macOS Stories March 22

Apple details process for converting legacy media format in pro video apps before macOS 10.15 update

Apple yesterday updated Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Compressor for macOS with new features to detect media files that may be unsupported on future versions of macOS. Today, Apple has updated a support document with additional details about incompatible media files for Final Cut Pro X and Motion projects.

macOS Stories March 19

Apple says macOS developers can now release app updates in phases through the Mac App Store

Alongside iOS 11, Apple introduced the ability for developers to release app updates in phases. Now, Apple has expanded that feature to the Mac App Store, announcing in a blog post today that developers can release updates over a 7-day period.

macOS Stories February 28

How to check your Mac’s software compatibility

Want to upgrade your Mac’s software, but aren’t sure about what operating system it will work with? Read on for how to check your Mac’s software compatibility.

macOS Stories February 21

Ejector is a new macOS app that makes it easy to manage drives w/ your keyboard & Touch Bar

As macOS has transitioned away from the SuperDrive and the use of physical media has declined, the eject key on Mac keyboards has become essentially useless. A new app from developer Dave DeLong, however, aims to add some functionality to the key – and to your MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar.

Apple today has made small change to its eGPU support document. The company has updated the page to reflect official support for the Sonnet Radeon RX 560 eGFX Breakaway, the first RX 560 eGPU to be officially supported.

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macOS Stories February 20

Apple is planning a multi-year roadmap for its cross-platform app project. First previewed at last year’s WWDC with the launch of the News, Stocks, Home and Voice Memos app, Marzipan makes it near-automatic for developers to port iPad apps to macOS.

A third-party SDK for Marzipan will launch at this year’s WWDC for iPad and Mac universal apps. According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to add Marzipan-esque conversion of iPhone to Mac apps in 2020. The publication also says that Apple has ‘weighed previewing’ a new version of the Mac Pro at the conference.

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