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Privacy is a growing concern in today’s world. Follow along with all our coverage related to privacy, security, what Apple and other companies are doing to keep your information safe, and what steps you can take to keep your information private.

Privacy Stories Yesterday

Almost all popular messaging apps offer link previews, which let users know the content of a URL in advance. However, security researchers Talal Haj Bakry and Tommy Mysk have discovered that these link previews can expose user data in both iOS and Android apps.

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Privacy Stories October 9

Privacy-focused browser DuckDuckGo has been using Apple Maps since early 2019 and has been improving the integration steadily. Now DuckDuckGo has launched driving and walking directions to further complete the feature set while keeping your location searches completely private.

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Privacy Stories October 8

FBI warns of hotel Wi-Fi security risks during pandemic

Wi-Fi security risks are always something to consider when using any kind of public hotspot, but the FBI has this week issued a specific warning about working from hotels during the coronavirus crisis …

Privacy Stories September 22

Bing user data exposed – includes location, search terms, sites visited

A team of security researchers has found Bing user data exposed on a server owned by Microsoft. The data comes from both iOS and Android versions of the Bing app. The data exposed includes unique user IDs, search queries, location, and even webpages visited as a result of searches …

Privacy Stories September 17

Cisco has warned that an iOS 14 privacy feature can break some network setups used by corporations, schools, colleges, and retail chains.

The potential problems result from the the fact that iPhone and iPads on the latest OS default to using a random MAC address when connecting to Wi-Fi networks …

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If you’ve updated to iOS 14, you can now change your default iOS browser to either Firefox or DuckDuckGo if you wish. Both browsers have been approved by Apple to take advantage of the new option to change your default web browser from Safari. (Google’s Chrome had already been approved.)

Both browsers claim that the switch will further boost your privacy protections …

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