Face ID Stories October 13

Earlier this month, the first known case of law enforcement requiring a suspect to unlock their phone using Face ID surfaced. Now, Motherboard reports that cops around the United States are receiving instruction to ensure they themselves do not look at an iPhone X or iPhone XS displays, as that could count as one of the ‘false’ trials, and thus disable Face ID.

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Face ID Stories August 10

Customer experience tests of three recent iPhone ads find that Baby Boomers – those aged 55 plus – find them annoying and worrying.

The tests were carried out by UserTesting, who also explained why Apple likely made the decision to run the ads despite knowing the effect they would have on older people …

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Face ID Stories August 7

Most iPhone X owners say they’d never want to go back from Face ID to Touch ID, and can’t wait for it to be available on other devices.

It seems clear that Face ID is being added to the new iPad Pro models this year, while a fresh patent granted today points to the same technology coming to the Mac somewhere down the line …

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Face ID Stories August 1

We’ve been expecting an update to the iPad Pro line for later this year. Rumors suggest that the new version will have no home button, Face ID and thinner bezels, following the design trend introduced by Apple with iPhone X.

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Face ID Stories June 4

While not officially mentioned anywhere, iOS 12 will now let more than one user register their face on a single iPhone X. Since Face ID was introduced, it has been limited to one person’s face.

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Face ID Stories May 15

Tests of embedded fingerprint reader show that option could have worked for Apple

We know from both a succession of patents and Apple statements that the company was exploring a Touch ID sensor embedded into the screen of the iPhone before it settled on Face ID for last year’s flagship iPhone …

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