Satechi Stories August 22

Satechi launches USB-C Dual Multimedia Adapter with 4K at 60Hz, Ethernet, more for MacBooks

Satechi has released two new USB-C adapters today that let MacBook users simultaneously take advantage of two HDMI monitors and more. The USB-C Dual Multimedia Adapter features two HDMI ports, Ethernet, USB-A, and SD card readers. The other new product is the USB-C Dual HDMI Adapter. Read on for all the details.

Satechi Stories August 8

Charging on the go is one of the key benefits of Apple’s transition from MagSafe to USB-C on MacBooks, but early solutions struggled to maintain a charge during use on even the lowest power notebooks. That’s changed thanks to USB-C PD which can actually deliver enough power to juice up energy-hungry computers during use.

Satechi’s new 72W USB-C PD Car Charger is the latest accessory to use the latest charging technology, and the result is the ability to charge a MacBook on the road for a reasonable price. Satechi also has a new USB-C Lightning cable debuting alongside its 2-in-1 car charger.

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Satechi Stories July 18

Apple is now selling an exclusive USB-C hub from Satechi, the Multiport Pro Adapter. The new device features a USB-C port for power, USB-A, SD and microSD card readers, and an HDMI port in a slim package. Native Union also has a range of new Apple accessories now available at Apple Stores and

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Satechi Stories June 26

Connected outlets is one of the most crowded categories in Apple HomeKit, and turning dumb wall outlets into smart plugs is one of the easiest smart home upgrades. Today we’re taking a look at the new HomeKit-enabled Satechi Dual Smart Outlet that joined this category earlier this month.

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Satechi Stories June 18

Smart outlets that work with Apple HomeKit are super common these days, so how does a new entry stand out in the market? Satechi may have the answer with its brand new Dual Smart Outlet, a two-in-one design HomeKit smart outlet that doesn’t block other outlets.

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Satechi Stories May 14

Popular Apple accessory maker, Satechi, is out with two new products today. First is an ergonomic aluminum wireless mouse available in four colors that features USB-C for recharging. There’s also a new desk pad in several finishes called the Eco-Leather Deskmate.

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