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As the fight to unionize within Apple Stores was heating up, one group is dropping its bid. Atlanta Apple Store employees are withdrawing their request for a union election, according to Bloomberg.

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Five senators are urging Apple and Google to prohibit apps from gathering data that could target those seeking abortions. According to CNET, the group of senators are worried the data could end up in the hands of authorities.

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Shanghai has been on lockdown for almost two months, due to its worst COVID-19 breakout since 2020. Apple supplier Quanta Computer, located in Shanghai, is facing backlash from mostly low-wage workers demanding more freedom from these lockdown restrictions.

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Apple Music 1 launching new show hosted by K-pop sensation BTS

In a new Apple Music series, K-pop band BTS will show their journey to becoming the hit they are today. The three-episode limited series, BTS Radio: Past & Present, will air weekly on radio station Apple Music 1.

May 26

The American Innovation and Choice Online Act could ban major tech firms like Apple from favoring their products over competitors. Aimed to shake up the competition, tech lobbyists claim the bill, which allows sideloading, could harm popular consumer products.

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In 19 pages of comments for a federal agency’s report on the app ecosystem, Meta is once again slamming Apple’s overwhelming market power. These comments are to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) in a report on competition in the mobile app ecosystem. This report is part of the Biden Administration’s effort to crack down on tech giants’ power.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has donated $100,000 to help his alma mater’s band program to purchase new instruments for students. Cook has a special connection to the group as he was a trombone player in Robertsdale High School’s band in Alabama.

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Sony wants to double the number of PlayStation titles on iPhone by 2025

Want to play your favorite PlayStation titles from wherever? Well, eventually you’ll have more options than ever to play on your iPhone. Sony is apparently making efforts to expand its PlayStation titles on PC and mobile by 2025. These details come from an investor day presentation, according to The Verge.

May 25

Jack Dorsey steps down from Twitter’s board amid Elon Musk deal

Twitter will look a bit different on the inside from now on. Co-founder and former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey has stepped down from the company’s board of directors.

‘Speed Racer’ live-action series from J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot coming to Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is working on a new live-action series based on the popular manga show, Speed Racer. J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions will produce this series.

As unionization efforts proceed at Apple Stores across the country, a fourth location has begun forming a union. The Apple Store at Oxmoor Center Mall in Louisville, Kentucky, has announced it is organizing a campaign, reported by Bloomberg Law.

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ProtonMail has a new name and deeper integration with VPN, calendar, and drive features

ProtonMail, the world’s largest encrypted email service and popular iOS Mail app, has rebranded itself as Proton. In this rebrand, the company is bringing together ProtonMail with its other services, Proton VPN, Proton Calendar, and Proton Drive. While there aren’t major upgrades to the mail service, this integration will be the world’s first privacy-by-default ecosystem.

Apple Maps has released a new step-by-step walking guide in augmented reality (AR) in Tokyo, found by Ata Distance. This feature gives you in-depth details on how to get to your destination by walking.

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May 24

*Content Warning: This article contains information that may not be suitable for all readers.

One woman credits iPhone SOS with saving her life after a terrifying night at the beach, according to Wavy.

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You can now subscribe to your favorite LIVE TikTok creators

TikTok LIVE lets creators and fans connect in real-time. You can now subscribe to your favorite LIVE TikTok creators in a Twitch-like format. LIVE Subscription is a monthly subscription that allows users to support their favorite LIVE TikTok creators.

Apple has announced today that it will build a new office building on its campus in Cork, Ireland. As the tech giant expands its workforce in the country, this new building can accommodate up to 1,300 staff.

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Apple announced the end of the iPod earlier this month, ending an iconic 20 years. Consumers have been buying into nostalgia, either by purchasing iPods for collectibles or selling their old music players. SellCell has taken a look at how the iPod has depreciated over the last two decades and where resale values stand today.

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May 23

AT&T customers can play ‘Control Ultimate Edition’ on iPhone for free

Customers on a postpaid AT&T plan can play the AAA game Control Ultimate Edition on their iPhones. Through Google’s Immersive Stream for Games, customers have click-to-play access on their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Walt Disney World doesn’t always turn out to be “The Most Magical Place on Earth” for everyone. One woman made a costly mistake after dropping her Hermès Apple Watch while vacationing at the Disney theme park in Orlando.

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Video game publisher Electronic Arts (EA) is actively seeking a potential buyer or merger. Apple has reportedly been in talks with the company about buying EA out according to Puck. Disney and Amazon have also been in talks about purchasing the video game company.

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