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December 2010 - August 2018

Facebook is the most popular social media service in the world with more than 2 billion monthly active users as of June 2017.

Facebook was launched in February of 2004 for college students and then rapidly grew as it opened the service to more than those with a .edu email address.

In 2012 the social media giant offered its IPO and Facebook earned the title of the fastest company to grow to $250 billion market capitalization in the S&P 500.

Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg has shared that it’s not enough to connect the world, the social media service also needs to bring the world closer together. One of its recent efforts to do so is the “Good Adds Up” campaign.

Facebook Stories August 11

Facebook, as part of its growing efforts of transparency, is rolling out a new verification process to confirm that those who run Pages are who they say they are. Facebook announced the new process on its Facebook Business blog…

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Facebook Stories August 9

Apple has long sought to protect the personal data of its customers, but that reputation was probably most cemented in the minds of the public by the way the company stood up to the FBI. Refusing to compromise its stance on iOS security even in the face of a legal demand by the highest federal law enforcement agency in the land sent an extremely strong message.

But Bloomberg yesterday ran a piece questioning Apple’s commitment to privacy …

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Facebook Stories August 8

Facebook announced its new dating service at F8 earlier this year. Codenamed “Gemstone”, the project is supposed to be a competitor to other dating services such as Tinder and Match, with one major advantage: it’s going to be a feature inside the main Facebook app.

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Three months ago Snapchat launched a new social AR gaming feature called Snappables — multiplayer games that can be controlled with facial expressions. Now Facebook is serving up its own take on the idea (minus the catchy name) with AR games in Messenger that let you challenge your friends over video chat.

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Facebook Stories August 6

A pair of reports emerged today highlighting how Facebook does (and does not) want to work with and share user data with banks. The Wall Street Journal first reported on Facebook’s broad-reaching plans to work with major banks such as JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo, but TechCrunch disputes the details of that report…

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Facebook Stories August 4

Earlier this year at its F8 conference, Facebook showed off its new ‘Dating’ service that it will use to compete with Tinder and Match. Now, TechCrunch is offering up some more details on the service, which will actually be baked into the main Facebook app rather than a standalone app…

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