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November 2012 - August 2019

Once daily, we poll our audience of passionate Apple customers and technology enthusiasts, collecting valuable data from iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac users.

Our polls offer insights into purchase intent, reactions to the latest news stories, top requested features, and much more.

Head below for the latest 9to5Mac polls and results:

9to5Mac Polls Stories August 4

A MacBook with cellular capabilities has been one of the top requests among Apple users for many years. Now, a report says we could see a 5G MacBook during the second half of 2020. What do you think of this rumor?

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9to5Mac Polls Stories June 21

Apple’s Magic Mouse is both beautiful and clever in its functionality. But there’s one Magic Mouse problem so obvious and annoying, it’s become universally mocked: you can’t use the mouse while charging it.

There are five possible solutions to this …

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9to5Mac Polls Stories June 8

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference has officially wrapped up, and the week was filled to the brim with announcements. Ranging from iOS 13 to macOS Catalina and new Mac Pro hardware, it was a busy week for everyone. What was your favorite WWDC announcement?

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9to5Mac Polls Stories June 7

Do you think an Apple Watch could ever replace an iPhone for you?

Apple made its first move toward making the Apple Watch more independent of an iPhone when it launched LTE models in the Series 3 lineup. At that point, it became possible for the first time to leave your iPhone at home and retain full connectivity on your Watch, including phone calls.

The company took another step in the direction of a standalone Watch at WWDC, with watchOS 6. This, for the first time, includes a dedicated Apple Watch App Store, allowing apps to be downloaded directly to the Watch …

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9to5Mac Polls Stories May 30

Apple will officially unveil iOS 13 on Monday at WWDC. We’ve already rounded up all of the new features you can expect, including things such as Dark Mode, new iPad features, and more. What are you most excited to see?

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9to5Mac Polls Stories May 20

New York Times staff writer Mike Isaac has written a blog post in which he argues that ‘the permanent social internet is dying.’ That we are increasingly abandoning platforms and formats that create a permanent record of our posts.

As facebook matured, we discovered the unintended consequences of living a life online. An errant, ignorant tweet from our teenage years can get us fired—or worse, canceled. Our parents could have created an entire instagram dedicated to our poopy-diaped years without our knowledge or express consent. Forget running for office if you’ve ever tweeted about, like, anything …

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