macOS Stories July 21

Along with macOS 11.5 being released, security updates have arrived for both macOS Catalina and Mojave. Fixes included are for flaws that could lead to malicious applications gaining root access, arbitrary code being executed with kernel privileges, and more.

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macOS Stories July 7

Now that the macOS 12 Monterey public beta is available, it’s a good time to consider whether or not you’ll make the jump to Apple’s latest beta update for Mac. Although I definitely don’t recommend running Monterey on a production machine used for work, you can install Monterey on a spare machine or a separate APFS volume. Watch our hands-on video walkthrough as I step through over 100 macOS Monterey changes and features.

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macOS Stories June 30

Being able to install macOS on non-Mac computers is nothing exactly new thanks to the Hackintosh process, but a YouTuber decided to put Apple’s operating system on a rather unusual machine. Ike T. Sanglay Jr. has built a tiny handheld PC that runs the Intel version of macOS Big Sur, which is the latest available to users right now.

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macOS Stories June 24

During a livestream event today, Microsoft officially unveiled its next operating system, Windows 11. The new OS features a number of elements inspired by macOS like a centered Dock, rounded corners for windows, and more. Microsoft also took the opportunity to take a shot at Apple’s App Store commission as it announced the new Windows 11 Store where developers can keep 100% of revenue.

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macOS Stories June 23

This app lets you download full macOS Big Sur installer pkgs with one click

If you’re looking for a way to easily download the installer pkg of recent and future macOS software releases, a new app from Scripting OS X will let you do just that. “Download Full Installer” is a new app from Armin Briegel that lists the full macOS Big Sur and later installer pkgs available from Apple’s software update catalogs.

macOS Stories June 7

Following Apple debuting its new Mac software at the WWDC keynote today, the company has released the first beta of macOS 12 Monterey for developers. The new software includes a host of new features including Universal Control, FaceTime’s SharePlay, AirPlay to Mac, Focus mode, the Shortcuts app, and much more.

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Alongside unveiling macOS 12 Monterey with a variety of new features and changes, Apple detailed which machines the new software will be able to run it. Read on for the full list of Macs compatible with macOS Monterey.

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macOS Stories June 1

With every new major version of macOS comes a new codename. Since 2013, versions of macOS have been named after beautiful places in California. So far, we’ve had: Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, and Big Sur. It’s fun to speculate what upcoming versions might be called, but Apple has quietly and consistently left a trail of breadcrumbs that make it easier to decipher what a release could be named. Over the past year, Apple has renewed and abandoned a few trademarks that might hint at what macOS 12 will be called.

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macOS Stories May 24

Apple today released macOS Big Sur 11.4, which comes with expanded support for external GPUs, bug fixes in Safari, and more. However, this update also makes the system more secure as it patches an exploit that let malware take screenshots without the user’s knowledge.

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macOS Stories May 21

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article looking at what was the best calendar app for iPhone. While considering all the various options, I started coming across a lot of macOS alternatives. For whatever reason, the built-in calendar for Mac hasn’t been working great for me recently, so I thought I’d look at what’s the best calendar app for the Mac.

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macOS Stories April 13

Maxon is out today with the news that its popular Redshift rendering software is launching for macOS. Along with the debut comes support for Apple Silicon Macs and Apple’s Metal API. Notably, early testers are reporting “crazy results.”

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macOS Stories April 11

Flappy Bird, despite being removed from the App Store seven years ago, remains one of the most iconic iPhone games of all time. Now, developer Neil Sardesai has taken to Twitter to showcase how he brought a clone of the game directly to the macOS Big Sur Notification Center.

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macOS Stories March 24

As we shared earlier today, the macOS operating system — formerly called Mac OS X — is turning 20 years old this Wednesday, March 24, 2021. To celebrate the occasion, none other than Scott Forstall decided to use his Twitter account tonight to congratulate Mac OS X.

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macOS Stories March 18

A new backdoor threat has been discovered that aims to compromise Apple developers’ Macs with a trojanized Xcode project. This malware can record victims’ microphone, camera, keyboard, and also upload/download files. The first in the wild example of the threat was found within a US organization.

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macOS Stories March 17

A study looking at new malware found in the wild during 2020 says that threats developed for macOS saw a huge jump – almost 1,100% compared to 2019. But taken into context, that total was less than 1% of the new malware that was discovered for Windows in the same period.

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macOS Stories February 17

macOS Big Sur gaining Apple Music Autoplay starting with 11.3 beta 2 update

Apple Music introduced a helpful new feature in iOS 14 that keeps the music going even when an album or playlist ends. Now macOS Big Sur is slated to receive the same treatment in the next software update to the Music app.

macOS Stories February 10

The popular PCalc calculator app has received a great update for Mac today. The latest version brings a full-on button layout editor to create the exact calculator you want on your Mac – including customization of the menu bar widget. Other new changes include widget layouts available to use in the main app, the ability to resize button layouts, and more.

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macOS Stories February 9

Apple today released macOS Big Sur 11.2.1 to the public, alongside supplemental updates for macOS Catalina 10.15.7 and macOS Mojave 10.14.6. In addition to a fix for MacBook Pro charging issues, the update also brings a notable security fix for a Sudo bug that was reported last week.

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macOS Stories February 8

Today, a team of designers and developers unveiled an incredible new Mac app dubbed “Freezeframe” that lets you save different workspaces for later. The app essentially takes a snapshot in time of your windows and tabs and lets you return to them through a handy menu bar icon. It’s like Mission Control on steroids.

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macOS Stories February 4

Yesterday Apple released a huge new macOS Big Sur 11.3 developer beta to Mac users. The update brings some long-awaited new features to the table, such as the ability to set a HomePod stereo pair as the global default sound output option. In addition, the beta adds changes already implemented in the earlier release of iOS 14.5 beta for iOS devices, such as a new Made For You section in the Music app, and updates to sorting options in the Reminders app. Watch our hands-on video walkthrough as we showcase macOS 11.3 beta 1 changes and features.

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macOS Stories February 2

Apple today released the first beta of macOS Big Sur 11.3 to developers, which comes with some of the new features of iOS 14.5 beta and also with general improvements. However, 9to5Mac has found that the upcoming macOS Big Sur update also brings a new Support menu with more details on Apple’s 1-year limited warranty coverage and AppleCare.

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macOS Stories January 20

‘Agenda’ date-focused notes app gains support for tables and more on iOS and Mac

Agenda for iPhone, iPad, and Mac is a date-focused notes/productivity app and it has received some new features today in the latest update. Headlining the changes is support for tables, inline styles, and horizontal rules.

macOS Stories December 31, 2020

Textcraft app for iOS and Mac offers powerful text conversion tools for HTML stripping, Base64, alt case, emoji, much more

A new app has launched to help with quick text transformations on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Textcraft brings over 50 formats that you can quickly convert your text to which should be useful for everyone from developers to everyday users.

macOS Stories December 17, 2020

While Apple offers macOS updates through the Software Update menu in the System Preferences app, users can also download the same updates as a standalone installation package from Apple’s website. However, the company seems to have discontinued the standalone delta and combo updates with macOS Big Sur.

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