Face ID Stories January 29

It’s tough out there, people. Thousands have been infected with the novel Coronavirus in China, millions are under lockdown, airplanes are grounded, and borders tightened. It’s like we’ve gone back to the bubonic plague — or more accurately, gone back to the iPhone 5s!

Let me explain… I know it’s not too common for people to be out and about wearing masks in public in the United States, but it’s fairly common over here in Asia. The thinking behind it is actually to prevent you, the mask-wearer, from spreading your diseased germs to other, healthy, happy people. So if you show up in Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur or Taipei or any other Asian city and begin sneezing without a mask on, there’s a good chance you’ll get a nasty side-eye from a local.

The Coronavirus, obviously, is different: doctors are recommending people wear masks to prevent coming into contact with the “novel” virus, thus keeping yourself safe. But the masks cover a huge portion of your face (even a big face, like mine) basically invalidating Face ID. I know, I know, this sounds very trivial, and it is. But trivial and annoying have long conspired together to cause great anger and frustration.

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Face ID Stories January 8

Samsung blatantly copied Apple’s Face ID icon for Samsung Pass presentation

Samsung yesterday presented its Samsung Pass feature yesterday. Like Apple’s Face ID and Touch ID, this allows your face or fingerprint to log you in to things like e-banking services.

But the functionality wasn’t the only thing like Face ID: Samsung blatantly copied Apple’s icon…

Face ID Stories December 23, 2019

San Francisco accidentally made it illegal for city employees to use iPhones with Face ID after it banned the use of face recognition technology in May. The city had to amend the law last week to make iPhones legal to use.

San Francisco isn’t the only city to have discovered this issue with bans intended to outlaw the indiscriminate use of face recognition on the street for public and corporate surveillance…

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Face ID Stories December 17, 2019

One of the biggest question marks over future iPhones is whether Apple will stick with Face ID, or instead adopt under-display Touch ID.

Apple is continuing to work on both forms of biometric security and was today awarded a patent for one approach to a fingerprint sensor which could be embedded into a display…

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Face ID Stories December 16, 2019

3D mask or photo fools airport and payment face-recognition, but not Face ID

A 3D mask – or even a photograph of a face – was able to fool supposedly secure face recognition systems used for payments and boarding aircraft, but was unable to fool Face ID

Face ID Stories November 19, 2019

An Apple Watch patent granted today describes the inclusion of one or more cameras capable of photographing the user, hinting at Face ID on the Watch.

The patent also describes how sensors in a smart band could be used to analyze sports performance in such activities as football, baseball, and golf…

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