FaceTime Stories May 18

With last year’s iOS 15 release and macOS Monterey comes new features to help you better connect with others. Facetime is now better than ever, especially on newer Apple devices. Here are some new modes you can use to help you make the most of your Facetime calls on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Also, don’t forget to share some of your favorite Facetime tips with us too.

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FaceTime Stories May 4

Reincubate launched its Camo app back in 2020 to seamlessly upgrade your Mac’s webcam with the iPhone you already have. Over the last two years, the app has been continuously upgraded, and today brings a major milestone. Camo now has official support to use your iPhone as the webcam in FaceTime, Safari, and QuickTime Mac apps.

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FaceTime Stories April 4

The popular Disney-owned streaming service Hulu released a long-awaited update to its iOS app on Monday. The platform now supports SharePlay for iPhone and iPad users, so they can watch content together with others via FaceTime.

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A decade ago, Apple launched FaceTime (2010) and iMessage (2011). Both of these products became, with time, a major part of the company’s ecosystem. In a podcast interview, Justin Santamaria, former Apple lead engineer on iPhone, talks about creating both of these products and more.

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FaceTime Stories January 10

Alongside the release of iOS 15 and macOS Monterey last year, Apple also expanded FaceTime to support joining FaceTime calls from a web browser. This change enabled support for FaceTime calls on Windows and Android devices for the first time. And as a Reddit user now points out, this also extends to Microsoft Edge running on an Xbox Series S.

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FaceTime Stories December 15, 2021

Disney+ is today expanding its “watch together” feature to work with FaceTime while using SharePlay. With that, subscribers with an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV can enjoy Disney content with family members and friends completely in sync while on a FaceTime call.

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FaceTime Stories November 30, 2021

Apple released SharePlay for Group FaceTime for iPhone and iPad in iOS 15.1, and the fun collaboration feature is coming soon to the Mac. Apple supports SharePlay with many of its media apps, including Music and TV, and more third-party apps are adding creative ways to work with Group FaceTime as well. The latest is the game-centric video streaming service Twitch.

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FaceTime Stories November 29, 2021

Not to be all “there’s a nasty bug with Group FaceTime in macOS 12” here, but there’s kind of a nasty bug with Group FaceTime in macOS 12. I’m sure it’s on Apple’s radar already without my feedback, but I only realized this weekend that it’s not just me. That part is a relief!

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FaceTime Stories November 10, 2021

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Apple has officially released macOS Monterey to the public, and one of the apps that gets a major update this year is FaceTime. For the first time, Apple is adding new features such as Portrait mode, grid view, and more to FaceTime on the Mac. Head below for the full details.

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FaceTime Stories September 23, 2021

FaceTime is one of the key apps receiving a lot of love from Apple in iOS 15. With the new operating system now available for iPhone users, people are able to join the conversation with friends on Android and Windows, and so much more. Here’s everything new in FaceTime.

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FaceTime Stories September 13, 2021

London police chief Cressida Dick has used the 20th anniversary of 9/11 to attack companies like Apple, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal for offering end-to-end encrypted message services.

It follows the British Home Secretary – in charge of policing for the UK – seeking tech companies to find some way to break end-to-end encryption

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FaceTime Stories July 6, 2021

iOS 15 brings with it a number of notable changes including improved notification handling, Focus modes, and redesigned apps like Weather and Maps. Perhaps the largest change with iOS 15 is the new FaceTime experience which now offers screen sharing, Windows and Android access, and more.

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FaceTime Stories July 5, 2021

Apple seeks double-rejection of VoIP-Pal’s iMessage and FaceTime patent claims

Less than a month after Apple paid $440M to settle one FaceTime patent infringement claim, it was faced with another one, by VoIP-Pal. In this case, however, Apple is calling for a court to reject VoIP-Pal’s claims in the most unambiguous of terms …

FaceTime Stories June 11, 2021

FaceTime got a lot of attention this week, thanks to the new features that are part of iOS 15 and macOS Monterey, which includes screen sharing with friends, live Portrait Mode, better noise cancellation, and even a web version. I was able to try FaceTime on the web for the first time with my 9to5Mac colleague José Adorno, so read on for a first look at how it works on the web.

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FaceTime Stories March 15, 2021

While most of us use FaceTime to chat with family and friends, there are people who have been using the app to annoy other users. Some users have been complaining about a large number of spam and prank calls they’ve been receiving through Apple’s FaceTime, and they can’t even block all these numbers.

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FaceTime Stories January 27, 2021

During Apple’s holiday quarter, the company saw amazing performance on a number of levels. And as the world tried to connect with loved ones this past holiday season, CEO Tim Cook shared that Apple saw an all-time record for FaceTime calls made with its devices.

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FaceTime Stories December 18, 2020

A long-running FaceTime patent infringement battle isn’t over yet, despite Apple paying VirnetX the full $454M awarded against it when the US Supreme Court rejected the iPhone maker’s appeal.

We noted at the time that the two sides were still arguing over a recalculation of the damages, and it seems the worst case could see Apple paying more than a billion dollars in total …

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FaceTime Stories December 1, 2020

It turns out Apple included a stealthy update with iOS 14.2 that didn’t appear in the release notes. With the latest public release, iPhone 8 and later have gained support for 1080p FaceTime HD video calls on Wi-Fi and for iPhone 12, on 5G and Wi-Fi.

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FaceTime Stories July 15, 2020

For many years, FaceTime has been blocked in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) due to local telecom restrictions. With today’s release of iOS 13.6, however, this restriction appears to have been lifted, at least partially.

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FaceTime Stories July 7, 2020

After WhatsApp and Telegram promised that they will not, for now, hand over any user data to local authorities, Apple has said that it is assessing its own Hong Kong policy.

The Cupertino company said that it already has one protection in place …

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FaceTime Stories May 24, 2020

The rise of Zoom could be the headline for the 2020 technology scene. Zoom has replaced classrooms, board meetings, concerts, and even some low budget sporting events. What I find interesting about Zoom is how it took off for video communications while we had other services that were better in a lot of ways. I particularly want to look at FaceTime during COVID-19, and how despite having a nearly decade long existence and being built into every iOS and macOS device, it didn’t have its ‘Zoom’ moment, and why Zoom became the new default group video service.  expand full story

FaceTime Stories May 22, 2020

iPhone and iPad: How to stop moving faces in Group FaceTime

As video call apps have seen massive growth over the last few months during the pandemic, Apple users have found Group FaceTime’s moving tiles to offer a distracting experience. With Apple’s iOS 13.5 software comes the option to stop moving faces in Group FaceTime calls.

FaceTime Stories April 29, 2020

With everyone stuck at home, more and more people are resorting to video chat tools like FaceTime to stay connected. Apple is adding a new setting in iOS 13.5 to improve the experience on a busy Group FaceTime call…

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FaceTime Stories April 28, 2020

Apple to pay $18M to settle class action lawsuit claiming it broke FaceTime on older iPhones

Apple has officially inked a deal to settle a class action lawsuit in California that accused it of intentionally breaking FaceTime on older iPhone devices. According to Law360, Apple has reached an $18 million deal in the case.

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