Face ID Stories May 18

Hi-tech self-disinfecting mask that works with Face ID in development by Huami

We’ve outlined your best shot at making Face ID work while wearing a mask, but it’s still hit-and-miss. That’s just one problem Huami aims to solve with a hi-tech self-disinfecting mask …

Face ID Stories May 5

iPhone: How to change passcode, skip Face ID to enter passcode, more

With Apple’s iPhones that rely on Face ID for security, the pandemic has created a clunkier experience since masks create problems with facial recognition. Since most users have to enter their passcode every time they unlock their iPhones, follow along for how to change your passcode to a shorter one, skip right from Face ID to enter your passcode, and some other tips and tricks.

Face ID Stories May 4

Google Drive iOS app update bumps up security with Face ID and Touch ID support

Google Drive has received an upgrade today that adds an extra layer of security to your files stored with the service via Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone and iPad.

Face ID Stories April 8

As we noted back in January, most people have found wearing a face mask renders Face ID unusable. Even though it sounds like a first-world problem in the current circumstances, there are a lot of people, especially medical professionals, who would value the ability for Face ID on iPhone to work while wearing protective equipment. Well, it turns out you actually can teach your iPhone to do this. Read on for how to use Face ID with a mask.

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Face ID Stories March 26

SignEasy becomes first digital signing app to support Face ID for completing documents

Signing documents digitally is becoming more and more common and that will only increase as cities and countries around the world adapt to shelter-in-place orders. SignEasy is out today with an update that makes it the first digital signing service to support Apple’s Face ID to not only unlock the app but also to complete the signing process.

Face ID Stories January 29

It’s tough out there, people. Thousands have been infected with the novel Coronavirus in China, millions are under lockdown, airplanes are grounded, and borders tightened. It’s like we’ve gone back to the bubonic plague — or more accurately, gone back to the iPhone 5s!

Let me explain… I know it’s not too common for people to be out and about wearing masks in public in the United States, but it’s fairly common over here in Asia. The thinking behind it is actually to prevent you, the mask-wearer, from spreading your diseased germs to other, healthy, happy people. So if you show up in Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur or Taipei or any other Asian city and begin sneezing without a mask on, there’s a good chance you’ll get a nasty side-eye from a local.

The Coronavirus, obviously, is different: doctors are recommending people wear masks to prevent coming into contact with the “novel” virus, thus keeping yourself safe. But the masks cover a huge portion of your face (even a big face, like mine) basically invalidating Face ID. I know, I know, this sounds very trivial, and it is. But trivial and annoying have long conspired together to cause great anger and frustration.

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