Face ID Stories December 9, 2020

Earlier this year, before the announcement of the iPhone 12, Apple surveyed some users about how they use the USB power adapter that used to come in the iPhone box. The company is once again asking for the opinion of its consumers, this time to find out if iPhone users are unsatisfied with Face ID and if they use the USB cable that comes with every iPhone.

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Face ID Stories September 10, 2020

We’re seeing a growing number of face recognition bans introduced around the world as local and national legislators respond to growing public unease over the privacy implications.

We’ve seen bans on public agencies or police departments using face recognition technology, and now one US city has gone even further, extending a ban to private companies too …

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Face ID Stories July 24, 2020

Some iPhone and iPad models feature Face ID, which allows users to unlock the device through advanced facial recognition. While Face ID is not yet available on any Mac, 9to5Mac found references to the TrueDepth camera on macOS Big Sur, which suggests Apple is working to bring facial recognition to its computers.

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Face ID Stories July 22, 2020

Facebook Messenger adds another chat feature that iOS needs for Messages

Facebook Messenger has been updated today with a handy new privacy feature that allows iPhone and iPad users to lock the app with Face ID and Touch ID.

Face ID Stories June 24, 2020

A neat new feature available for developers to build into websites with the Safari 14 beta is the ability to bypass username and password fields with Face ID or Touch ID offering a much more seamless experience to users.

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Face ID Stories May 18, 2020

Hi-tech self-disinfecting mask that works with Face ID in development by Huami

We’ve outlined your best shot at making Face ID work while wearing a mask, but it’s still hit-and-miss. That’s just one problem Huami aims to solve with a hi-tech self-disinfecting mask …

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