macOS Stories April 18

How to apply OCR to PDFs on Mac

Do you have a PDF document, but the text isn’t searchable? You can change that with optical character recognition (OCR) software. Read on for some options to apply OCR to PDFs on Mac.

macOS Stories April 16

It’s undeniable that one of the best characteristics of every Apple product is its display. Apple ships computers – from iPads to iMacs – with great quality, well calibrated displays that can be used for professional work which requires a great level of fidelity. Now, it appears Apple is working a new Mac and iPad display feature to launch with macOS 10.15.

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macOS Stories April 14

Clicker for Netflix is a new app for macOS that aims to improve the experience of watching Netflix on your app. The app enables powerful Touch Bar controls, Menu Bar control, and more. Unfortunately, some of the inherent limitations of Netflix on a Mac – such as 4K playback – remain.

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macOS Stories April 11

The big news this week is that this fall may finally be the beginning of the end for iTunes. 9to5Mac’s Gui Rambo independently confirmed that the next major version of macOS will introduce standalone Music and Podcasts apps on the Mac. iTunes is expected to stick around for now, which suggests Apple’s new apps won’t include every legacy feature, but iPad-based versions of Music and Podcasts would actually introduce features to the Mac that aren’t available yet.

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A German video editor has created a concept video (below) showing what he describes as ‘a simple and efficient macOS.’ What is depicted is a macOS/iOS hybrid, in which traditional app windows are largely replaced by iPad-style split-screen views.

Thomas Weinreich argues that the old desktop metaphor is no longer relevant today …

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macOS Stories April 10

During the “It’s show time” event in late March, Apple announced that the TV app would be coming to the Mac soon. This naturally sparked discussions about whether Apple would be bringing its other media apps to the Mac, finally splitting up iTunes into distinct applications.

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