FaceTime Stories August 5, 2019

Users of 16 popular iOS and Android apps claim that they would be willing to pay a monthly subscription for popular apps if there was no longer a free version.

WhatsApp was the one most users would rather pay for than give up, while YouTube was the app for which they’d be willing to pay the highest subscription fee…

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FaceTime Stories July 3, 2019

We reported yesterday one funky new feature in iOS 13 beta 3: FaceTime eye contact correction.

Currently, when you look at the screen to see the face of the person you’re talking to, they will see your eyes looking down as the camera is above the screen. But the latest iOS 13 beta offers a feature called FaceTime Attention Correction…

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FaceTime Stories June 28, 2019

The Trump administration is considering the possibility of banning end-to-end encryption, as used by services like Apple’s Messages and FaceTime, as well as competing platforms like WhatsApp and Signal.

The topic was reportedly the main topic of a previously-unreported meeting of a National Security Council meeting on Wednesday …

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FaceTime Stories February 7, 2019

Apple has turned its Group FaceTime feature back on following the release of iOS 12.1.4 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple manually disabled the feature over a week ago after a privacy bug was discovered with Group FaceTime that allowed eavesdropping between FaceTime users.

Apple has also shared an on-the-record statement confirming the fixes are in place:

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Update: iOS 12.1.4 is now available.

Last week was a tough one for Apple and privacy. First, a huge bug in Group FaceTime would allow someone to eavesdrop on another FaceTime user just by calling them and adding themselves to a group call before the contact answered. Then, a project from Facebook was revealed to be spying on users, violating Apple’s Enterprise Developer Program policies. The latter was dealt with by revoking Facebook’s enterprise certificate, rendering their internal apps unusable. The same action was taken against Google, which had a similar project.

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FaceTime Stories February 5, 2019

The US House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee has today penned a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook with a list of questions about the FaceTime eavesdropping bug. The letter is signed by Energy and Commerce Chairman Frank Pallone, Jr. and Consumer Protection and Commerce Subcommittee Chairwoman Jan Schakowsky.

In the letter, the committee says it is “deeply troubled” about the bug, as well as how long it took Apple to address the issue.

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