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Once daily, we poll our audience of passionate Apple customers and technology enthusiasts, collecting valuable data from iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac users.

Our polls offer insights into purchase intent, reactions to the latest news stories, top requested features, and much more.

Head below for the latest 9to5Mac polls and results:

9to5Mac Polls Stories May 24

Earlier this week, a report suggested that Apple is in the process of buying rights to older Hollywood TV shows and movies as an effort to expand the Apple TV+ service. This comes as production on Apple TV+ shows is delayed significantly because of COVID-19.

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9to5Mac Polls Stories May 22

It’s looking increasingly likely that one of the long-term impacts of the coronavirus crisis will be a record number of people permanently working from home.

Lockdowns mean huge numbers of people have already been working from home for weeks or months, and we’ve seen a number of tech giants offer employees the opportunity to do so on a permanent basis…

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9to5Mac Polls Stories May 17

A few days ago, we highlighted that some iPad Pro users are experiencing excessive battery drain when paired with the new Magic Keyboard. While the jury is still out on whether this is a software or hardware flaw, are you noticing anything with your iPad Pro + Magic Keyboard?

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9to5Mac Polls Stories May 6

Apple this week officially unveiled a new version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro, bringing performance improvements and a new Magic Keyboard. Many people had been waiting for this laptop to be there next upgrade, and we’re curious: are you going to buy one?

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9to5Mac Polls Stories May 2

Earlier this week, we walked through everything we know so far about Apple’s rumored over-ear headphones. One of the details that will likely go unknown until an official announcement is how much these will cost. What would you be willing to pay?

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9to5Mac Polls Stories April 21

iMac concept by Viktor Kádár

A new report today claimed that Apple is working on the long-awaited iMac update and that we could see a 23-inch model start production in Q3 this year with a launch happening in Q4. There will no doubt be lots of pent up demand for a truly refreshed iMac in any case, but will Apple’s decision to use an Intel or ARM processor be a deciding factor for you?

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