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Touch ID is Apple’s fingerprint sensor built-in to the Home button that first debuted with the iPhone 5s. A year later Touch ID became an integral part of Apple Pay that launched just after the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and also came to the iPad Air 2. The first Mac to gain Touch ID was the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar in late 2016.

Conflicting reports have been plentiful this year as to how Apple will handle Touch ID with the iPhone 8 or whether face recognition may replace it altogether.



Touch ID Stories September 28

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Apple yesterday shared details of how face recognition works on the iPhone X, but one thing that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves is how Apple future-proofed its iOS authentication from the start.

This future-proofing is why all Touch ID enabled apps will automatically authenticate with Face ID without requiring developers to update …

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Touch ID Stories August 18

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iOS 11 beta 6 (released earlier this week) includes a new feature to quickly disable Touch ID from the lock screen. Tapping the lock button five times to access the SOS screen or opening a Medical ID will cause the iPhone or iPad to temporarily reject all Touch ID attempts, requiring a passcode to unlock.

We have confirmed with sources that this behavior is intentional rather than a bug, as well as some explanation as to why it was added. Whilst in theory it can be used to prevent law enforcement from compelling suspects to unlock their device with fingerprint, it also helps protect people who have fallen unconscious…

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Touch ID Stories July 11

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Barron’s is claiming that Apple still hasn’t finalized its authentication plans for the iPhone 8, and has ‘just weeks’ to decide whether or not to include a Touch ID module embedded into the display.

“Apple continues to struggle with the workaround for the fingerprint sensor,” writes Hargreaves, “This increases the potential that the new OLED iPhone could be delayed, or ship without a fingerprint sensor, either of which could increase risk to unit sales and mix for the cycle.”

The report even suggests that the flagship phone could launch without support for Apple Pay …

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Touch ID Stories July 3

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There are few analysts with as good a track record as KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo when it comes to Apple. His close links to companies in Apple’s supply-chain puts him in a good position to judge what is and isn’t on the way when it comes to new products.

But having a good track record isn’t the same as being right every time, and his latest report – that the iPhone 8 will drop Touch ID altogether – seems questionable to me …

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Touch ID Stories June 28

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Qualcomm has demonstrated a working under-display fingerprint reader, lending confidence to the idea that Apple will have its own version ready for the iPhone 8.

So far, the idea of embedding a fingerprint reader into the display of a device has been the stuff of patents and promises. The closest we’ve got to a working product was when Xiaomi showed off a very early version of the tech on a phone launched last year …

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Touch ID Stories June 13

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A series of apparent iPhone 8 leaks still haven’t answered one of the biggest questions about this year’s flagship iPhone: will the fingerprint sensor be embedded into the display?

We know that Apple has numerous patents for this type of embedded fingerprint technology, and it also appears clear that the display will occupy almost the entire front face of the device, but some claimed leaks do show a fingerprint sensor on the back of the case. I’ve discussed a third option, where a Touch Bar element appears to be part of the display, and a patent published today raises a fourth possibility …

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