Face ID Stories November 14

Face ID is undeniably more secure than Touch ID in a random sampling of population. Apple says the chance of a person unlocking your phone with Face ID is 1 in a million.

However, the probability of an incorrect match can be considerably higher fotr siblings, twins and children under the age of 13. A new video from a mother highlights exactly these limitations; she finds her 10-year old son can reliably unlock her phone using his face. Video after the jump …

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Face ID Stories November 13

Despite initial skepticism, Face ID has turned out to be widely praised and accepted, even after just a week of iPhone X availability. In a poll we ran over the weekend, 61 percent of readers said they have found Face ID to be an adequate successor to Touch ID and that they see it as the “future” of biometric technology.

We’ve already heard reports of Face ID making its way to the iPad Pro next year, but you also have to think it’s coming to the Mac lineup at some point as well. And that’s what I’m most excited about…

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The first generation of Apple’s HomePod smart speaker isn’t available to consumers until next month, but a new report from Nikkei is already looking to the future. The report suggests that Apple may be working to include its Face ID technology in HomePod by 2019…

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Face ID Stories November 8

Bloomberg has published new details about what to expect from new iPad Pros next year. KGI already predicted that Face ID will come to the iPad Pro lineup in 2018, and today’s report adds several additional details including the possibility of a redesign.

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Face ID Stories November 2

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has raised privacy concerns about developer access to the facial expressions of iPhone X users. In particular, they say that Apple allows developers to capture facial expression data and store it on their own servers.

When the iPhone X was launched, Apple was careful to stress that the 3D face recognition model used by Face ID was stored only on the phone itself. The data is never transferred to Apple servers. But the ACLU says that app developers are allowed to transmit and store some face data …

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Face ID Stories November 1

There are key differences between Face ID on the iPhone X and Touch ID on other devices — facial recognition doesn’t care if you have wet fingers or gloves, while finger print recognition doesn’t worry about you wearing a ski mask — but which is faster? Early reviews put Face ID speed somewhere between Touch ID 1 and Touch ID 2, and Tom’s Guide has tested both and recorded the numbers. Touch ID beats Face ID in terms of speed, but there are a few things you can do to speed up the process.

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