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Touch ID is Apple’s fingerprint sensor built-in to the Home button that first debuted with the iPhone 5s. A year later Touch ID became an integral part of Apple Pay that launched just after the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and also came to the iPad Air 2. The first Mac to gain Touch ID was the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar in late 2016.

Conflicting reports have been plentiful this year as to how Apple will handle Touch ID with the iPhone 8 or whether face recognition may replace it altogether.



Touch ID Stories April 6

After bringing Touch ID to the Mac several years ago with the introduction of the new MacBook Pro in 2016, Apple last year finally launched a standalone version of the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID. While this has proven to be a popular choice among Mac users who like the Magic Keyboard design, that’s not everyone.

A new proof of concept shows that it’s actually possible to pull the Touch ID parts out of the standalone Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, giving you what some have referred to as the “Magic Button.”

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Touch ID Stories March 30

After predicting the iPhone 15 could feature under-display Touch ID, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo now says a latest survey indicates neither the 2023 nor the 2024 iPhone may adopt this technology, as Apple could be satisfied with its software solutions and new technologies.

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Touch ID Stories February 13

Apple could very well never adopt the Touch ID sensor on its flagship iPhones again, but since the pandemic started more than two years ago, rumors about this possibility ramped up. Now, with iOS 15.4 set to be released in a few weeks now, Apple shows how it could focus on Face ID for the indefinite future.

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Touch ID Stories November 11, 2021

PSA: If Apple Pay doesn’t work on your Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, here’s why

Some of us with shiny new M1-powered MacBook Pros have been finding that Apple Pay doesn’t work when trying to use Touch ID on the Magic Keyboard

Touch ID Stories August 22, 2021

In today’s Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman doubles down the fact that Apple won’t add in-screen Touch ID to the rumored iPhone 13 as the company has a “long-term goal” to include the Face ID sensor inside the display.

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Touch ID Stories August 18, 2021

One of the many worrying developments in the tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan is that US face recognition and fingerprint devices and databases have been seized by the Taliban. They were apparently left behind during the hurried withdrawal of US forces, leaving coalition collaborators at risk from reprisals.

However, a human rights organization says there are measures Afghans can take to try to protect themselves, and that Face ID can play a role in this.

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Touch ID Stories July 27, 2021

Early rumors about the iPhone 14 suggest that Apple plans to lose the notch next year, with in-screen Touch ID or Face ID two possible ways to achieve this. A patent granted today describes how both forms of biometric authentication could be embedded into the display.

It would even be possible to embed the front-facing camera into the screen, though this is likely to be a later development…

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Touch ID Stories July 6, 2021

Rumors about Apple making an iPhone with both Face ID and Touch ID are not exactly new. In fact, they have been around since the iPhone X rumors, even before Apple introduced facial recognition on its devices. But now we want to know: Would you prefer an iPhone with Touch ID under the screen or on the power button?

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Touch ID Stories June 11, 2021

I’ve argued for years that moving beyond passwords is something that urgently needs to happen from both a security and usability perspective.

The technical framework to make it possible to abandon passwords – WebAuthn – was agreed back in 2018, and Apple added support for it in Safari last year. Adoption is as yet close to zero, but all that looks set to change, thanks to the latest move by Apple …

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Touch ID Stories June 10, 2021

In the years ahead, passwords, as we know them, will become a thing of the past. However, that change won’t happen overnight and will take a concerted effort from lots of different parties, including the major tech giants. At WWDC, Apple announced how it’s moving toward a more secure and easy-to-use passwordless authentication powered by WebAuthn and Face ID/Touch ID with the preview of passkeys in iCloud Keychain.

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Touch ID Stories April 20, 2021

As Apple has done in the past with refreshed Magic Keyboards, the new version with Touch ID is only available with the new iMac – at least for the time being. But the useful new keyboard with built-in biometrics will work with any M1 Mac.

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Touch ID Stories March 18, 2021

There have been multiple suggestions that Apple plans to adopt under-screen Touch ID for the iPhone 13, given that masks have greatly reduced the usefulness of Face ID. The company already has a bunch of patents for different ways to pull this off, and has today applied for an interesting new one.

