over 100%.

It was an odd (and annoying) discrepancy that prompted me to think about how Apple’s Activity app could better handle different situations like sick days and harder to track activities. I proposed a new concept of rest days, tolerance levels, and an honor system that could help avoid losing achievement streaks and motivation.

A lot of readers wrote in with similar stories and advice for correcting the data sync bug that I experienced. Now that we’re on the last day of the month (happy Halloween!), I can report that the recommendation I received from 9to5Mac readers was successful and worth passing along.

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