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Privacy is a growing concern in today’s world. Follow along with all our coverage related to privacy, security, what Apple and other companies are doing to keep your information safe, and what steps you can take to keep your information private.

Privacy Stories February 11

coronavirus app created by the Chinese government lets people check whether they have been in close contact with someone confirmed or suspected to have the virus.

The app is made possible because of close government monitoring of Chinese citizens…

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A search warrant issued on behalf of Homeland Security Investigations provides a glimpse into how Apple detects and reports child abuse images uploaded to iCloud or sent via its email servers, while protecting the privacy of innocent customers.

The first stage of detection is automated, using a system common to most tech companies…

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Privacy Stories February 10

Popular iOS and Mac email apps scrape inboxes to profit from personal data, report finds [U]

A new report from Motherboard today dives into a few iOS and Mac email apps/services that aren’t being very transparent about selling users’ personal data. Notably, one of them is even in Apple’s App Store ranked in the top 100 for productivity apps.

Privacy Stories February 7

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has acknowledged using databases that track millions of smartphone users, despite a court ruling intended to limit its powers to do so.

The data has reportedly been used for border and immigration enforcement, and there is some evidence to suggest that the DHS has not wanted to admit to having access to it…

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Privacy Stories February 6

Wacom tablets log every Mac app you open, sends data to Google Analytics

A software engineer has discovered that Wacom tablets log every Mac app you open, and sends that data to a Google Analytics server…

Well-intentioned charities and academics have urged Facebook to halt encryption plans for its messaging apps, citing concerns about child exploitation.

The call was made in a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in response to the company’s intention to adopt end-to-end encryption to protect user privacy

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