Apple explains that optical fingerprint reading can be unreliable for two reasons, and explains how it would address these …

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Touch ID Stories March 14, 2021

Rumors suggest that Apple will likely add under-display Touch ID on iPhone 13. At the same time, with the Apple Watch unlock feature on iOS 14.5, the company points to another year with only Face ID biometric authentication. Here’s what we know so far.

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Touch ID Stories January 29, 2021

The idea of Apple putting both Touch ID and Face ID into an iPhone has been floating around for several years now. And just earlier this month, we saw a report from Bloomberg saying it could be the 2021 iPhone lineup to get both forms of biometric authentication. Now a new report from WSJ corroborates that this could be the year we see in-screen Touch ID join Face ID on iPhone.

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Touch ID Stories January 11, 2021

At CES 2021 today, Qualcomm unveiled a new in-screen fingerprint sensor that it says is 50% faster and 77% larger than its previous technology. The new Qualcomm 3D Sonic Sensor Gen 2 is expected to find its way to high-end Android flagships this year, and it comes as Apple works to bring Touch ID back to the iPhone.

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Touch ID Stories October 16, 2020

A cryptic new leak today suggests that Apple is developing new technology to bring Touch ID functionality back to the iPhone. While the iPad Air just added Touch ID to the power button, Apple is reportedly working to add Touch ID functionality under the iPhone’s screen.

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Touch ID Stories June 24, 2020

A neat new feature available for developers to build into websites with the Safari 14 beta is the ability to bypass username and password fields with Face ID or Touch ID offering a much more seamless experience to users.

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Touch ID Stories February 6, 2020

An Apple Watch with Touch ID sensor has been on the wishlists of many people for quite some time now. A new Apple patent application published today shows that Apple is at least considering the idea.

It follows a similar patent for embedding a Touch ID sensor into an iPhone power button

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Touch ID Stories December 17, 2019

One of the biggest question marks over future iPhones is whether Apple will stick with Face ID, or instead adopt under-display Touch ID.

Apple is continuing to work on both forms of biometric security and was today awarded a patent for one approach to a fingerprint sensor which could be embedded into a display…

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Touch ID Stories September 30, 2019

Cannot log in to your banking apps on the iPhone? iOS 13 Touch ID bug may be the reason

If you have recently updated to iOS 13 and have found you are unable to log in to some apps like your bank, or 1Password, or other apps that need authentication, we may have the solution. It turns out there is an iPhone iOS 13 bug affecting older iPhones with Touch ID, where the in-app authentication dialog simply doesn’t appear. Here’s the fix…

Touch ID Stories September 5, 2019

In-screen Touch ID could be appearing in iPhones as early as next year, according to a new report today. But while the current report suggests that both Touch ID and Face ID fans will be catered for, that may not remain the case for long.

The debate between the respective fans of Touch ID and Face ID began when Apple launched the iPhone X, the first iPhone to be launched without the fingerprint reader since it made its debut on the iPhone 5S in 2013.

With the iPhone X launch, Apple seemed pretty clear that Face ID was the future of iPhone authentication. It is, says Apple, faster, easier, and more secure than Touch ID…

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Touch ID Stories August 5, 2019

A new report today suggests that Apple is bringing back Touch ID to iPhones. Unlike a sketchier report last month, this one says that under-display Touch ID will not replace Face ID, but rather supplement it, with 2021 iPhones able to be unlocked using either method.

The report certainly cannot be dismissed out of hand. While analyst Ming-Chi Kuo doesn’t have a perfect track-record, he has a far better one than most. Deep dives into Apple’s supply-chain means that he often has visibility on upcoming developments…

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Touch ID Stories July 2, 2019

Sketchy report says Apple to launch iPhone without Face ID, may feature under-screen Touch ID instead

In a sketchy report published on several Chinese media sites yesterday, including Mashdigi, Apple is purportedly considering to make a new iPhone model for the Chinese market, as it faces stiff price competition from domestic manufacturers like Oppo and Huawei.

Touch ID Stories January 14, 2019

Several months ago, we heard of the first known case of law enforcement requiring a suspect to unlock their phone with Face ID. Forbes reports today, however, that a California judge has ruled that, even with a warrant, the government can’t force people to unlock their devices via biometric features.

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