FaceTime Stories May 24

The rise of Zoom could be the headline for the 2020 technology scene. Zoom has replaced classrooms, board meetings, concerts, and even some low budget sporting events. What I find interesting about Zoom is how it took off for video communications while we had other services that were better in a lot of ways. I particularly want to look at FaceTime during COVID-19, and how despite having a nearly decade long existence and being built into every iOS and macOS device, it didn’t have its ‘Zoom’ moment, and why Zoom became the new default group video service.  expand full story

FaceTime Stories May 22

iPhone and iPad: How to stop moving faces in Group FaceTime

As video call apps have seen massive growth over the last few months during the pandemic, Apple users have found Group FaceTime’s moving tiles to offer a distracting experience. With Apple’s iOS 13.5 software comes the option to stop moving faces in Group FaceTime calls.

FaceTime Stories April 29

With everyone stuck at home, more and more people are resorting to video chat tools like FaceTime to stay connected. Apple is adding a new setting in iOS 13.5 to improve the experience on a busy Group FaceTime call…

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FaceTime Stories April 28

Apple to pay $18M to settle class action lawsuit claiming it broke FaceTime on older iPhones

Apple has officially inked a deal to settle a class action lawsuit in California that accused it of intentionally breaking FaceTime on older iPhone devices. According to Law360, Apple has reached an $18 million deal in the case.

FaceTime Stories April 8

Less than a month after Apple paid $440M to settle one FaceTime patent infringement claim, it is now faced with another.

Apple fought a claim from VirnetX for almost a decade before finally deciding to settle the case last month in order to end the drawn-out battle …

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One business that has been hit hard by the coronavirus lockdown is photography – but a British photographer has come up with an innovative solution: taking remote portraits via FaceTime.

Tim Dunk’s main business is wedding photography, and that has completely dried up as all mass-gatherings are banned, forcing people to postpone their weddings.

The idea of taking portraits via FaceTime is not quite as crazy as it sounds …

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