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Once daily, we poll our audience of passionate Apple customers and technology enthusiasts, collecting valuable data from iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac users.

Our polls offer insights into purchase intent, reactions to the latest news stories, top requested features, and much more.

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9to5Mac Polls Stories March 24

AAPL: 140.64

Stock Chart

Last night, a report emerged claiming that Twitter was mulling the possibility of launching a subscription tier of its social network. The new service is said to be targeting professionals, including journalists and news organizations. Though, the feature is not yet believed to be in development, but rather Twitter is mulling the possibility of integrating such a service into Tweetdeck.

Would you pay a monthly price for advanced Twitter features?

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9to5Mac Polls Stories March 23

AAPL: 140.92

Stock Chart

As we near the release of iOS 10.3, attention is slowly turning towards iOS 11 and what features Apple has in store for the update. Apple will likely preview the next major iOS release at WWDC in June, subsequently releasing developer betas and later making it available to the public.

What feature do you most want to see come with iOS 11?

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9to5Mac Polls Stories March 22

AAPL: 141.42

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Apple’s Q1 product updates were announced this week without an official press event like what usually accompanies its bigger products refreshes. A new Product RED iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, a new 5th generation iPad, an updated iPhone SE, and new and updated Apple Watch bands and iPhone cases were all introduced.

There is still a chance Apple could hold a spring event for other new product updates with April rumored for a possible iPad Pro update unveiling. But are you planning on getting any of this week’s newly announced products?

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9to5Mac Polls Stories March 17

AAPL: 139.99

Stock Chart

Netflix plans to soon change its current review system from traditional 1-5 star ratings to instead only allow users to like or dislike a film or TV show, but is it the right move?

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9to5Mac Polls Stories March 15

AAPL: 140.46

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The Apple Watch Series 2 released last year put a big focus on health and fitness with the inclusion of a GPS chip, enhanced waterproofing, a Nike+ edition, and more. Those were some of the top requested features when we asked you prior to its launch, so now we want to know what features or hardware upgrades you’re most anticipating for the Apple Watch 3 expected later this year.

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9to5Mac Polls Stories March 10

AAPL: 139.14

Stock Chart

Now that Apple’s HomeKit has matured and there is a growing ecosystem of Siri-controlled products that support the platform, it’s finally looking like a good time to seriously consider investing in home automation accessories. And now it’s an option for new home buyers too, with at least two homebuilders announcing plans to offer HomeKit upgrade packages that will see various accessories from lighting to security pre-installed in new homes. Would you pay more for a HomeKit-equipped home?

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