twitch Stories April 4

The popularity of live streaming has soared since the beginning of 2020. Everything from video games to music to chess is live online from creators with followings large and small. While Macs are not the traditional streaming computer, it is entirely possible to become a successful live streamer on one of these devices.  

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twitch Stories March 22

Twitch introduces new tools to make the reporting and appeals process easier

Twitch is rolling out two new tools to make the reporting and appeals processes easier for its users. This update comes after complaints about the current systems in place and a slew of recent hate raids. Twitch’s updates are gradually making the platform a bit safer for viewers and creators. 

twitch Stories November 30, 2021

Apple released SharePlay for Group FaceTime for iPhone and iPad in iOS 15.1, and the fun collaboration feature is coming soon to the Mac. Apple supports SharePlay with many of its media apps, including Music and TV, and more third-party apps are adding creative ways to work with Group FaceTime as well. The latest is the game-centric video streaming service Twitch.

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twitch Stories October 7, 2021

Facebook and Twitch messes both caused by configuration errors

Both the Facebook and Twitch messes were caused by configuration errors, admit the companies. A mistake by Facebook led to a prolonged global outage of all the company’s services, while a similar error by Twitch left all its files exposed to a hacker …

twitch Stories October 6, 2021

PSA: was hacked, everything leaked, including creator payouts

It appears that the entirety of was hacked, so if you have an account there, you’ll probably want to change your password …

twitch Stories May 23, 2021

Twitch for iOS adds over 350 tags for the ‘Your Community’ tab

Starting next week, Twitch for iOS is adding over 350 new tags related to gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ability, mental health, and more.

twitch Stories June 17, 2020

Twitch has announced that its Twitch Studio streaming software is now available in open beta on Mac. This software makes it easier for you to stream live directly to Twitch, now from your Mac as well as Windows devices.

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twitch Stories October 7, 2019

After a short testing period, popular live game streaming service Twitch has launched today on the App Store its Apple TV app. Some third-party apps for tvOS were available before, but this is the first time the official Twitch app has launched for Apple’s set-top box.

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twitch Stories September 26, 2019

Twitch social gaming app refreshed with new icon and fresh coat of paint

Popular streaming platform Twitch has unveiled its new branding after working on the project over the last year. The Amazon-owned streaming platform for gamers now features a new logo, icon, font, color, and more.

twitch Stories December 1, 2015


Google has updated its Hangout app to allow you to reply direct from the Notifications screen – and as Engadget noted, that also means you can now send replies from your Apple Watch. As usual with Watch apps, that means either choosing from a range of canned responses, or dictating a reply using Siri …  expand full story

twitch Stories July 23, 2015

Kamcord, a popular platform that lets game developers add gameplay recording features to their mobile apps, is today taking its first step into live streaming. The move is a notable one as competitors such as live game streaming service Twitch, now owned by Amazon, move into the mobile space and live streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat begin to gain traction among users. expand full story

twitch Stories May 20, 2015

Video On Demand content comes to mobile Twitch app in latest update

Twitch announced today that its mobile application now supports video on demand content, a feature that has been requested by fans of the service for quite some time. While the app was previously limited to live streaming, users can now access “highlights and past broadcasts” from all Twitch partners and what Twitch says is a growing list of broadcasters whose videos are HTTP live streaming (HLS)-enabled.

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